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Creates a music score from abc mark up.
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Creates a music score from abc mark up. Place the abc marked up text between the Generico tags to render the music score.

Based on abc.js from : https://abcjs.net 


About this plugin

This plugin is a template that can be used with the Generico filter. Read more about Generico and templates here.


Installing this plugin.

After downloading, unzip the downladed file. Inside will be a template text file with a .txt file extension. You do not need to edit or open the file. It can be imported as is by dragging it over the green bundle box on a Generico template settings page.


 See this page for more information how to do that.


Using this plugin

If the template is installed and the Generico filter enabled. You only need to put the Generico filter string on the page, and it will work. The Generico filter has a companion plugin for Atto HTML editor (not yet for TinyMCE). This can auto generate the Generico filter strings for you, and is the recommended way to use Generico.



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    Tue, 26 Jun 2018, 5:10 PM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-7363
  • Picture of Matthew kjhgfh
    Wed, 20 Feb 2019, 3:56 PM
    ABC notation is a shorthand form of musical notation. In basic form it uses the letters A through G to represent the given notes, with other elements used to place added value on these – sharp, flat, the length of the note, key, ornamentation https://www.tutuapp.software/
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