Tracking down broken links to filesystem repo files.

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Tracking down broken links to filesystem repo files.

I'm working with a team to develop a fairly complex course in Moodle 3.3. This course has many files & image assets - to make the development process easier (and so everybody on the team had access to the same assets), we added them to a filesystem repository.

As the course is going to be deployed on different Moodle servers, the course developers were instructed to make sure the Copy to Course option was selected when they added the various assets into their content. One course creator didn't do this and instead linked the repository files instead. We had to manually go through and delete/re-add all that content and make sure that Copy was selected instead.

However, it seems like we missed some of the content as when I backup and restore the course to a different Moodle server, I get a warning about links to external files. The problem is I haven't been able to find these missing links in our content.

Question: Is there any way (via plugin, or even direct SQL statement) to generate a report of all the broken external files in a course & which activities/resources the links are located in? The list that Moodle provides after the course restore doesn't narrow things down enough for us (and in some cases it appears to be incorrect).

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