Importing XML with HTML in definition

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Importing XML with HTML in definition


I was wondering if anyone here has ever had an issue with importing glossary entries using an xml file that included html in the definition? 

The original problem i'm having is exporting glossary entries from one course that include html for a kaltura audio player in  <DEFINITION>. What ended up getting imported was empty div elements stripped of all content and attributes. I thought at first that it didn't like embedding code for audio players, but even when I import something as simple as:

<DEFINITION> <![CDATA[ <span  class="red" id="blue" style="font-size: 1rem;" >Hello World</span> ]]></DEFINITION>

what ends up getting imported is

<span class="red">Hello World</span>

with the id and styling being stripped upon import.

Has anyone run into this problem, or is this a known issue or possible setting that I'm missing?


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Re: Importing XML with HTML in definition
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Do you have <FORMAT>1</FORMAT> defined for the entry?

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