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gitplugins Utilities A cli administration tool to help deploying Moodle plugins via Git Guillaume Allègre 11/12/2017 19:43
Moodleoverflow Activities A non-linear, non-chronological discussion forum. Similar to the forum activity, but focuses on straightforward question-and-answer discussions. Additionally, users rate posts and gain a rating score ("reputation") by being rated by other users. Posts can be marked as "helpful" by the original poster, and as "correct" by a teacher. Learnweb – University of Münster 8/12/2017 22:27
MTF (ETH) Question types Multi True false in one stem (question). Brief: The MC question type as it exists in Moodle is not very ideal, since you can only configure questions which are not very well designed regarding best practices of MC questions. Teachers can have more than one true/false question in same stem. this saves creating new questions for each stem. especially when it comes to an essay followed by many questions. ETH LET 7/12/2017 19:21
Guest Cohort Enrolment Guest Cohort is an enrolment plugin that mixes the features from guest enrolment with those of cohort sync. More exactly, it allows you to provide quest access to users that belong to a particular cohort. Andrei Băutu 6/12/2017 19:30
The augmented teacher General plugins (Local) The augmented teacher is a plugin that provides bulk e-mailing within courses using short codes such as users' first name, last name and course name. Tue Bjerl Nielsen 6/12/2017 16:54