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importing course via moodle network 6 Penny Leach
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how to enrole different couses in 2 different coures in a same server 1 Mary Cooch
HUB as entry point 2 David Mudrák
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Cookie prefixes for Moodles hosted in the same domain 4 Thomas Hanley
Overview of public key 5 Heather P
Accessing Moodle From WAN 1 Peter Bulmer
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Refreshing the list of available methods on client and server? 8 Nigel McNie
Thoughts on key rotation. 8 Martín Langhoff
MOODLE thinks it 1969 11 Anthony Borrow
Does Moodle actually rotate the keypair? 5 Peter Bulmer
Module "mnet" is not readable 0 Tryphanna Rani
Networking Roles 2 Teresa Gibbison
Remote enrolment only works when course set to enrollable 2 Eddie McLafferty
Proposal... Key swapping clearly doesn't work, so.... 5 Howard Miller
RPC auth/mnet/user_authorise:ERROR 0:0: problem again 2 Luke Hudson
Page Cannot Be Displayed 2 Rhodry Korb
USER AUTH 0 Rhodry Korb
Problem with public key 2 e-Learning Informàtica UPF
Adding peers 4 Howard Miller
Support for PEAR 0 Marc Grober
Moodle Network testsites 3 Alf Martin Johnsen
Removing a network peer? 1 Ramon Loureiro
XML Pasrse Error 3 Pedro Crispim
problem with forum subscriptions in a Moodle network 0 Mike Taylor
Networked collaborative course design 0 Matt Gibson
Extend Public key expiry dates? 4 Howard Miller
Error Networking requires the OpenSSL extension 2 LOUIS FREDERICK RAKOTOARISON
Error 7:7 in Moodle Network 9 Howard Miller
What does mnet/publickey.php do ? 0 Tim Williams
Error 2 prasanth shenoy
Messaging with networked sites 0 Jan Kempster
Why network capability is checked at CONTEXT_SYSTEM level ? 2 Valery Fremaux
A Mahara Problem... 7 theo leenders
enrollments and moodle networking 1 Nigel McNie
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Public keys not rotating automatically 3 Donal McMullan
Unable to roam between different Moodle versions? 0 Ann Adamcik
RPC auth/mnet/user_authorise:ERROR 0:0: 0 grant jordan
no public key 1 Joan Codina Filba
How to make site accessible trhough entire network by users 0 Abhijit Hande
Key rotation 2 Marcos Vizcaíno
probelm going to peer site 3 Michael Harrison
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2 moodle installs on same ip, one has Public key other doesn't? 5 Donal McMullan
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Certificate Error 1 Paul Perger
Remote Profile 3 Lori Bakken
problem on user roaming 2 Donal McMullan
RPC Error message 4 Anthony Borrow
"This backup file contains external Moodle Network Hosts that are not configured locally" 0 Howard Miller
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Should networking create duplicate users? 1 Martín Langhoff
It's very difficult to roam as an admin and then change to local admin 1 Martín Langhoff
What does moodle/site:mnetlogintoremote actually do? 1 Martín Langhoff
Very Happy With Network Experiments! 3 Martín Langhoff
Do the Networking developers actually read this forum? 6 Martín Langhoff
A Moodle Server for non-students? 3 Martín Langhoff
Removing deleted user from remote site user list 1 Anthony Borrow
Moodle Networing anyone? 4 Heinz Krettek
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Non Network connectivity 0 Ji Ming
Non-matching IP reported for Shared Servers 9 Ye Chen
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Help, please 2 Noemi Sanchez del Rio
Testing anyone? 9 Séverin Terrier
Moodle Network Forum anyone? 7 Séverin Terrier