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Video Upload Repository

In the past we have used a video upload service called MediaCore to allow our Moodle students to upload video evidence for a course.  It worked by allowing students to upload their own videos to a central location but only have access to their own uploads (not other students submissions) however teachers can see all students submissions.  This was accomplished by only using the internal Moodle user accounts, no individual user accounts were needed on the MediaCore system.

This MediaCore system has now been discontinued so we are looking for an alternative system.  Can anyone recommend any services with a similar implementation?

Alternatively is it possible to acomplish this using an online storage system like MS OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox?  I know it is possible to link students personal storage accounts to their Moodle account however can we have one single account that all users can upload files to but still allow only teachers to be able to see other students submissions?

Ideally we are after a free solution but might be willing to pay if it isn't too much.

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