Not yet approved plugins

The following 569 plugins have been submitted to the plugins directory but are not yet approved.
Name Plugin type Lead maintainer Submitted Approval issue Source control URL
Azure AD B2C Connect Authentication Gopal Sharma December 6, 2019 CONTRIB-7923
Peer Assessment Activities Jez H November 30, 2019 CONTRIB-7922
Multitopic format Course formats James Calder November 28, 2019 CONTRIB-7920
VPL Question Question types Astor Bizard November 27, 2019 CONTRIB-7916
Appointment Activities Marina Glancy November 27, 2019 CONTRIB-7914
Speed Test Admin tools Catalyst IT November 22, 2019 CONTRIB-7911
bewertung Activities Maxime Buelow November 21, 2019 CONTRIB-7910
alfaview classroom Activities Franz C. Krüger November 16, 2019 CONTRIB-7903
Cohort field User profile fields Sergey Gorbatov November 15, 2019 CONTRIB-7902
Shibboleth Link Authentication Robert Schrenk November 15, 2019 CONTRIB-7901
John Newyak Activities Mohamed Amine Yaakoubi November 15, 2019 CONTRIB-7900
OneFile Authentication Authentication Abbie Davies November 11, 2019 CONTRIB-7899
Mod Super Video Activities Eduardo Kraus November 9, 2019 CONTRIB-7898
Disable Right Click General plugins (Local) Yogesh Shirsath November 8, 2019 CONTRIB-7897
Turnitin Similarity plagiarism plugin Plagiarism Charlotte Spinks October 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7888
Virtual Class Activities Dawid Ostapiuk October 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7887
Security Questions Admin tools Catalyst IT October 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7886
Need to check block Blocks Denis Makousky October 28, 2019 CONTRIB-7885
Leaderboard Blocks Erik Fox October 23, 2019 CONTRIB-7880
Module Usage Statistics Reports Paulo Júnior October 22, 2019 CONTRIB-7877
Set course fields Admin tools Ulm University October 22, 2019 CONTRIB-7876
eduAuth General plugins (Local) Robert Schrenk October 14, 2019 CONTRIB-7871
Kekule Molecule Naming Question types Florent Paccalet October 9, 2019 CONTRIB-7867
Kekule Chem Multianswer Question types Florent Paccalet October 9, 2019 CONTRIB-7866
Kekule Multianswer Question types Florent Paccalet October 9, 2019 CONTRIB-7865
Kekule Chem Base Question types Florent Paccalet October 9, 2019 CONTRIB-7864
Kekule Chem Atto Florent Paccalet October 9, 2019 CONTRIB-7863
Kekule.js General plugins (Local) Florent Paccalet October 9, 2019 CONTRIB-7862
Differentiator General plugins (Local) Luca Bösch October 3, 2019 CONTRIB-7857
Help! Blocks Robert Schrenk October 1, 2019 CONTRIB-7856
Cohorts in profile General plugins (Local) Юрий Юринский September 26, 2019 CONTRIB-7851
Mass creation of multiple choice questions General plugins (Local) stefan weber September 25, 2019 CONTRIB-7850
Audio annotation Activities Marion Chardon September 24, 2019 CONTRIB-7846
Oauth2 token unlink event Admin tools Jonathan López September 19, 2019 CONTRIB-7840
Clipboard Blocks Tomonori Maruyama September 17, 2019 CONTRIB-7837
Course visibility General plugins (Local) Danny Jung September 13, 2019 CONTRIB-7836
EnrolByCode Blocks Robert Schrenk September 11, 2019 CONTRIB-7835
Bulk asynchronous user deletion Admin tools Felice Candilio September 11, 2019 CONTRIB-7834
Asynchronous course import Admin tools Matthieu Cornut September 11, 2019 CONTRIB-7833
Keyboard shortcuts for Moodle General plugins (Local) Samuel Berthe September 6, 2019 CONTRIB-7831
Mentor external database Admin tools Michael Vangelovski September 3, 2019 CONTRIB-7830
YU Kaltura Media for Atto Atto Tomoya Saito August 30, 2019 CONTRIB-7827
Category Duplicate General plugins (Local) Yedidia Klein August 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7826
Teacher information Module Activities Soporte Creatic August 28, 2019 CONTRIB-7825
Video with URL Redirect Activities Soporte Creatic August 28, 2019 CONTRIB-7824
Data Validation Form General plugins (Local) Soporte Creatic August 28, 2019 CONTRIB-7823
INDES Web services General plugins (Local) Melvyn Gomez August 21, 2019 CONTRIB-7821
Advanced Reminders General plugins (Local) Melvyn Gomez August 21, 2019 CONTRIB-7820
Database Navigation Admin tools Ferran Recio Calderó August 19, 2019 CONTRIB-7818
Course Completion Reports James Voong August 15, 2019 CONTRIB-7815