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Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Approved
Random select answers format Question formats This import format plugin takes a Moodle XML file and imports all regular multichoice questions changing them into 'Random select answers' questions. Joseph Rézeau 16/10/2021 04:40
Simplest Themes The Simplest Moodle Theme - Moodle Classic child theme. LMS with AI 16/10/2021 03:25
HTML with placeholders Blocks This is pretty much a copy of core block_html, but with the possibility to use placeholders in HTML content. Catalyst IT 13/10/2021 11:34
Gateway Payments availability condition for paid access Availability conditions Provides an availability restrcition making use of core Moodle's payment gateways to provide conditional access Rogier van Dongen 9/10/2021 01:42
Gateway Payments Enrolment Enrolment Gateway Payments enrolment method -- Enrol on payment - extended with discounts and cohort restrictions. Rogier van Dongen 9/10/2021 01:32
sslcommerz Enrolment Moodle Enrol Sslcommerz is a Moodle enrollment plugin based on SSLCOMMERZ payment gateway that help students to pay for courses with Bangladeshi currency. It supports all Bangladeshi Banks and online mobile transactions. Brain Station 23 8/10/2021 04:06
Leeloo LXP Course Navigation Blocks Improve your user experience in your courses! Ludovic LEBLEU 8/10/2021 03:49
Leeloo LXP Courses multi-list slider Blocks Highlight your most important courses! Ludovic LEBLEU 8/10/2021 03:44