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Suggested features

First of all thanks for your great work and effort to imporve and develop Moodle.

My two cents, and things i think have to be added/changed would be:

1 - Some kind of subtasks inside a task. ex: i have class with my pupils monday, wednesday and friday. Then i open a task to be delivered on Friday as a limit date. It would be great to have three or two subtasks, where pupils should deliver their work ( what they ve done monday, what they have done till wednesday and the final deliver). In this way pupils where "forced" to work everyday and dont let the activity to the last day ( and usually ask for more time to deliver it). Also would be nice in order to show to parents or inspectors about the work of a pupil..... A partial solution would be create three different activities, but it would be more difficult to deal and then the marks....

2 - Attendance moudle as core of moodle. Is essential as a teacher to have a proper attendance core module, where you can follow the pupil attendance, with some filters and graphics. I know theres a plugin, but many administrators dont like to use them and i think is important enough to be a core-part of moodle.

3 - Some kind of teachers area, where i cant get info about past activities, with pupils without marks, any activity that has to be marked, activities that would be closed in short period...

4 - An option that activities that are hidden, would not appear in the gradebook. ex: i have 10, 12 activities from other mates or other courses. I have them hidden to pupils and closed. In function of the pupils and when im sure, i decided to choose three activities. These ones are shown and opened to pupils. Then if i need to configure gradebook i dont want that the hole 10 activities would appear. In a big course with 60-70 activities is difficult to manage, when you only use or open 10-12. It doesnt have sense to have 50 activities hidden in the user gradebook ( specially when you want to watch pupils marks by rows)

5 - In the gradebook, to rename the total mark of a category. I made inthe gradebook another categoy ex: M9 - Uf2. Then i calculate the marks using a formula for example. then i get a Total: ....Would be nice that i could rename this and write something like "Final mark of M9-Uf2" instead of total

Which these improvements, moodle would be perfect to me.

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