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Conflict in Adding Multiple Sessions in the Scheduler in Different Scheduler Activities 0 Zekeriya Sarı
How to Add Slots in Scheduler 2 Jason Riley
Can not add new slots to the Scheduler 2 Ross Quinnell
Student list firstname lastname but sorted by lastname 0 Juli MacArthur
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Disable students from canceling their appoinments? 0 Ross Quinnell
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Adding slot from the calendar 1 Amit 7
Email reminder working? 1 Henning Bostelmann
Múltiple scheduller activities 1 Henning Bostelmann
Send Reminder group list 1 Henning Bostelmann
Upcoming slots lists past slots 1 Henning Bostelmann
Feature request 1 Henning Bostelmann
Allow the scheduler activity in the Moodle app? 1 Henning Bostelmann
REST API For Scheduler Module 1 Henning Bostelmann
Scheduler 3.5.0 released 0 Henning Bostelmann
Unable to get task lock for local\task\taskname 1 Henning Bostelmann
Form : Undefined property: stdClass::$modellist 2 electo TheBledard
Certain student(s) not seeing times 4 Matthew Davidson
I need that students can not cancel class the same day of the class 1 Doug Funnie
Outlook Calendar Invite 3 Ahmed Tasin
Please add these features: private locations, auto reminder emails with customizeable default messages 1 Doug Funnie
Limit who can book a class by cohort? 2 Doug Funnie
dmlwriteexception while adding schedule activity 3 Henning Bostelmann
How do I password protect repeated slots in the schedule? 2 Henning Bostelmann
How do I allow people to view a schedule without being allowed to select a date? (Moodle 2.8) 2 Henning Bostelmann
Two questions: 1) simultaneous classtimes 2) location 3 Henning Bostelmann
Restrict access to confidential notes 1 Henning Bostelmann
Scheduler 3.3.1 maintenance release, and Moodle 3.5 plans 1 Gordon McLeod
Text change in calendar 1 Henning Bostelmann
manual export - invalid user 7 Derek Lawrie
Feature: revoke single student 4 Henning Bostelmann
Show all booked slots to all students 1 Henning Bostelmann
Scheduler not exporting events to Moodle's calendar feed? (after upgrade to 3.3) 17 Sébastien Petit
Conflict Issues - Room Booking 1 Henning Bostelmann
Export of studenst that are not involved in meeting 2 tikva w
Export allows restricted information such as email IDs 1 Henning Bostelmann
Cohort Greeting Plugin Not Sending Emails 1 Henning Bostelmann
Bulk remove bookings for one TA in scheduler 1 Henning Bostelmann
Change teacher 1 Henning Bostelmann
Automatically fill assignment slots 0 Maurits Lamers
Slots not showing 1 John Romain
Metascheduler 1 Enno Schwaß
Scheduler not send e-mail to students 0 Alex Egea Guirado
set adobe connect session as a location in schedule meeting 0 Masoud Vafaei
Announcements only visible in block 1 Henning Bostelmann
Scheduler accessed via Moodle Block 1 Henning Bostelmann
Schedule appointments with non-students 1 Henning Bostelmann
Export 2 frank weissman
Teachers can decide their own schedule. Students pick from a poll of Teachers 4 Henning Bostelmann
Teachers able to export full details of students 1 Henning Bostelmann
Have students initiate slot times? 2 Henning Bostelmann
Where does "Introduction" display? 1 Henning Bostelmann
Group Bookings 0 Kevin McDermott
Webservices API access 1 Henning Bostelmann
Can't add slots on a specific module 1 Henning Bostelmann
Automatic schedle 0 Meir Kirshner
Cannot add same repeated slots in different courses 1 Henning Bostelmann
Scheduler 3.3 (for Moodle 3.3) released 0 Henning Bostelmann
Issue with Scheduler links to grading in Moodle 3.2 3 David Markwell
Feature Request: See other students in slot AFTER booking 2 Phil Blyth
Reservation plugin 1 Henning Bostelmann
Custom fields in export 6 Henning Bostelmann
Group registration 3 Henning Bostelmann
slots not showing but can slots export to Excel 3 Henning Bostelmann
Seats limit overstepped in appointment slots 4 Henning Bostelmann
Student-provided data (New feature, under development) 9 scott hallman
Export Group name 0 Maria H
Scheduler confirmation of appointment to student 1 Henning Bostelmann
Mark 'Seen' automatically 1 Henning Bostelmann
Is there a difference in notifications in added scheduler appointments 5 David Carey
New Feature: Add submission file 2 Henning Bostelmann
Completion Settings 2 C Behan
Picture of Adarsh Shukla Is there any way to auto schedule a quiz after completion 0 Adarsh Shukla
Slots not taken up seem to disappear? 4 Henning Bostelmann
Moodle 2.8 - face 2 face 1 Henning Bostelmann
Adding recaptcha to module 1 Henning Bostelmann
Scheduler 3.1.1 for Moodle 3.1 and 3.2 1 Barbara Braun
Calendar event template 4 Wasim Fadloun
Intention to remove capability "mod/scheduler:disengage" 5 Marc Couture
Calendar body 0 Wasim Fadloun
Scheduler 3.1 released 0 Henning Bostelmann
Releases 2.7.2, 2.9.1, and plans for 3.1 2 Henning Bostelmann
missing notification to student after unilateral change of Date/Time from teacher 2 Kathrin Schwarz
notifications to students 4 Jim Judges
Adding and Option to Limit Appointments per day 1 Henning Bostelmann
scheduling groups into existing time slot 2 Linda Lewis
Scheduler 2.9 2 Cheryl Rodriguez
Translation into German 1 Henning Bostelmann
Not possible to add slots for a teacher - solved 0 Andreas Gross
Scheduler 2.9.0 released 6 Henning Bostelmann
Limit per course 0 Barbara Braun
How can I allow guests to see the schedule? 3 Olga Kim
Create one schedule for multiple courses 1 Henning Bostelmann
export - access for multiple users 4 Bertrand Letot
Scheduling conflicts 0 Henning Bostelmann
Allowing students to schedule without enrolling 2 Olga Kim
Deleting student slot notification 1 Henning Bostelmann
New Docs for Moodle Scheduler-please review 1 Salim Al Waili
Add Location to Slot Manager 2 Izak Bosman