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my private files missing on cPanel 0 Lienq Van Rooyen
How to get access to "server files" or filedir in moodledata 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Please help in finding the option to create a private repository 8 Visvanath Ratnaweera
How to delete a file as admin, when I only know the file URL? 2 David Bogner
Moving course images to S3 11 Ahmad Arshad
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Connection between "slasharguments" and mini-sites? 16 Matteo Scaramuccia
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Box API with Moodle configuration 0 Thomas Lombard
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Google Drive with Moodle 2.9.1 1 Ian McNeill
Issue: Student assignment submissions with dropbox 0 Daniel Mc Sweeney
Is it possible to set up Onedrive for Moodle which is on a subdomain? 0 Tzvi Daum
MDL-27336 URL Downloader 2 Tim Edsell
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DMS for learning material management 2 Arpad Banhidi
Repository or Library for Moodle 0 Mark Dickinson
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Repository visible only in certain contexts 1 Susana L.
edu-sharing repository 1.8 released 0 christian lukaschik
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File Picker errors with Youtube, URLs and Wikipaedia 4 Fred Weiss
Repo File Manager 2 0 Roy Bentley
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Link to an Articulate Presentation without turning into SCORM? 13 Michael Cenkner
SharePoint 2010 & Moodle 2 Integration 10 James Jephcott
webdav in practice 3 Tammy Moore
local system repository and mini-sites 1 Tammy Moore
Non-SCORM Captivate (HTML) in File Repository 0 Tammy Moore
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Google Drive Repository Problem 2 ken masters
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Repository for Admins Only 1 Matt Rice
Backing up of repositories 1 Ken Task
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OneDrive 10 Andrew Price
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Google Docs permission loop 4 Gordon Toudt
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Newbie Setup Question - Error DnD zip mp4 media file 0 Tim Edsell
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Document Management System (DMS) 129 Christopher Zybert
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Linking and not copying from repository 0 Alberto Lopes as webdav repository 25 Kevin HUYNEN
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Search function for Dropbox 0 Dean Brown
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