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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Unoconv - problems converting some .docx documents (blank page) 6 Susana L.
Grading table - filtering by name is not visible even when applied, in some cases 0 Acqua Alta
Single Activity Course Issue 0 A S
Quicklist - Categories? - Annotating a PDF 0 Tom Langston
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grades of blind marking assignment not visible 1 m question
Assignment Re-attempts and the effective grade 0 Michael Hughes
Unoconv creates a blank page 3 AL Rachels
Undo grading a Moodle assignment? 0 Chitu Okoli
Assignment upgrade helper missing from Moodle 3.6? 1 Mary Cooch
Advanced Grading - Student Feedback Comments Carried Forward to Next Student 2 Susan Fleming
Invalid Response Value Detected error message 15 Russell England
Notify students with grade, comment 0 Jozef K
Automated Marking 0 Bruce Wilbee
Inline grading screen/form fields not loading Moodle 3.5.3 0 Sean Rugge
SQL to get ungraded assignment submissions which have file 0 Ebin Manuval
Suspended students in groups are getting grades for group assignments 1 Peter Diedrichs
Annotated assignments - view only 7 Teresa Fryer
Assignment suddenly showing Participants 0 Submitted 0 2 Luca Bösch
Turnitin - upload issues 2 Lotty Summers
"Feedback Comments" option unavailable 4 Nils Klowait
Record audio in Assignment Feedback? 3 AL Rachels
Advanced Grading - marking guide comments not displaying 0 Susan Fleming
Checking word limit while editing in assignment with online content 2 Acqua Alta
Auto-create assignments from student records system data 0 Jock Coats
Event stopped working after removing die; 0 Amir Mustafa
Assignment file submit event not working (create/update) 1 Amir Mustafa
Assignment Extension report 0 Selma Limbo
Only one teacher out of common teachers of a course at a time can assign Assignment grade 3 Amir Mustafa
exclude the teacher role from the participant list 7 Ahmad Azaizeh
Assignments not showing in upcoming events block after upgrading to 3.3.1 15 Lyn Pennington
Students can see the view all submissions button 2 Davo Smith
pdf grader annotations in Hebrew turn to gibberish 1 nim rod
How to preview file (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx) before uploading 2 Lee Rain
Print Annotated PDF from previous attempts 1 Henriette Matthews
Download all Submissions Fails 0 Sisindu Amarasekara | CICRA Campus
Download all submissions error|HTTP ERROR 500 0 Sisindu Amarasekara | CICRA Campus
file upload error 12 Mary Evans
Block Grade me doesn"t show updated assignments 2.2 0 Irith Herman
Broken Stamp Annotation Image in Assignment Feedback 5 Ken Task
Automated email notification for students upon grader's upload of feedback files? 0 Anthony Crooks
Assignment extensions not showing in Calendar or MyOverview 0 Richard Oelmann
FIle upload box not showing for assignments 5 Lynn Wilhelm
Allow another attempt - teacher overrode no of set attempts 1 Lynn Wilhelm
Error writing to database, when remind to grade date is unselected 4 AL Rachels
Very slow assignment load time 8 Ondrej Galbavy
Assignment not showing up in Student view Moodle 3.5 (Build: 20180517) 3 Richard McHugh
Email notification to students when assignment released 0 m khan
Assignmet: Teacher could upload the paper for all the students 0 Memona Salahuddin
Group submission settings not showing 3 Kim Salinas
assignment submissions with old timestamps? 0 Diane Soini
Delete student's assignment attempt 9 Rod Spears
Assignment annotate not working when text and audio files submitted 0 David Burke
PDF for annotation blank on some assignments, any commonalities? 4 David Burke
One student, multiple assignments 1 Susan Mangan
Bulk upload Students Submission 0 Memona Salahuddin
Submissions stuck on Queued for Turnitin check. Turnitin plugin worked fine 0 Tom Conroy
API product inactive message 1 Carol Weaver
PDF Editor fails to load in Single Activity Format. 2 Roland Salois
teachers cannot edit 'marking allocation' in grading table 0 Carol Howells
Delete temporary files of the pdf feedback 2 erika alarcon
Moodle 3.4.1 - View all courses - System role does not allow viewing some information 0 Andrew Earley
MYsql - configurable reports 1 AL Rachels
Activity upload limit 2 Nurfatima Jandarova
Not so blind marking 0 Mark Sharp
Moodle 3.5 Programming: SQL / API to retrieve assignment’s submitted files 0 Guy Polit
Assignement does not show students in new groups 1 Miro Iliaš
Troubleshooting unoconv issues 4 Matthew Davidson
Cannot open PDF error in grading 1 Abraham Tamez
Advice on large submissions for 3D graphics/computing students 2 Cam Davis
Quick Grading error - thought this had been fixed? 0 Hal MacLean
files lost in assignment (moodle 3.1.5) 0 Juan Carlos C. P.
Hide the Grade for Attempt for an Activity - Moodle 3 1 Hakan Tilgel
Shared host - can't install ghostscript or unoconv 10 David Smith
[3.5] Assignments switched between users (security breach?) 5 Emma Richardson
Group submissions when changing groups 7 Emma Richardson
List only one submission per group (Moodle 3.3) + sorting per group 2 Richard van Iwaarden
Weights in marking guide 2 AL Rachels
Students Cannot see Comments Added to Submitted/Graded Google Docs 2 John Wickenhaeuser
Get e-Mail notification for "remind me to grade by" date? 1 Hittesh Ahuja
Review Panel not showing up in grading assignment after 3.5.1 upgrade 3 J Baumgartner
a feature that everyone needs. 1 C Behan
Partial grading 0 sonal gupta
View All Submission redirect to wrong screen 2 Louisa van der Linden
Random marker allocation 1 Jaco Geldenhuys
Hidden deadline 3 Ger Tielemans
View/grade all submissions issues 9 Ken Task
Assignment submission 4 Rainer Schaufelberger
Journal or Blog in Assignment? 1 Ger Tielemans
Annotate a pdf loads blank page (even on - is this a moodle 3.3 issue? 13 Eva E
Quiz Document Submission to Assignment 0 Alex N
assignment PDF grader document moves with stylus movement on iPad 3 Ryan B
Is it possible to auto-grade for essay type of question? 4 Germán Valero
Export Submission Table with Comments 0 Daniele Frusone
"Delayed" Assignment Notification - is this possible? 1 George George
"Expect Completed On" by enrolment, not specific date? 2 Scott Schwarz
Delete uploaded assignments? 2 Richard Stenlund
Modifying terminology in one course (Pass/Fail/In Grading) 1 Bob Ridge-Stearn
Minimum word count 1 Samantha Homer
print not getting 0 bewell itd