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Individual State Colors

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Individual State Colors

Hi all,

Anyone got any idea if its possible to have different colours for each "state"?

At the moment you have two colours - Orange and green, I know how to change these but was wondering if it is possible to have a different color for each which is then reflected in the current state area.


Submitted - Black

Denied - Red

Approved - Green

Then say if the entry is Denied, it would show as Red on the entry state, Approved would be Green.

Ive had a look at some of the php and css but it doesnt seem possible from my limited knowledge.

Just though Id check with those much smarter than me.



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Re: Individual State Colors

Go to tab "CSS". 

Add to "CSS code":

.entrystates-wrapper a span.entrystate {background-color: white;}

.entrystate.Submitted.currentstate {background-color: black;}

.entrystate.Denied.currentstate {background-color: red;}

.entrystate.Approved.currentstate {background-color: green;}

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