Not yet approved plugins

The following 684 plugins have been submitted to the plugins directory but are not yet approved.
Name Plugin type Lead maintainer Submitted Approval issue Source control URL
Delete course General plugins (Local) Marcelo Schmitt June 21, 2021 CONTRIB-8581
Atto Word Count Atto Avi Levy June 16, 2021 CONTRIB-8578
progresscourse Utilities Escuela Didáctica June 11, 2021 CONTRIB-8575
MoMiMa Blocks Sebastian Königshofer June 8, 2021 CONTRIB-8570
Learning Analytics Log Log storage Thomas Dondorf June 7, 2021 CONTRIB-8569
Learning Analytics General plugins (Local) Thomas Dondorf June 7, 2021 CONTRIB-8568
Contactlist General plugins (Local) e-Learning Team University of Vienna June 7, 2021 CONTRIB-8567
Wordcloud Activities e-Learning Team University of Vienna June 2, 2021 CONTRIB-8564
Marks per section Quiz reports Marie-Eve Lévesque June 1, 2021 CONTRIB-8563
Mollie Payment gateways Rogier van Dongen May 26, 2021 CONTRIB-8562
PAY. Payment gateways Rogier van Dongen May 26, 2021 CONTRIB-8561
Good Habits Activity Activities Joe Cape May 24, 2021 CONTRIB-8559
Course Teams group General plugins (Local) Eve Ormisson May 23, 2021 CONTRIB-8558
Naas Activities idea idea May 18, 2021 CONTRIB-8554
Dictionary Blocks Tim Martinez May 18, 2021 CONTRIB-8553
Vimeo videos Repositories Leonardo Aprigio da Silva May 14, 2021 CONTRIB-8549
Tomax’s proctoring plugin Quiz access rules Tomax - Think Academy May 12, 2021 CONTRIB-8547
Leeloo LXP Courses multi-list slider Blocks Ludovic LEBLEU May 12, 2021 CONTRIB-8546
Leeloo LXP Course Navigation Blocks Ludovic LEBLEU May 11, 2021 CONTRIB-8544
Leeloo LXP Recent blog entries Blocks Ludovic LEBLEU May 11, 2021 CONTRIB-8543
Leeloo LXP Latest Blog Entry Blocks Ludovic LEBLEU May 11, 2021 CONTRIB-8542
Trail format Course formats José Wilson da Costa May 9, 2021 CONTRIB-8539
My teams Blocks Marina Glancy May 5, 2021 CONTRIB-8534
My learning Blocks Marina Glancy May 5, 2021 CONTRIB-8533
Sertifier Certificates & Badges Activities Ceyhun Aslan May 4, 2021 CONTRIB-8530
Offline Grading methods Zafeer Mohammed May 1, 2021 CONTRIB-8527
Syllabus General plugins (Local) Laurent David May 1, 2021 CONTRIB-8525
Recit's filter activity Filters Étienne Roy April 30, 2021 CONTRIB-8523
Label with group Activities Leonardo Aprigio da Silva April 27, 2021 CONTRIB-8514
File with watermark Activities Leonardo Aprigio da Silva April 26, 2021 CONTRIB-8512
Tomax’s Grading and feedback plugin Assignment Tomax - Think Academy April 25, 2021 CONTRIB-8504
Availability Block Game by level Availability conditions José Wilson da Costa April 20, 2021 CONTRIB-8499
Courses links Activities Anthony Durif April 18, 2021 CONTRIB-8496
Code answer Question types Павел Науменко April 15, 2021 CONTRIB-8494
Chalmers Reports Iñigo Bustos April 14, 2021 CONTRIB-8493
Categories Managers Admin tools Yohan ERIMA April 14, 2021 CONTRIB-8492
Statistics connected users Reports Iñigo Bustos April 13, 2021 CONTRIB-8490
URL_Crypt Activities Jean-Christophe Pons April 9, 2021 CONTRIB-8484
Custom Mailing Activities Jean-François Vanass April 9, 2021 CONTRIB-8483
Grade overview Blocks José Wilson da Costa April 9, 2021 CONTRIB-8482
Leeloo LXP FAQ Blocks Ludovic LEBLEU April 8, 2021 CONTRIB-8480
Short Answer Similarity Question types Yash Srivastava April 6, 2021 CONTRIB-8479
Request List Blocks studyingroup com April 2, 2021 CONTRIB-8477
Paystack Enrolment Paystack Integrations March 30, 2021 CONTRIB-8474
Course Auto Visibility General plugins (Local) Elias Farah March 26, 2021 CONTRIB-8469
Moodle Mini Registration Authentication studyingroup com March 19, 2021 CONTRIB-8464
Report Generator General plugins (Local) Christopher Logan March 16, 2021 CONTRIB-8459
PDF A notation Incubating Red de Capacitacion Bíblica March 15, 2021 CONTRIB-8456
Heart Beat Ping Monitor Admin tools Camilo Martinez March 5, 2021 CONTRIB-8449
Drillbit plagiarism plugin Plagiarism Drillbit Support March 4, 2021 CONTRIB-8448