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Essential is a clean and customizable theme. Essential is tested and tried by thousands of users, and ranks number one by site usage for all available third party themes.

Essential (Build: 2016061706)

Moodle 3.1
Released: Saturday, August 20, 2016, 5:16 AM
New in
- FIX: Issue #710: Wrong profile image used.
- FIX: Issue #711: Space when blocks are docked.
- FIX: Issue #712: My Courses overflow.
- FIX: Issue #714: Enrol users page needs tidying up.
- FIX: Issue #715: Grading status page 'Grade' button and file submission line.
- FIX: Issue #716: Information alert close difficult to see.
- FIX: Issue #717: Notifications hover.
- FIX: Issue #718: Affix top offset height when reload down page.
- FIX: Issue #720: Block titles when editing and a page background are difficult to see.
- FIX: Issue #721: Notification template close inconsistent with alerts on frontpage.
- FIX: Table tidy up.

New in
- FIX: Issue #697: Floating gradebook headers do not account for navbar height.
- FIX: Issue #698: Accessibility: role=main-content ("Role must be one of the valid ARIA roles").
- FIX: Issue #699: Assignment grading toolbar missing.
- FIX: Issue #700: Header height - M3.1.
- FIX: Issue #702: Header title - Fullname and summary option - language span tags.
- FIX: Issue #703: Group images are not well displayed.
- FIX: Issue #704: Vertical space between the header title and header subtitle is to small.
- FIX: Issue #707: Marketing setting header.
- FIX: Two column layout in RTL - M3.1.
- FIX: Theme selector images not responsive.
- FIX: Fixed height header when no logo for header background image now that the navbar calculates height in the old position.
- FIX: Theme selector table odd rows text colour - M3.1.
- FIX: Hover on dialog close button when using an alternative colour scheme.
- FIX: Notification templates location and tidy up.
- FIX: Missing forum icons.
- FIX: Revert to default grey SVG icons.
- FIX: Navbar and menus LTR / RTL icons - M3.1.
- NEW: Issue #606: Allowing blocks placed at the top of the content column. Gratefully funded by: Servei de Recursos Educatius , Universitat Rovira i Virgili.
- NEW: Display block region names when editing.

New in
- FIX: Issue #684: Navigation block: English tree item icons should be right aligned in RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #685: Blocks should be right aligned under content in admin page layout, on RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #687: Dropdown menus don't stay open.
- FIX: Issue #688: FA block icons are not right aligned using Firefox, in RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #690: Google fonts not working in quiz with Javascript Security.
- FIX: Issue #691: Cyrillic support for truncated return to section names. Fixed by Evgeny Logunow.
- FIX: Issue #692: Page background and 'beside' carousel text clash.
- FIX: Issue #693: Pixelated user picture.
- FIX: Issue #694: Folder state in blocks and icons.
- FIX: Issue #695: Large logo, old navbar position and affix.
- FIX: Issue #696: Double height navbar blocks content.
- FIX: Mod assign styles very tricky to override so exluding and including own changed copy despite potential maintenance issues.
- FIX: Button font.
- FIX: Content first three column layout in RTL.

New in
- FIX: Issue #681: Breadcrumbs should be right aligned in RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #682: Category icons in M3.1.

New in
- FIX: SVG version of 'Cogs' for 'Settings' cog.
- FIX: Plugins check table text colour.
- FIX: Noticeboard format user picture.
- NEW: Competancies icon.

New in
- FIX: Issue #674: M31 beta: Breadcrumbs should be right aligned and flipped in RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #675: M31 beta: Left align "return to course" button, in RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #676: M31 beta: Tree nodes in Navigation block have no right margin, in RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #677: M31b: Tree nodes on Navigation block have redundant 21px right padding, in RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #678: Gradebook sticky headers broken, in RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #679: Guest user menu show missing support email error.
- FIX: Issue #686: Two enrolments in a course with latest courses.
- FIX: User menu setting header.
- NEW: My courses options. Thanks to "Linnaeus University" for funding this enhancement.

New in
- FIX: Carousel slides in correct direction for RTL.
- NEW: Theme table stripe text and background colour settings.
- NEW: FontAwesome 4.6.3.

New in
- FIX: Cautionary inclusion of coursecatlib.
- FIX: Hidden courses / resources on the breadcrumb. Ref:

New in
- FIX: Integer setting default and validation.
- FIX: Select setting default.
- FIX: Invisible parent categories with an image for a course that is in a visible category with no image.
- FIX: Ensure radio button default is set on first use.

New in
- FIX: MDL-52800 - RTL styling for in place editable tooltip.
- FIX: MDL-52815 - Groups and members dropdowns overlapping on mobile devices.
- FIX: MDL-53855 - Navbar should be in exactly one nav region, and that should be labelled.
- FIX: Issue #659: Links with anchors don't work with the "flexsections" course format. Thanks to Jay Knight for his input.
- FIX: Issue #662: Site pages indent.
- FIX: Issue #664: Broken Alt-text in blocks.
- FIX: Issue #668: Course page header missing enrolled user info.
- NEW: Tidy up administration block.
- NEW: Category and course 'course title' images. Thanks to Murdoch University, Perth, WA for supporting this enhancement.

