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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
mod/quiz/attempt is verly slow, flame graph is attached 12 Tim Hunt
Moodle 3.4 User Tours - Access denied error 0 Dale Davies
HTML block - produce a list of my active courses 0 rodger rossman
[Moodle 3.1] Using Custom SQL reports to obtain all assignment uploads for a user in a course 2 Séverin Terrier
Moodle course without any navigation or menus 3 Rod Mcleay
Using bootstrap code in a Moodle plugin 2 Richard Jones
Can Blocks be used in Activity? 2 Stefan Beyer
When Activity is completed should be also Course complete 1 Dave Emsley
Hiding form fields 0 Davo Smith
admin setting 5 Davo Smith
setting a checkbox unchecked in a form 3 Dave Emsley
Uploading Files as a resource: Moodle 3.3+ 2 Dave Emsley
create event observer? 6 Iván Yivoff
Webservice disabling enrolments instead of removing them 1 Carlo Comincini
Periodic Content Review 0 Alexandre Miccoli
User do not know the whole progress if upload some files 0 Huong Nguyen
web service core_files_upload, The file has not been specified 2 Patrick Liersch
get list off all teachers 2 idris alshikh
Adding Language dynamicly 3 Mark Johnson
Moodle 3.4 boost colorbox and inputfile for block setting 1 Hossein Poursaeedi
Connection String Issues 2 Richard Danvers
HEADS UP: one week delay of the next minor release 0 Marina Glancy
User profile fields date picker with persian calendar 4 Amin Farajzadeh
How to add single custom link to menu? 1 Michael Milette
Moodle developer skills assessment 2 Fred Lewis
$DB->get_records doesn't work 2 Augusto R. M.
delete_instance not called on deleting a resource 10 Steffen Hippeli
Looking for help with context in a custom local module 2 Alek Mlynek
Creating as Resource Module - Moodle 3.4+ 2 Dave Emsley
Do we need renderers in new plugins at all? 7 Tim Hunt
Course sync between multiple Moodle installations. 2 Ken Task
Inplace Editing 3 Marina Glancy
How to add fields in grade form 0 Augusto R. M.
Translation in context 6 Dashamir Hoxha
Plugin deployment tool via Git 3 Guillaume Allègre
Bulk User Actions-User remove from cohort 2 Yusuf Yilmaz
develop a new plugin 9 Michael Milette
Restore error: duplicate entry in mdl_forum_subscriptions 7 David Vogel
Help with Travis for mod_journal 4 Adrian Sarmas
Problems with Chart API 4 Marcus Green
Deprecation of the legacy cron 3 sam marshall
I want to upload an image into an admin settings config page 3 Diane Soini
Make flexible_table class better extendable 0 Tim Schroeder
instllation of custom certificate throws "need moodle version" error, where should i provide the version 1 Davo Smith
popups undefined 3 arsen adams
while and foreach loops to build timetable 1 Michael Milette
Generic tables with floating headers, footers and sticky columns 0 Mahmoud Kassaei
Find and update page module instance 0 Eduardo Rey
branded Moodle mobile App 0 Elsadig Elamin
Solr 7.x and Moodle 3 Amar Bl
Passing parameters in array when calling the js_call_amd function 2 tsofiya izchak
Minifying JS during Development - Moodle 3.3+ 5 Dave Emsley
Developing Moodle with JQuery - Moodle 3.3 4 Dave Emsley
add subscription feature of calendar not working on mac pc 0 santhosh kumar
An RRA: Real RESTful API 3 HSz HSz
Location of mod_modulename_external class 1 Mark Johnson
REST-API: Activate second attempt for a quiz 2 Kashmira Nagwekar
Moodle development 10 Derek Chirnside
Missing course sections option 6 David Le Blanc
Repeat group of elements (in form) 1 André Camacho
Request for comment on new plugin 2 marcello vitali
Where are the fields like group1 and cohort1 stored in database 2 Derek Keats
Local plugin javascript stops working randomly 3 Mark Sharp
bootstrapelement content 1 Christian Hansen Nørgaard
Minimum source for simple form 4 Richard Jones
Give Students ability to add an activity without the ability to delete activities 0 William Merrifield
Custom "two-step" login on Moodle 2.7 2 Michael Milette
Common Cartridge vs IMS Content Packaging 2 Giddy Gitnik
create new rol or use one to upload users 0 Victor Andres Del Castillo Pumahuallca
Historical data uploade through bulk Loader 0 Kumar k
Manually add user gives "invalid user" 3 Pietro La Gamba
More proposed global search improvements 9 sam marshall
How to replace moodle logo with site logo in moodle mobile app? 7 Roman Urban
SQL activity tracking 0 Mantas Šedys
File picker issue 0 neha pal
Is there a way for a plugin to remove a node (or category) from profile page navigation tree? 0 Olumuyiwa Taiwo
How to add segment with moodle? 0 Diego Figueroa
Reverse proxy and Login 0 Helson C
How do I make scrollpos load sooner 1 Tim Hunt
Moodle LDAP Authentication - Data Mapping 1 Peshali Randika
Moodle 3.3 unreachable admin 3 Iñaki Arenaza
Can the 'activity completion expected on' date be set as a relative value? 3 Mark Nelson
Creating a moodle course in XML - documentation 2 Giddy Gitnik
Plugin not required anymore, best way to auto uninstall or make a warning on a "fake" upgrade? 7 Dragon Dionysius
Disable auto-linking filter during a call to format_text()/format_string() 3 Michael Milette
Assign Roles Link In Enrol Users Not Firing 1 Mark Fischer
Grading UI: Bug Report (filtering issues) 3 Ruth Andrews
i want Student details using java API 4 Azmat Ullah
Mustache template for list item causes a mustache_lint warning 5 David Mudrák
Signup page same as Login page 2 Schwann Chan
course goal setting plugin 3 Richard Jones
Cannot create local pool directories,Please verify permissions in data root 15 Saron Edward
How to hide some fields of the settings page of a course 0 Sergio Comerón Sánchez-Paniagua
Connect 3rd party website to moodle authentification 7 Eric Goller
Adding content of editor into database 4 Mark Johnson
Personal Assessment Tool - Maybe Survey Pro? 3 Alek Mlynek
Can't send massive emails troughs plugin "simple certificate" 0 Victor Andres Del Castillo Pumahuallca
Hiding an activity through the database 2 Chris Pratt
Anyone using Behat with the chrome mink driver? 1 Mark Johnson
grunt shifter fails with error code 1 "unparseable" 2 Richard Jones