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Comment Link 0 Mari Engelhart
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Availability dates (viewable in Dashboard) in Glossary? 3 Przemek Kaszubski
Width of modal dialog 1 Ross MacBeath
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trim the content length in a glossary block? 0 Polaris Lee
Mathjax with asciimath support does not working in lightbox 22 Mohammad kabir
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Can I display the category within an entry? 0 Ellen Spertus
Glossary and Leitner 0 Roholla Ramezani
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Glossary comment permissions 0 Aaron Batty
Ratings display in wrong place 3 Helen Foster
Error reading from database 1 Francois PAR
Adding line breaks to the xml file 1 Matthew Scott
Glossaries, how best to set them up 1 Matthew Scott
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Random Glossary sideblock - does it have a future? 6 Troy Patterson
Should glossary terms be capitalized? 0 Sam Mudle
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text 1 Helen Foster
Disable pop-ups in auto-link 0 Paolo Porcaro
Another Site Error Caused by the Glossary 3 Donna Lee
Major Glossary Error - Activity Deletion in Progress 3 Donna Lee
Would the words be highlited and linked inside the glossary? 1 Jon Bolton
Glossary on the registration page 3 Randy Thornton
Re-usable Glossary Lessons 2 Tom Murdock
Glossary 3 Helen Foster
Glossary Entries Permanent 3 Jon Bolton
Tagging Glossary entries 0 Jon Bolton
comment notification 0 Fabienne Neveu
Glossary with added entry notification 0 elham rahimzadeh
Glossary strange behaviour 0 Leonide Principe
Name of a person editing a glossary entry 4 Beatriz Rojo
Categories - What happen to them? 1 Mary Cooch
Glossary Master search for all Glossarys in the same course 0 Ruan Vermeulen
Excel to Glossaries 42 Maria S
Disable Glossary Linking in Quizzes 9 John Doyle
hieracal glossary stucture 0 Sonja Sperber
Connected alphabet 0 eng hha
Categories tab 0 Juanma Campos
Hide keywords? 0 Albert Leatherman
Glossary entries deleted when making a duplicate/backup 2 Claudine Crews
Is it possible to remove the "Category" tab from Glossary? 5 Alex Ferrer
ALL link only displays first 10 terms 4 Richard Oelmann
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Glossary: Importing xml data - limited to 4 pages per letter of the alphabet? 0 Lynn Steele
Search box searching all glosseries 4 mark slight
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Making the "Random Glossary Block" a little less random 0 Lisa Kidder
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How to create link to keywords in course 2 Jan Sosniecki
Force category selection when adding a new Glossary entry 1 Sonja Sperber
export CSV-file 0 Sonja Sperber
Random glossary entry - possible to limit block height? 1 Sheilla Norton
Browsing options are missing 2 Hya Agrawal
Glossary popup in Moodle 2.6.1 Build 20140113 11 John Benavides
My own glossary is in excel file, please help... 22 Lucy Blake
import intries glossary in excel format 0 abbaspour abbaspour
Global glossary stopped work 0 Владимир Зотов
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postgres delete corrupt entry 0 Mike Jaroch
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Need Clarification about "Entryies Shown Per Page" in Docs 1 Chris Collman
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print glossary with comments 0 Henry Patz
Disable Glossary popups? (causes accessibilty issue) 2 Ellen Spertus
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Unsupported redirect detected, script execution terminated 3 Erich Wappis
Importing glossary entries -> Secondary into Main (2.7) 2 Eftihia Landrou
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nolink tag not working in headers 2 John Provasnik
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Video clips in the Glossary 19 Matthew Spagnol
Filter popups 0 Ryan Nutt
Glossary - how to remove information about last modification? 2 Martyna TG
Glossary no longer available to students after upgrade 2.4.0 => 2.8.6 0 Paul Vasilauskis
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how defining words 8 Mary Cooch