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Tagged Course Search Blocks This block - based on Moodle 3.5 course overview - allows users to search courses by tag. Andil Technologies de l'information et de la formation 22/03/2019 22:14
Jitsi Activities This module allows creating jitsi-meet videoconference sessions. Sergio Comerón Sánchez-Paniagua 19/03/2019 20:07
Backup and Restore Command-Line Interface Admin tools BrCLI (Backup & Restore Command-Line Interface) is a plug-in integrated in Moodle that allows administrators to backup and restore courses via a command line interface. Paulo Júnior 15/03/2019 18:01
Essay (auto-grade) Question types Essay (auto-grade) for Moodle >= 3.0 Gordon Bateson 15/03/2019 01:56
Students at risk of missing assignment due dates General plugins (Local) This Moodle plugin adds a new predictive model to identify students that are likely to miss assignment due dates. The model automatically generates insights for teachers about these students. David Monllaó 8/03/2019 17:04
Smart Cohort General plugins (Local) With Smart Cohort modul, users automatically added to cohorts based on filters. CNW Zrt. 8/03/2019 00:11
HTML5 canvas sketch game Activities a Moodle activity for making html5 canvas sketches. Luuk Verhoeven 5/03/2019 20:29
Trema Themes Trema has a focus on usability and beauty, so for that to became real the developers have tried to make something clean and usable for everyone in the community. Trevor Furtado 28/02/2019 03:17
LTI Message Handler LTI sources This Moodle LTI Source plugin allows communication between an LTI tool and a consumer site. Colin Bernard 27/02/2019 15:15
My mindmap overview Blocks The mymindmap_overview block presents the courses in the dashboard. Block mymindmap_overview has the advantage of seeing all its courses containing at least one module on a single screen zone and being able to navigate to the section, the activity or the chosen resource to access it. This view also shows how many modules constitute a course or section, which allows you to only go to courses offering content. This plugin uses jsmind javascript tool to design the schemas. You can find it here: Dey Bendifallah 26/02/2019 02:04
Event Course formats The course format "Event" is intended to be used for short training events. Upon course creation, it creates a corresponding calendar event. Flotter Totte 22/02/2019 07:32
Live poll Activities This module allows having a live updating poll. David Castro 21/02/2019 17:24
Nextcloud Repositories Enable users to upload files from their private storage directly into Moodle. Supports Nextcloud and ownCloud! Learnweb – University of Münster 21/02/2019 17:09
Discussion Feed Blocks This block aggregates and displays the latest discussions from all forums for all courses a user is enrolled on. It is possible to reply to posts when the block is displayed in the dashboard. On a course page, the block allows a user to reply to posts as well as create new discussions for a forum. Manoj Solanki 15/02/2019 09:29
Course Summary Overwrite Admin tools Overwrites the course summaries for every course in a particular category. Colin Bernard 14/02/2019 18:42
Attestoodle Admin tools This plugin is used to generate periodical training certificates for students on a massive scale, based on learning milestones completion. marc leconte 6/02/2019 19:10
MMBR.IO Enrolment A secure payment gateway specifically designed for Moodle™. It lets you accept one-time or recurring payments in CAD or USD for paid courses. Sean Fournier 4/02/2019 09:15
CAPQuiz Activities CAP is short for Computer Adaptive Practice. In CAPQuiz, the proficiency is measured by a rating. Good answers increase the rating, and bad answers decrease it. To increase the rating, students need to give good answers more of than bad ones over time. Estimating question difficulty is known to be difficult. CAPQuiz automates this process to some extent. The question author must provide an initial estimate, but CAPQuiz improves the estimates based by comparing how the same student answers different questions. Hence the rated question sets will improve over time. Sebastian Gundersen 1/02/2019 15:21
VideoFront videos Repositories Plugin for Videoteca integration with Moodle repository. Eduardo Kraus 31/01/2019 15:56
Player VideoFront Media players Plugin for Videoteca integration with Moodle. Eduardo Kraus 31/01/2019 15:48
H5P Filter Filters This filter adds the possibility to get h5p content being automatically embedded in textfields based on the activityname. Robert Schrenk 30/01/2019 18:19
Globalad Blocks Globalad is a Moodle block that allows you to create the same personalized ad for all courses and users dashboard. Globalad es un bloque para Moodle que permite crear el mismo anuncio personalizado para todos los cursos y área personal de usuarios. Angel Luis Fraile 30/01/2019 07:28
Barcode Scanning General plugins (Local) Barcode scanning for Physical Assignment Submissions Jez H 28/01/2019 17:49
Physical Submissions Assignment submissions Generate printable cover sheets with bar codes for physical items of assessment. A local plugin is available to manage scanning of assignments using a generic barcode scanner. Jez H 28/01/2019 17:48
Google Analytics General plugins (Local) Google Analytics with custom dimensions and metrics. Fred Woolard 28/01/2019 15:59
WebService Filter for Atto Atto This plugin makes it easier to include the WebService Filter plugin tags in the content while using the Atto editor. It will allows you to add a new button in the Atto toolbar to add these tags. Dani Palou 28/01/2019 15:20
WebService Filter Filters With the WebService filter plugin you can choose if some content should be visible only in web (browser) or only in a WebService client like the Moodle apps. The main purpose of this plugin is to be able to display/hide some content only for the Moodle app. Dani Palou 28/01/2019 15:18
JSXGraph Filters JSXGraph is a cross-browser JavaScript library for interactive geometry, function plotting, charting, and data visualization in the web browser. This is a plugin for Moodle to enable function plotting and dynamic geometry constructions with JSXGraph within a Moodle platform. Using the JSXGraph filter makes it a lot easier to embed JSXGraph constructions into Moodle online documents, e.g. in contents like page, quiz, link,... . Andreas Walter 28/01/2019 07:21
Statics block Blocks Statics is a Moodle block that provides for teachers and managers a quick view of the files contained in a course. Angel Luis Fraile 28/01/2019 06:50
Course discuss Blocks This block allows discussion on a section page, page or book chapter activity. Add this block to a block region that appears on a page of this type, to allow comments to be posted. Manoj Solanki 24/01/2019 15:07
Bongo General plugins (Local) Bongo is a video assessment solution for soft skill development and the real-world application of knowledge. Brian Kelly 22/01/2019 16:54
Office 365 Teams Theme Themes This theme is used with the Microsoft Office 365 Teams Integration to display Moodle seamlessly within a Teams environment. James McQuillan 22/01/2019 16:47
User favorites Blocks Marking Moodle pages as user favorites. Luuk Verhoeven 15/01/2019 05:33
Old quiz and question attempts deletion General plugins (Local) Deletes old quiz and question attempts by scheduler task or by CLI command. Vadim Dvorovenko 12/01/2019 00:54
Live Report Quiz reports A utility to allow teachers to view a dynamic, Live Report (table/spreadsheet) of students' answers to the questions in a quiz. This Live Report upgrades automatically as students change answers or submit new answers. Teachers can also (1) choose to view the grades the answers to date would receive and/or (2) click on a question to obtain a historgram or listing of answers to an individual question. Bill Junkin 10/01/2019 04:17
Video Time Activities The Video Time activity enables the teacher to easily embed videos from Vimeo. Stefan Scholz 10/01/2019 02:37
ShortMath Question types A question type for writing mathematical expressions using MathQuill. This question type is an extension of the shortanswer question type, and has been designed for use with JazzQuiz. André Storhaug 7/01/2019 04:09