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Count of rating

Hi all,

I can see a few forum entries around this topic, but I seem to be missing something and hope someone can help.

We're looking to use dataform module to provide a knowledge base and would like community members to be able to rate each article.

Activity Config

We're using dataform 3.0.4 - On Totara 11.2 (Moodle 3.2.8)

The dataform activity is configured to use

  • Entries > Group entry = Yes
  • Grade type = None 
  • Group mode = Separate groups
  • Grouping = None

Group mode has been enabled, as the entry access block is not working on Moodle v3.2.8, so we use this as a way to manage with articles are visible to members and which one are not.

We have 1 field type Rating (moodle), which uses a scale. Field name is "usefulness"

The scale only have two values: No, Yes


We have already added [[usefulness:count] ] in the entry template section and this work fine.

Now we would like to be able to show how many members have voted Yes.

For instance: 

    • [[usefulness:count] ] users have rated this article --> 100 users have rated this article
    • <<Not sure how to do this>> users have found this article useful --> 80 users have found this article useful

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

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