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Maintained by Hugo Ribeiro
Stream is a Boost child Moodle 4+ theme with some added settings that allow customization. Choose colors and icons styles, images for the course header and show courses and categories as cards on the frontpage.
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After a long time researching Moodle development, I took the step to create a "Boost Child" theme and make it available for the community to enhance and nurture.
This is a release candidate so please test it with care.
The main inspiration for the theme came from my Moodle usage experience and what I think could be enhanced but also by studying other themes, especially Boost Union, Adaptable, Moove and Almondb. (if you haven't, go check them out!).


- Homepage Main Slider (up to 5 slides)
- Social media support (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest)
- Full Width or narrow (like Boost)
- Ability to add a block after secondary navigation on the course and home page (check my course presentation block)
- Course header image from the course setting (defaults to theme image)
Option to show course name, shortname or no heading in the course index
- Course completion in the course header
- Quick admin menu
- Capability to change theme settings - not only admin
- Frontpage widgets (categories with images, promobox, featured courses, ...)
- Activities navigation
- Hidden course warning
- New Login Layout page
- Activities' icons colors and outline
- Big personalized Footer

Mind you the rating feature is not included but works by using tool_courseratings.

Images credits

Per default, Stream ships with some default images taken from Unsplash. Thanks to the following photographers:

- Homepage Hero [Ivo Rainha - Unsplash]
- Homepage Promobox [Shayna Douglas - Unsplash]
- Login Image [Janko Ferlič - Unsplash]
- Default header image [Rhii Photography - Unsplash]
- Default course card image [Erol Ahmed - Unsplash]
- Default category card image [NORTHFOLK - Unsplash]


This theme is inspired by the following (great) Moodle Themes:

- Boost Union
- Almondb
- Moove
- Adaptable

The filter Filtercodes was also very useful.

External Services

Beyond what is packed with Moodle core, this theme  also uses:

Bunny Fonts GDPR Compliant font service based in Europe .

Course page screenshot


Screenshot #0
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4


Hugo Ribeiro (Lead maintainer)
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