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Issues with different views

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Issues with different views

I used earlier versions of the dataform plugin, but just recently decided to try using it again for a simple project to track Student Support sessions. I am having a few issues with the different views in the dataform that I hope some people can help me with. 

First some information on the setup.

  • Moodle 3.3.1 (Build 20170804)
  • php 5.6.31
  • dataform (build 2015051100)
  • Theme: Boost

What I created so far:

Single view (using Tabular view and set as default)

  • pagebar is not working 
  • There are four entries, but only the 1st entry shows
  • Click on the next button or any of the numbers doesn't bring up other entries
  • Clicking on Add Entry brings up entry window, but also 1st entry
  • pagebar doesn't work here either
  • Click on any number and it goes to the 1st entry.
  • Read Pagebar not working (Would the github commit help?)

List View (Using Tabular View)

  • Per Page is set to 1
  • Pagebar shows, but doesn't work
  • Increase Per Page to 4, pagebar disappears, but doesn't show more entries
  • click add entry brings up only entry window, no other entries are visible
  • Switching from single view (have put in viewsmenu in the view template) brings up 1 entry with correct layout and 3 entries with no formatting

Tried to use Aligned view but....

Aligned view

  • Entry template doesn't not have a WYSIWG edit bar (Using the Atto Text editor)
  • New entry has no field labels
  • This list of entries also doesn't have any field labels

Thinking the Grid view might be the way to go because it will work better on smaller screens but .....

Grid View

  • Use the Grid View for data entry and single view,
  • I don't want any entries showing on the top page, just the add entry button and an explanation of how to use the report system.
  • Click on add entry and brings up entry window, fill in information, save and brings up single view 
  • Select list view on the single view page (using the viewmenus) and goes to a list view using either aligned or tabular 
  • From the list view should be able to go to single view
  • From either List view or single view should be able to add an entry using the Grid view data entry.
  • Any suggestions on how to achieve this or advice on which views are best for different purposes.

This has probably gotten to long and complicated, but I hope someone can give me a hand.

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Re: Issues with different views
The pagination doesn't work for me as well (with CSV view).
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Re: Issues with different views

It's like the default filter is conflicting with the View--if both are set to show 10 records on a page (which is probably a typical use case) the page links don't work and you only see the first page of records.

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