Not yet approved plugins

The following 494 plugins have been submitted to the plugins directory but are not yet approved.
Name Plugin type Lead maintainer Submitted Approval issue Source control URL
Essay (auto-grade) Question types Gordon Bateson 20 February 2019 CONTRIB-7626
Backup and Restore Command-Line Interface Admin tools Paulo Júnior 15 February 2019 CONTRIB-7624
LTI Message Handler LTI sources Colin Bernard 15 February 2019 CONTRIB-7623
Ex Libris campusM General plugins (Local) Juan Gonzalez 15 February 2019 CONTRIB-7622
Jitsi Activities Sergio Comerón Sánchez-Paniagua 13 February 2019 CONTRIB-7621
Edwiser Server Monitor Blocks Edwiser Team 13 February 2019 CONTRIB-7620
CSV format import Question formats Fikri Nazir 10 February 2019 CONTRIB-7615
question_format_csv Utilities Fikri Nazir 10 February 2019 CONTRIB-7614
Globaladtool Admin tools Angel Luis Fraile 8 February 2019 CONTRIB-7613
Event Course formats Flotter Totte 25 January 2019 CONTRIB-7609
Students at risk of missing assignment due dates General plugins (Local) David Monllaó 21 January 2019 CONTRIB-7603
CircleCI submissions Assignment submissions Anatolii Stehnii 15 January 2019 CONTRIB-7597
Live poll Activities David Castro 11 January 2019 CONTRIB-7595
format_wplist Course formats Marina Glancy 3 January 2019 CONTRIB-7588
Google Drive Video Activities Eduardo Kraus 3 January 2019 CONTRIB-7585
Famazon Activities Marcos Fernando moura 27 December 2018 CONTRIB-7583
HTML5 canvas sketch game Activities Luuk Verhoeven 24 December 2018 CONTRIB-7582
UFJSD Activities Ivan Alves 20 December 2018 CONTRIB-7581
Book Activities Ivan Alves 20 December 2018 CONTRIB-7580
Edwiser Forms Embedder Add-On Filters Edwiser Team 18 December 2018 CONTRIB-7578
csvparentrole Enrolment Madhu Avasarala 18 December 2018 CONTRIB-7576
Edwiser Forms Free General plugins (Local) Edwiser Team 17 December 2018 CONTRIB-7574
Datalynx Activities David Bogner 17 December 2018 CONTRIB-7573
My mindmap overview Blocks Dey Bendifallah 14 December 2018 CONTRIB-7570
Assessment Activities Suee Khat 13 December 2018 CONTRIB-7569
Cohort Completion Report Reports Johan Kenzeler 13 December 2018 CONTRIB-7568
Compliance Activities Johan Kenzeler 13 December 2018 CONTRIB-7567
Payment Enrolment Enrolment Seth Yoder 13 December 2018 CONTRIB-7566
EnglishCentral Activities Gordon Bateson 12 December 2018 CONTRIB-7564
GuardianKEY Authentication Gesiel Bernardes 24 November 2018 CONTRIB-7543
Jesmin Themes amit kumar 23 November 2018 CONTRIB-7542
tool_wp Admin tools Marina Glancy 23 November 2018 CONTRIB-7541
CVOD Media Filters Chris Plapp 14 November 2018 CONTRIB-7534
Classroom Video On Demand Repositories Chris Plapp 14 November 2018 CONTRIB-7533
Dynamic rules Enrolment Marina Glancy 6 November 2018 CONTRIB-7515
Dynamic rules Admin tools Marina Glancy 6 November 2018 CONTRIB-7514
Taleem Themes Vowel Web 5 November 2018 CONTRIB-7513
Certifications Admin tools Marina Glancy 5 November 2018 CONTRIB-7511
Films On Demand Media Filters Chris Plapp 2 November 2018 CONTRIB-7507
Films On Demand Repositories Chris Plapp 2 November 2018 CONTRIB-7506 plugin Plagiarism Jane Adelmann 1 November 2018 CONTRIB-7503
tool_certificate Admin tools Marina Glancy 31 October 2018 CONTRIB-7502
EvalCOMIX Blocks Daniel Cabeza 31 October 2018 CONTRIB-7500
Sync Cohort to Multi Courses Blocks Koen Moret 31 October 2018 CONTRIB-7499
Learn360 Media Filters Chris Plapp 30 October 2018 CONTRIB-7497
Learn360 Repositories Chris Plapp 29 October 2018 CONTRIB-7496
Course rollover General plugins (Local) Catalyst IT 23 October 2018 CONTRIB-7491
Paytm Enrolment Integration Dev 22 October 2018 CONTRIB-7490
Metherpad Assignment submissions Equipe de Desenvolvimento SEaD - UFSCar 16 October 2018 CONTRIB-7485
tool_organization Admin tools Marina Glancy 15 October 2018 CONTRIB-7484