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Is it possible to restrict views by group

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Is it possible to restrict views by group

I am very familiar with Moodle, but have never got my head around dataforms, so apologies if this is a really simple request.

I want to set up a dataform activity where the student can only see their own entries, but the tutor can see the entries of the students that are in the same group as themselves (but cannot see entries of students in a different group).

I have worked out that the standard permissions are that a non-editing teacher (which is the role that I will be using for the tutor), will also only be able to see their own submission. I can change the permissions so they are like an editing tutor, but then they see all of the entries, not just the ones in their group(s). I have it set at site level that non-editing tutors cannot access people outside of their groups, which in most activities limits their view as I want it, but this setting isn't pulling into the dataform activity.

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