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The Sharing Cart is a block that enables sharing of Moodle content (resources, activities) between multiple courses on your site. Compatible with Moodle 2.9 from June 16, 2015 and Moodle 3.0.2 in February 2016. Sharing Cart 3.0 was submitted to Remote Learner for independent vetting and passed May 2016. Updated and tested OK for Moodle 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 on 26 October 2017. Includes new 'Section Copy' feature.
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*Tested OK for Moodle 3.3*  The Sharing Cart is a block for duplicating course items into a personal library and an easy way to move those Moodle resources and activities between multiple courses on your site. With just three clicks, the Sharing Cart copies and moves a single course item from one course to another. It copies without user data--similar to the "Import” function in Course Administration. From version 2.3, user content in Forums, Wikis, Glossaries and Databases can optionally be included. In addition, items can be collected and saved on the Sharing Cart indefinitely, serving as a library of frequently used course items available for duplication. The Sharing Cart is viewable only by teachers, course creators and administrators. Tested on Moodle 2.9, 3.0.3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and earlier versions.


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Picture of Don Hinkelman
Don Hinkelman (Lead maintainer)
Picture of VERSION2 INC
VERSION2 INC: Programming Team for Sharing Cart
Picture of Tomonori Maruyama
Tomonori Maruyama: Original author
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  • Picture of Dr. Nellie Deutsch
    Fri, 26 May 2017, 12:15 AM
    Hi Don, I get permission error. What permission do teachers or managers need to have?
  • Picture of Andrew Walding
    Sat, 17 Jun 2017, 8:57 PM
    Hi Don - you really need to update this great plugin for Moodle 3.3 . Please Please.
  • Picture of Andrew Walding
    Mon, 26 Jun 2017, 8:46 PM
    No seriously - this really needs to be updated....
  • Picture of Don Hinkelman
    Sat, 8 Jul 2017, 2:18 PM
    Emma Richardson reports that Sharing Cart 3.2, release 1 works OK in Moodle 3.3. Please try it and report your results directly to me (hinkel at

  • Picture of Alexander Kuptsov
    Wed, 12 Jul 2017, 4:25 AM
    Hello, dear plug-in creators. Pleeese update this incredible plug-in. I'm rolling back because I can't use it sad
  • Just wondering . . .
    Mon, 7 Aug 2017, 5:39 AM
    Just to note there is a little comment on this here:

  • I Teach With Moodle
    Wed, 9 Aug 2017, 8:15 PM
    @Don, I have tested the plugin with 3.3.1 and it works BUT I had to bump the version.php to a higher number manually, as it seems the one in the GitHub repository hasn't been changed in a while. I wonder whether that is why other people are having an issue. Could it be that the plugin doesn't have the 'Update available' status in their system due to this? Hence no matter how many changes are made to the repository, people who have it installed on their system cannot update it.
  • Picture of Theresa Wilson
    Fri, 1 Sep 2017, 1:33 AM
    Is it possible to configure sharing cart so that it can be used by more than one teacher? For example, two teachers teaching different sections of the same course?

  • Picture of Brian Rigwald
    Fri, 1 Sep 2017, 5:52 AM
    If the sharing cart is installed and the "block" is on a page, it will work. Each teacher just needs teacher rights to each other's courses. That is what my teaching partner and I do. Sadly, though, we have been having issues for a couple years with quizzes not being able to be shared. Our tech people can't figure out why. sad
  • Picture of Dirk Meyer
    Wed, 27 Sep 2017, 3:17 AM
    Thank you for the great plugin. Our teachers sure appreciate it.
    Since we upgraded to 3.3 and using Boost, teachers are unable to add/edit activities or resources. Once we delete the sharing cart block, all is well again. I am wondering if this is a known problem as I am not able to find anything.
  • Picture of Blair F.
    Thu, 26 Oct 2017, 12:32 AM
    I'm trying to update this but it's not showing up as update-able. I tried to uninstall, which threw out a few errors, telling me I couldn't uninstall it. I was forced to finish the process, which appeared as though it was a new installation and when it was all done, the carts were gone from courses and so were their contents! Yikes! I'm sure glad I was doing it on our development site and not our production site!

    Problem is, we're all set to change our production site to BOOST but my version of SC doesn't work with Boost! Yikes, again!
  • Picture of Blair F.
    Thu, 26 Oct 2017, 1:06 AM
    Like Frederic (message of 9 Aug 2017) I went in and bumped the version from 2016032900 to 2016032901 and the installation seemed to work fine and the issues with Boost seem to have disappeared. Of course, in my development site, I've lost all Sharing Cart instances and data, but at least that's only in testing. @Don, will you be bumping up the version number so that it shows up as an official update for folks? It would be very helpful!
  • Picture of Andrew Walding
    Tue, 21 Nov 2017, 11:23 PM
    I use Adaptable and whenever I enable the Sharing Block I get the following errors on Moodle 3.3:
    pix_url is deprecated. Use image_url for images and pix_icon for icons.
    line 267 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to debugging()
    line 126 of /blocks/sharing_cart/block_sharing_cart.php: call to renderer_base->pix_url()
    line 110 of /blocks/sharing_cart/block_sharing_cart.php: call to block_sharing_cart->get_header()
    line 288 of /blocks/moodleblock.class.php: call to block_sharing_cart->get_content()
    line 230 of /blocks/moodleblock.class.php: call to block_base->formatted_contents()
    line 1197 of /lib/blocklib.php: call to block_base->get_content_for_output()
    line 1249 of /lib/blocklib.php: call to block_manager->create_block_contents()
    line 579 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to block_manager->ensure_content_created()
    line 177 of /theme/adaptable/layout/includes/header.php: call to core_renderer->standard_head_html()
    line 31 of /theme/adaptable/layout/course.php: call to require_once()
    line 1162 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to include()
    line 1092 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to core_renderer->render_page_layout()
    line 244 of /course/view.php: call to core_renderer->header()

    I checked with the Adaptable devlopers, and they say it is not the
  • Picture of Regis Smith
    Thu, 23 Nov 2017, 5:41 PM
    Sharing Cart does not work at all on my Moodle 3.3 install with the default Boost theme. Nothing shows up in the Edit menus for activities. I also get errors in my Postgresql log related to Sharing Cart.
  • Picture of Don Hinkelman
    Wed, 13 Dec 2017, 8:42 PM
    Thanks for the feedback! We heard from Alex and Kathrin that the Sharing Cart does not work with Postgres and are fixing it now. We will also have a Sharing Cart 3.4 available in the next two weeks. As always, contact me directly with detailed error messages or descriptions of your environment.
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