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Get Database Entries from one Database to become Menu options in other Database (Like a Master Data) 2 Thank You
Entry access restrictions 0 Сергей Полосаткин
Using the entries of one Datafrom to form Menu List in other Datafrom? 0 Amar Vir
Comment(Moodle) from CSV view 2 YUKA HASHIMOTO
Dataform group filter 0 Сергей Полосаткин
Dataform url field auto link 1 James Asante
Dataform as alternative to assignment 4 James Asante
Rubrics and Dataform 3 Alex N
Filter criteria for empty Select field 0 James Asante
Help understanding edit and views access 0 Matt Bowler
Time field quirks in 3.5 1 Greg Rudl
Dataform dev roadmap 0 JF Dragon
Dataform compatible with Moodle 3.4 ? 9 Greg Rudl
Dataform PDF view 0 James Asante
Hide field if empty 0 James Asante
Is it possible to restrict views by group 0 Dave Foord
How to present only few selected records from the database to different users? 3 Van Romine
PSA: Do NOT upgrade to PHP 7! Stay on 5.6 to keep using this plugin. 4 Van Romine
Errors on Moodle 3.5 3 Van Romine
dataform for Moodle 3.4 and 3.5 1 Van Romine
Export Dataform to csv 0 James Asante
Dynamic Filter 0 Van Romine
Count of rating 0 Christophe M.
Dataform Notifications role option not working 0 Daniel Hefley
Changing preset 0 Greg Rudl
Issues with different views 2 Greg Rudl
Error with question plugin 0 Ayeesha Clare
hyperlink in dataform view 0 Сергей Полосаткин
Group Peer Review with 3 grades for Dataform version 3.0.4 0 Hartmut Scherer
Individual State Colors 1 Alex Sandu
Notify on Entry State Change not Working 0 Mark Fischer
Calculate entries in dataform view 0 Paulo Machado
Future releases/ still being maintained? 1 Jeremy Schweitzer
How to use EntryAccess? 0 kaori hashimoto
Use this as one on one teaching tool? 1 David Campbell
Upgrade to Moodle 3.0.6 / PHP 7.0.7 broke my dataforms 7 TJ Meneses
resources library 1 Hartmut Scherer
Custom peer review 1 Hartmut Scherer
Paging bar not working 5 Alex Sandu
Enrolled users not in New Entry dropdown 1 Chardelle Busch
syntax for ##editentry## 0 Jeff McCarthy
dataform for dummies - is not showing "views" 22 Jeff McCarthy
How does the "update existing entries" feature in CSV Import work? 1 TJ Meneses
How best to implement unique records? 1 TJ Meneses
How to total a column of ratings 1 Virgil Ashruf
How to show different views to admin and students in Dataform 4 Alex Sandu
Clicked the Reset link by mistake 0 Frankie Kam
Dataforms with no entries 2 Greg Rudl
Tips for using Dataform activities in Moodle 3.2 or higher with Boost themes 0 Hartmut Scherer
Count number of entries from a specific user 1 Ambrish Tiwari
Dataform doesn"t work help!!! 1 Ambrish Tiwari
Are search forms available? 0 Jaume Albaigès
Filter issue 1 Greg Rudl
Dataform availability bug 1 Alex Sandu
CSV Export 2 Gavin Seaton
allow participants to create new entries but let the instructor lock them 0 Robert Brenstein
New Version for 3.1 7 Robert Brenstein
new user custom fields? 0 ayameeno koord
Making a field 'private' when viewing entries 0 Gavin Seaton
Jump from one entry template to another entry template 0 Jacek T
Dataform: Using update author? 0 Gyorgy Szentgyorgyi
'[[EAC:more]]' calling for default view 8 Sebastien Jaffredo
Is the GPR activity working in Moodle 3.2? 1 Hartmut Scherer
dmlreadexception 0 Andrew Earley
Issues in Creating "Entry per user" 0 alex mo
Please release newer version 0 Alaukik Kotecha
Protect Dataform activity from deletion 0 Greg Rudl
2 questions - add new options and export data as pdf 0 Zeid Fanous
reading user data from "other" user profile fields 0 Sidd Lep
Export to pdf - missing header, wrong Tex syntax, changing "Export all" text 0 Jacek T
Embedding Dataform entries in a Quiz question 3 Fritz Richter
Change width of al the select_box 1 Itamar Tzadok
How to display entry ID 6 Itamar Tzadok
no entry fields when viewing - Moodle 3.2 8 Zeid Fanous
Making the title of an entry into a link 9 Itamar Tzadok
Dataform Error 4 Itamar Tzadok
Include URL in dataform notifications 1 Itamar Tzadok
error during creating a backup 1 Sidd Lep
dataform gallery example 7 Netanel Neuman
Missing views' list 3 Jacek T
Dataform for calendar events feed 1 Hartmut Scherer
No "Add a new entry" button displayed 4 Sebastien Jaffredo
URL Field default (http://) 0 David Boggs
Notifications 0 David Boggs
Bug when restoring preset with userdata in another site 3 Virgil Ashruf
Not duplicating entry 1 Itamar Tzadok
Dataform Email Notifications on Entry State Change 1 Itamar Tzadok
Grading an entry 5 Itamar Tzadok
Email Notifications 1 Itamar Tzadok
Labels Without Input Boxes 13 Robert Maynord
Download several documents into a zip archive 5 Barbara Braun
Hide entry based on content of field 3 Itamar Tzadok
Can't configure Dataform and it says its not ready 5 Itamar Tzadok
Add up total of fields within entry 6 Itamar Tzadok
Dataform textarea moodle auto-format issue 2 Paul P.
Accepted file types not restricting upload 1 Itamar Tzadok
Field select (multiple) - all options visible by default without scrolling 1 Hartmut Scherer
Link to specific entry in another view 2 Andrew Schlussel
Review phase in Group Peer Review not accessible 1 Hartmut Scherer
Color Code entries based on results 1 Itamar Tzadok