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Timeout on large course backup 9 Ruth Canton
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Moodle site back up 3 Emma Richardson
Prevent restores without preventing backups 3 Blair F.
backing up a course 0 taj matharu
Command line backup failing silently - how can I learn why it's not working? 1 Emma Richardson
Course summary files not included in backups? 1 Cathal O'Riordan
Separate Capabilities/moodle/restore:restore course with "download course backup file" capability? 1 Blair F.
question X was associated with quiz YYYY but not actually used. The instance has been ignored. 2 Joshua Bragg
Courses > Backups > Automated backup setup vs Server > Scheduled Tasks > Automated backups 10 Emma Richardson
Restore from Backup is allowed for FrontPage course, that is, Course 1 ? 0 Manoj Killedar
Rollover of material for new academic year 12 Derek Chirnside
Backup/Restore won't restore Gradebook Categories 3 Justin Almeida
error on duplicate record 2 Brandon Jimenez
Need help restoring LARGE course backup (Moodle 2.7.1) 3 Ken Task
Course backup not listed but does appear in database and filedir 0 Huw Smith
Automated backup problem 5 Anis Jradah
Prevent teachers from changing course name in Moodle 2.6 5 Zvonko Martinović
Import of question bank failed 9 Marcus Green
Backup a Single Activity Format course - How? 1 Helen Foster
Can not find data record in database table course. 2 mart van der niet
Backup and Restore - include Category Enrolments 1 Mark Chaney
Will this work? 2 Ken Task
Are logs being delete from Moodle? 0 Christos Savva
Upload courses in combination with course reset 1 Dwight Hawley
Simplified restore for the teachers? 2 Miikka Ruusunen
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Course Creator can't restore a course 3 Mary Cooch
Course restore fails on 2.9 1 Howard Miller
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How to disable the skip courses which are unavailable and have not been changed in the certain time.. 0 Andy An
Error Writing to Database - Duplicate entry 6 Ron Raney
Table "resource_old" doesn't exist 9 Albert Ramsbottom
Assignment Restore Error 0 Karl Zander
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Cron jobs and restore 1 Ken Task
Export Moodle report in csv file 1 Tim Hunt
Table that stores the "Skipping unchanged course" 2 Albert Ramsbottom
Moodle 2.x : Where are the .mbz files stored? 31 Daniel Klein
The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. 2 Ken Task
Automatic backups failing 2 David M
Backup Error. Error code: multiple_optigroup_duplicate_element 4 Tony Box
Restore Failed - Error Writing to the Database 12 Dwight Hawley
error/error_question_answers_missing_in_db 9 Josef Kovar
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Automatic Backups not working in all my courses 7 Albert Ramsbottom
Automated backup pending 7 Albert Ramsbottom
Strange behavior with automatic backups (Moodle takes coffee break in middle of work?) 5 Albert Ramsbottom
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Course restore hung on Moodle 2.9 0 David Ha
Reuse courses 7 Pat McClanahan
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2 Suggestions for Improving Feedback on Troubleshooting and Backups 1 Ken Task
Re: hello backups 17 Emma Richardson
Error Writing to Database 0 David Fish
Backup error on large courses 3 Ken Task
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Reset course or restore as new course 0 Wolford Helpdesk
Help understanding "automated backup storage" vs. "Save to" 8 Ken Task
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My Course Restore keeps hanging 8 Belinda Finlay
Course Restore in Moodle 2.5 Timing Out 2 Lukasz Czyzewski
File references to external cotents includes in backup package, they won't work on other sites 1 Melissa Benson
Backup disable due to own course format ... 1 Baptiste Lhoste
Backup/restore (version 2.6 to version 2.8), forum functionality missing. 0 Björn Daunfeldt
Delete all quiz attempts by cron job 3 Benjamin Lesjak
How to I bulk delete Automated backups 61 Julia Küfner
Restore problem - course with more than 4500 files 0 ism rid
Backup and restore - course completion error 1 Ray Morris
Moodle 2.5.1: Backup Course "Internal Server" occures 4 Emma Richardson
Importance of /temp and /trashdir folders content 2 Abdelghani Azzi
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Automated Course Backup Efficiency 0 Mark Underwood
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Upgrade from 2.6 to 2.8 Causes Broken Links and Can't Edit Activities 10 Emma Richardson
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Backups via Command Line - just sharing ... 2 Séverin Terrier
Unknown Context Mapping Error when restoring 3 Donna Hrynkiw
Backup stalls at "Confirmation and Review" 25 Philippe Decloitre
Restoring Over Front page is not allowed 1 Tim Hunt
Trying to restore user 'admin' from backup file will cause conflict 39 Dennis Maloney