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An open forum for social chat with other Moodlers.

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Happy Easter 3 Derek Chirnside
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Call for chapters 2 Ayse Kok
Has anyone left Moodlerooms for another host provider? 18 Jez H
The increasing role that "cost sharing" is playing in higher education. 10 Matt Bury
The evolution of edx, xMOOC and cMOOC-a coming together 0 dawn alderson
The story of the house and the Moodle Developer 0 Derek Chirnside
Teach yourself Linux 10 dawn alderson
On Net Neutrality (Sept. 10th, Internet Slowdown) 0 Guillermo Madero
User Activity Logs 0 Val Sawyer
Now that I have a badge,... 10 m question
WHo do I contact to change my username in THIS forum? 2 Brian Peat
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Is Vidyamantra a credible company? 10 Howard Miller
XKCD's SQL lesson... 1 Sam Thing
FELTAG: 10% online provision rising to 50% mandatory 2 Matt Bury
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pop up images not appearing 0 Craig Cleator
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how to open a hidden topic weekly? 2 g garcia
Latest release of WebODF (0.5.0) declared "stable" 3 Alex Black
Unseen 2 Matt Bury
Brawndo 1 Matt Bury
Download Free Moodle E-book 14 dawn alderson
free personality portraits 37 dawn alderson
What has Snowden taught us? 82 dawn alderson
Facebook can make you sad. Now we know why! 2 dawn alderson
why moodle? 9 dawn alderson
Moodle Exemplars 0 dawn alderson
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Job Description 7 Helen Norris
Where Is the Lounge? 11 Brittany Jones
Letting Go of Attachment (was Re: Time zone) 8 Brittany Jones
1.9 is Fast! 41 Visvanath Ratnaweera
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Email Dead for Students 5 Sam Thing
Mozilla working on a WordPress, Disqus competitor? 0 Matt Bury
Dark Social 12 Sam Thing
Just submitted a readability analysis filter to Moodle.org plugins repository 6 Matt Bury
Prominent Ed-Tech Players' Data-Privacy Policies Attract Scrutiny 17 Guillermo Madero
Perfect Communication? 4 Guillermo Madero
Google is not wasting time 10 Sam Thing
Moving on from the iPad at 4yo 3 Visvanath Ratnaweera
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Is TotaraLMS Closed Source? 95 Jez H
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Yet another LMS survey, 525 in "Open source" list 0 Derek Chirnside
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Spamming Fridges and Hackers Burning Your Toast 1 Matt Bury
MS IE vulnerability 21 Visvanath Ratnaweera
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Good news from the EFF.org - Privacy Badger plugin for Firefox and Chrome 0 Matt Bury
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Maximum Submission size 0 Mitchell Gregory
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