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Notify on Entry State Change not Working

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Notify on Entry State Change not Working
I have a dataform activity set up to notify the Author when the Entry State changes.  It is not working properly when the From state is *Any and it throws a PHP error when the From state is specified.

What am I doing wrong?

Moodle 3.3.4+ (Build: 20180201)

Dataform 3.3.2 (Build: 2017051502)

This condition does not trigger a notification.

This condition does trigger a notification but also yields the following php error.

message_sent::create_from_ids() needs a $courseid to be passed, nothing was detected. Please, change the call to include it, using SITEID if the message is unrelated to any real course.

line 68 of /lib/classes/event/message_sent.php: call to debugging()

line 157 of /lib/classes/message/manager.php: call to core\event\message_sent::create_from_ids()

line 104 of /lib/classes/message/manager.php: call to core\message\manager::send_message_to_processors()

line 264 of /lib/messagelib.php: call to core\message\manager::send_message()

line 137 of /mod/dataform/classes/observer/notification.php: call to message_send()

line 247 of /mod/dataform/field/entrystate/classes/entrystate.php: call to mod_dataform\observer\notification->send_message()

line 141 of /mod/dataform/field/entrystate/classes/entrystate.php: call to dataformfield_entrystate_entrystate->send_notifications()

line 268 of /mod/dataform/field/entrystate/classes/entrystate.php: call to dataformfield_entrystate_entrystate->update_state()

line 645 of /mod/dataform/classes/entry_manager.php: call to dataformfield_entrystate_entrystate->update_content()

line 451 of /mod/dataform/classes/entry_manager.php: call to mod_dataform_entry_manager->process_update_entries()

line 1151 of /mod/dataform/classes/pluginbase/dataformview.php: call to mod_dataform_entry_manager->process_entries()

line 244 of /mod/dataform/classes/pluginbase/dataformview.php: call to mod_dataform\pluginbase\dataformview->process_entries_data()

line 455 of /mod/dataform/classes/dataform.php: call to mod_dataform\pluginbase\dataformview->process_data()

line 61 of /mod/dataform/view.php: call to mod_dataform_dataform->process_data()

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