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Improvement on Assignment module 0 Low Jiun Jack
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Unoconv and Ghostscript grading problem 5 Ken Task
Online Audio Recording submission type (Contributed plugin) 0 María José Blanes
dmlwriteexception when trying to release Assignment grades to gradebook 0 Peter Ruthven-Stuart
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Notifying Specific Users of Assignment Submissions 1 Emma Richardson
Failed assignment submission (V3.0.3) 0 alison fordham
Grades - Students get 100% on 14/15 assignments, I need to fail them if ONE gets less than 70% 1 C Schipper
Question about assignment and users 2 Paula Clough
PDF checking not showing any submission and pops up "undefined" message 2 umesh chavan
View Image Assignment as PDF within Moodle 11 Reza Ervani
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Course Visibility 0 Moamen ElMasry
modify assignment order 1 Emma Richardson
Unable to view Assignments 3 Emma Richardson
Hide assignment grade to students 2 Manex Etxabe
Need Advanced Help on Using Rubric 2 AL Rachels
Student role cannot see assignment submisson data 1 Paul Nijbakker
Restricting Access: Only visible if it's complete? 2 Kerry Watt
Grading issues with Developer&Facilitator roles 0 Cigdem Firat
Assignment file upload error - moodle 3.2.1 0 Vittorio Alfieri
Submission Statement Required 3 Renee Tregonning
Can not create file error on Assignment Module 6 Nadav Kavalerchik
Bulk delete of turnitintoolltwo orphaned files 2 Geoff Goffin
Linking to an assignment externally 0 Nikki Macfarlane
Mahara 3.1 Assignment and Mahara submission plugin gives error 14 Robin Leung
Mahara assignment upload limits 1 Ali Hastie
Rownum still important in 3.3? 0 Nikki Macfarlane
Chase For Assignment Due Date 2 Roger Mepham
Turnitin 2 problem after upgrading to latest version 7 John McGettrick
One student can't upload assignment and gets "Course or activity not accessible" message 5 Zabelle Motte
Multiple records found 1 Andrew Solomon
Error display grid format 0 alex mo
Delete Student's Submission 10 John Benavides
student can see his mates Assignment submissions 8 Emma Richardson
moodle paper assignment 5 Emma Richardson
Assignment Feedback Template 3 Paul Raper
Multiple submissions per Group 2 Emma Richardson
Moodle 3.1.5 last modification date in submission status not shown any more 0 Monica Franz
Sending an email(message) to students who didn't submit 5 Miki Alliel
Swapping preview in grading interface with native Google page 0 Frederic Nevers
Issues with PDF files in the grading interface 6 Frederic Nevers
Course Totals in Moodle 3.1 0 Mike McLaughlin
Cron failing processing assignments to PDF 27 Jon Shaw
Trigger a notification when all assignments in a course are marked complete 0 Padma Voothani
Report stopped working - Moodle v3.1.3 0 Rafael Buciotti
Unable to grade assignment after upgrade to Moodle 3.2.2+ (Build: 20170331) 37 Jon Shaw
Download Group submission - Can I download only one submission per group? 2 Tania Ramirez
Email notification of assignment upload 2 Mahmood Naderan
Re: Upgrade 2.7.19 > 3.1.5+ : XML database file not found! 7 Ken Task
Download assignment to be graded 1 Mary Cooch
Remove grading from assignment 4 Rob Mills
error/nopermission viewing (magnifying glass icon) 1 Stefan Lehneis
assignment setting 1 Marga Inaraja
Unoconv plugin 16 Marga Inaraja
Save and show next in 3.1 grading interface 4 Kimberly Hogg
Change the possibility of groups in the assignment 0 Irith Herman
Download or export submission comments 0 Ruth Andrews
Students can't upload assignment files! 4 g k
How to disable the unoconv requirement in Moodle 3.1? 11 Chris Myers
Late assignments 1 Kim Salinas
Dynamic Assignment Date 2 Emma Richardson
Unoconv issues in assignment grader updates please? 9 Chris Myers
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Notification of Assignment Feedback 6 ben reynolds
How to create our own report page like user report page 0 nitin upadhyay
Mark an Assignment as "Passed" 2 Emma Richardson
Assignment Submissions Suddenly Missing 18 Emma Richardson
Assignment open date in calendar 0 April Hayman
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HELP! Grading summary visible for students 6 Mathew Reed
Submissions have draft status even though Require Submit Button is NO 7 darryl ********
Student name filter missing from grading table 4 Ruth Andrews
Can't see students in submission inbox 2 Georgia Gallimore
Rubric Score Table 0 zahili zahili
Disable "Delete this comments" Assignment Activity 0 Fabiano Fernandes
PoodLL Assignment whiteboard background keeps dissappearing 3 Justin Hunt
Annotate PDF - Smoother curves and thiner writing 0 Frederic Nevers
Audio file submission - Listen in grading 3 Chris Kenniburg
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in-line marking 3 AL Rachels