New in
- FIX: Issue #642: Advanced Grading creating template form issue.
- FIX: Issue #649: Guest access confusing.
- FIX: Issue #653: Quiz question preview: does not uses the selected color scheme.
- FIX: Issue #654: Adding a quiz question menu does not use the selected colour scheme.
- FIX: Font serving instructions. See:
- FIX: Invalid CSS attribute value in carousel.less.
- FIX: Footer position when using docking and footer is not at the bottom.
- FIX: MDL-53489 - Quiz editing: if you put in a very long heading, the page layout breaks.
- FIX: Improve logo setting description.
- FIX: Missing '$setting->set_updatedcallback('theme_reset_all_caches');' on logo width setting.
- FIX/NEW: Issue #646: Implement MDL-53147 from M3.1 - 'Reading message screen broken when reading one message and have another unread'.
- NEW: Issue #647: Navigation bar in course: without course category links. Thanks to Christian Niemczik for supporting and funding the work on the Essential Theme.
- NEW: Issue #652: Header logo and background refinements.
- NEW: Have the 'This course' menu appear on other course related pages.
- NEW: Tidy up licenses.
- NEW: Tidy up Font Awesome CSS as WOFF2 support was only an issue in M2.8.
- NEW: Logo dimension validation.
- NEW: Update to FontAwesome 4.6.1.
- NEW: Add 'usesiteicon' setting to allow the site icon not to be shown if desired.
- NEW: Add radio button selection for breadcrumb style.
- NEW: Add image and direction capability to radio button selection for breadcrumb style.
- NEW: Add radio button image selection for 'oldnavbar' setting.
- NEW: Add radio button image selection for 'slidecaptionoptions' setting.

New in
- FIX: Issue #351: Footer doesn't stay at bottom.
- FIX: Issue #627: Request for an unknown renderer.
- FIX: Issue #628: Course content search dialog does not show up properly on RTL mode.
- FIX: Issue #629: Hidden resources have low contrast.
- FIX: Issue #633: Increase performance of administration settings pages. Thanks to 'Jan Dagefoerde' for the initial patch.
- FIX: Issue #634: Improve icon replacement performance.
- FIX: Issue #635: Course table of contents block navigation when static navbar.
- FIX: Issue #640: Edit profile style not set properly.
- FIX: Issue #641: Floating rows in the gradebook position after page scroll are wrong.
- FIX: Issue #642: Advanced Grading creating template form issue.
- FIX: Issue #643: Grading edit dropdown too small.
- FIX: Style guide settings tooltips and popups.
- FIX: MDL-52936 - Fix link hover bug on iOS.
- FIX: Apply 'aria-hidden="true"' to FontAwesome icons as much as possible. Still a few 'content' CSS attributes to consider.
- FIX: Add 'speak: none' to FontAwesome icons for accessibility.
- FIX: Footer doesn't stay at bottom code fix when no footer.
- FIX: Alternative colour border colours.
- FIX: Narrow page width and page header.
- FIX: Tidy the header.
- FIX: Admin submit button hover on alternative colour schemes.
- FIX: Dimmed icon colours.
- FIX: Hidden course summary box colours to be dimmed.
- NEW: Issue #632: View StyleGuide without logging on.
- NEW: Issue #645: Add setting to toggle display of hidden courses in Custom Menu. Thanks to Mathieu Pelletier for this code.
- NEW: Improve efficiency of colour switcher.
- NEW: Add logo width setting.
- NEW: Hide title area when showing social icons when collapsed.
- NEW: Bigger user picture when using the old navbar position and at the top.
- NEW: Refactor ColoursSwitcher into jQuery and optimise.

New in 3.0.1
- FIX: Issue #623: label is inline.
- FIX: Issue #625: .btn-link class needs settings.
- FIX: Coursebox tidy up.
- FIX: Primary button hover.
- FIX: Bootstrap button styling.
- FIX: TravisCI issues.
- FIX: Ensure that the editor gets the custom font-face declarations.
- FIX: Disabled and active button styling.
- FIX: MDL-52371 - Activity Chooser - alignment of strings that need line wrap.
- NEW: Style guide settings page.

New in
- FIX: Issue #614: Dashboard -> Site administration -> Appearance -> HTML settings overflow with fixed width set at normal.
- FIX: Issue #615: Block login on frontpage.
- FIX: Issue #616: TinyMCE font family setting overridden by theme.
- FIX: Issue #617: What is the 'message-index' layout?
- FIX: Issue #618: Gradebook links are displayed when reports cannot be viewed. Thanks to Tony Butler for the patch #619.
- FIX: Issue #620: 'alternativethemedefaultbuttonbackgroundhovercolourX' setting name too long for 'name' attribute in 'config_plugins' table.
- FIX: Issue #621: Cloze question input box width when taking quiz but not preview.
- FIX: Editor colours.
- FIX: Duplicate line in 'Return to section....'.
- FIX: Input focus colour.
- FIX: TravisCI Code Checker complaints.
- FIX: MDL-52249 - Nested navigation dropdowns don't work on small screens - M3.0 only.
- FIX: MDL-52342 - Hiding section adds gaps to the activity chooser.
- FIX: MDL-52879 - Unable to delete last (only) question in a quiz.
- FIX: Question text width on 1200px+ resolutions when editing a quiz.
- FIX: Changes for Grid format issue #24.
- NEW: Issue #613: Section names on 'Return to section X'. Grateful thanks to 'Mihai Bojonca, TCM International Institute, Inc.' for funding this enhancement.
- NEW: Inspector Scourer.
- NEW: 'Return to section....' feature setting.
- NEW: Features settings page to tidy things up a bit.

New in
- FIX: Issue #609: Block Editing button on Plugin overview pagechanges colour on hover.
- FIX: Filemanager link colour.

New in
- FIX: Issue #599: .gitattributes: missing *.gif binary line - thanks to Jordi Pujol-Ahulló.
- FIX: Issue #602:

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