Not yet approved plugins

The following 521 plugins have been submitted to the plugins directory but are not yet approved.
Name Plugin type Lead maintainer Submitted Approval issue Source control URL
Assignment submission report Reports Howard Miller June 21, 2019 CONTRIB-7762
LTI Question Type (External Tool) Question types ETH Zürich June 21, 2019 CONTRIB-7761
Kickstart format Course formats Stefan Scholz June 19, 2019 CONTRIB-7755
Aspire Panel Blocks Richard Hetherington June 17, 2019 CONTRIB-7753
Discussions Listing Blocks IDS Logic June 17, 2019 CONTRIB-7752
pagebackground PoodLL Widget / Generico Vernon Spain June 16, 2019 CONTRIB-7751
Exam Listing General plugins (Local) Surendra Gupta June 13, 2019 CONTRIB-7748
MUMIE Task Activities Integral Learning June 11, 2019 CONTRIB-7746
MUMIE Single Sign On Authentication Integral Learning June 11, 2019 CONTRIB-7745
HTML5 audio/video to MP4 filter Filters Nicolas Dunand June 7, 2019 CONTRIB-7741
External task Question types Brendon Hatcher June 4, 2019 CONTRIB-7736
PayUMoney Enrolment Nikhil Datta June 1, 2019 CONTRIB-7732
edu-sharing Atto Plugin Atto Steffen Hippeli May 28, 2019 CONTRIB-7728
multipartymeeting Activities Mihály Mészáros May 22, 2019 CONTRIB-7726
Soft Course format Course formats Clément Prudhomme May 16, 2019 CONTRIB-7723
Restriction by other course completion Availability conditions Sam Suresh May 15, 2019 CONTRIB-7722
Course Life Cycle Admin tools Learnweb – University of Münster May 14, 2019 CONTRIB-7720
Restriction by relative date Availability conditions Renaat Debleu May 13, 2019 CONTRIB-7719
kPoint Video Package Repositories kPoint Dev May 10, 2019 CONTRIB-7718
kPoint Video Package Activities kPoint Dev May 10, 2019 CONTRIB-7717
kPoint video package Other kPoint Dev May 8, 2019 CONTRIB-7715
Block Game Blocks José Wilson May 3, 2019 CONTRIB-7708
Simple Course Creator General plugins (Local) Shubhendra Doiphode May 2, 2019 CONTRIB-7707
eduReportbook Blocks Robert Schrenk May 1, 2019 CONTRIB-7706
Collabora - Collaborative document editing Activities Learnweb – University of Münster April 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7705
Argotian Settings General plugins (Local) Virtro Games Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Gaming April 26, 2019 CONTRIB-7698
Argotian Block Blocks Virtro Games Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Gaming April 26, 2019 CONTRIB-7697
Argotian Users Reports Virtro Games Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Gaming April 25, 2019 CONTRIB-7694
Mime Blocker antivirus Antivirus Azmat Ullah April 23, 2019 CONTRIB-7690
Login with miniOrange Authentication miniOrange INC April 17, 2019 CONTRIB-7689
Ummul Qora calendar type Calendars Azmat Ullah April 10, 2019 CONTRIB-7682
BLC Modules Blocks Terus E-learning April 6, 2019 CONTRIB-7681
UbiCast MediaServer block plugin Blocks Stéphane Diemer April 5, 2019 CONTRIB-7679
UbiCast MediaServer atto button Atto Stéphane Diemer April 5, 2019 CONTRIB-7678
UbiCast MediaServer Moodle activity plugin Activities Stéphane Diemer April 5, 2019 CONTRIB-7676
Microsoft Word File Import (Assignment submission) Assignment submissions Eoin Campbell April 3, 2019 CONTRIB-7674
Download Course block Blocks Yash Shah April 2, 2019 CONTRIB-7672
Edwiser Course Formats Course formats Edwiser Team April 1, 2019 CONTRIB-7671
SEB Authentication Key Web service General plugins (Local) ETH Zürich March 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7669
SC Question types ETH Zürich March 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7668
SC/MC (ETH) Question types ETH Zürich March 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7667
S3 Log Archiver Admin tools Catalyst IT March 29, 2019 CONTRIB-7665
Supporter Admin tools Benedikt Schneider March 28, 2019 CONTRIB-7664
Password Expiration Check Authentication chaitanya varanasi March 21, 2019 CONTRIB-7657
Sassessment Question types Igor Nikulin March 20, 2019 CONTRIB-7654
Forum Keywords Reports Andy Chan March 5, 2019 CONTRIB-7639
Icon change General plugins (Local) Raúl Martínez Álvarez February 26, 2019 CONTRIB-7635
Innovate News Blocks SVS Moodle February 21, 2019 CONTRIB-7629
Ex Libris campusM General plugins (Local) Juan Gonzalez February 15, 2019 CONTRIB-7622
CSV format import Question formats Fikri Nazir February 10, 2019 CONTRIB-7615