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Adding simple function to the editing mode

Hello everybody,

I am currently trying to figure out how to add a simple function to the editing mode. The function is meant to start a choice by pressing a button and closing it by pressing the button again. The intension for implementing this function is to add more dynamics to the choices so that a preconfigured locked choice can be started just when needed. Can you give me some information about where I can find the coding part for the functions displayed in the editing mode (if I didn't express clear enough which functions I am talking about, please see the attachment)?

If you are interested in the little background story, read the following - if not, just skip this passage:

I recently changed the perspective concerning moodle from student to teacher as I am writing on my final essay about live feedback-systems and this is why I need a little help for orientation in the code. I want to realize a multiple choice concept test during the lecture based on the already very useful activity choice. As it is not possible to predict when the concept test can be run and stopped and if the teacher is familiar with the functionality of moodle, I need a very simple function for the teacher to use.  

I am looking forward to your responses. Thank you in advance!


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Re: Adding simple function to the editing mode

Update: Problem solved! Managed to fix the display on wish by using the hide/show function.


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