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Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Approved
Secure PDF Activities Share your PDF to students without letting them to download or save it. Yedidia Klein 9/04/2021 20:25
QuizExport Quiz reports This is a quiz report plugin to export quiz attempts as pdf Mallaury Gérard 7/04/2021 00:08
Microsoft Word file Import/Export (Lesson) General plugins (Local) Import the contents of a Word file in '.docx' format file into a Lesson, splitting it into pages based on the "Heading 1" style. Also supports exporting lessons to Word format, for round-trip editing. Eoin Campbell 6/04/2021 22:08
Notetaker Activities A simple notetaker activity that allows a student to create notes within a course. Joanna Beaver 2/04/2021 21:37
Leeloo LXP Activities and Resources Tracking General plugins (Local) Learning Activities and Resources | Real-Time Tracking Ludovic LEBLEU 2/04/2021 21:08
Leeloo LXP Synchronizer Block Blocks Sync Moodle LMS Courses and Activities/Resources with Leeloo LXP, quick and easy! Ludovic LEBLEU 2/04/2021 20:22
Leeloo LXP Synchronizer Admin tools This tool will synchronize data from Moodle LMS to Leeloo LXP. Ludovic LEBLEU 2/04/2021 20:03
Ad-hoc filter for UbiCast Atto plugin Filters Starting in the next release of atto_ubicast, an HTML tag will be injected instead. This tag's usage is unrestricted and is then turned into an iframe at the rendering stage by this plugin. Nicolas Dunand 2/04/2021 19:21
LinkedIn certificates Activity Activities This plugin allows you to create certificates that can be automatically linked to a linkedin account. Mallaury Gérard 30/03/2021 00:34
Custom fields for activity modules General plugins (Local) This plugin adds Custom Fields to all activity modules. Daniel Neis Araujo 24/03/2021 22:11
Single choice (ETH) Question types Teachers can have more than one (single) true/false question in same stem. this saves creating new questions for each stem. especially when it comes to an essay followed by many questions. ETH Zürich 24/03/2021 21:46
Category Duplicate General plugins (Local) Local Plugin for duplicating a category and all it sub categories and courses to a new empty category. Usefull for new year creation. Yedidia Klein 24/03/2021 21:03
Simple calculator Blocks Simple calculator block for moodle to do simple calculations. A K M SAFAT SHAHIN 24/03/2021 08:30