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Event Trigger Admin tools This plugin plugin allows site administrators to trigger external actions such as an http request or email when certain events happen in Moodle. Filters can be added to check if the event meets certain conditions and actions(email/http post) can include information contained within the Moodle event. Lookups can also be added to the workflow to allow information not contained within the Moodle event to be exposed to the external action. Catalyst IT 24/05/2018 04:15
Extended guest access Enrolment The "Extended guest access" enrolment plugin extends the guest access to courses. You can grant anonymous access to specific IP, network or to logged users. Baptiste Desprez 24/05/2018 02:48
Courses to Calendar General plugins (Local) This plugin allows you to display the courses in the Calendar as Site Events. Sometimes and for some reasons, you want to display to everyone your courses in the Calendar and this is exactly what this plugin does. Andres Ramos 23/05/2018 16:09
Shortcodes Filters Allows users to inject and modify content using shortcodes provided by other plugins. Frédéric Massart 17/05/2018 20:59
Level up! Enrolment Enrolment Enrol users in courses when a certain level from Level up! is attained. Frédéric Massart 16/05/2018 15:12
Azure Object Storage SDK for PHP General plugins (Local) There is a growing collection of various moodle plugins that require these Azure libraries in order to work. We don't want to have multiple copies of these libraries bundled into each plugin, firstly because they are quite large, but also because it can cause issues with library namespaces and php auto loading. Plugins that depend on this library are: Catalyst IT 16/05/2018 15:04
Import all or nothing format Question formats Question import format that takes a Moodle XML file and import all multichoice questions as all or nothing multichoice questions. Companion of the qtype_multichoiceset plugin Jean-Michel Védrine 9/04/2018 17:38
JazzQuiz Activities JazzQuiz lets the teacher run a preplanned quiz, but with the power of improvisation. Several improvise questions are included, which lets you quickly run a multichoice or short answer question during the quiz. You can also start a vote on the students' responses. After the session, you can review the responses for each question (even repolls). You can also download reports for attendance or responses in CSV. Sebastian Gundersen 6/04/2018 03:12
Giphy Repositories Moodle plugin for using of as repository Andrei Băutu 3/04/2018 04:59
Admin Settings Config General plugins (Local) This is local plugin that adds a new JSON setting type for your plugins. Mark Sharp 28/03/2018 21:05
Clear Lessons Video Activities The ability to add videos from the Clear Lessons platform to a course. Josh Willcock 28/03/2018 15:21
Commander / Quick navigation General plugins (Local) Quick navigation / commander is a command dialog inspired by PhpStorm `Action` and `oh-my-zsh`. It will make navigation faster in Moodle. Luuk Verhoeven 27/03/2018 03:49
Data privacy Admin tools Provides the workflow for users to submit subject access requests and for site administrators and privacy officers to process these requests. Moodle HQ 20/03/2018 00:24
Degrade Theme Themes Degrade theme brings a series of pre-programmed colors for you to choose the best Eduardo Kraus 19/03/2018 16:58
CitizenCam Record Activities CitizenCam Record enables you to insert a CitizenCam video recording directly into your course thanks to a multi-view player. CitizenCam Dev 14/03/2018 20:45
HTML (on cohorts) Blocks This HTML block provides the possibility to selectively display the block to members of specific cohorts. Ulm University 14/03/2018 18:55
Azure Search Search engines This plugin allows Moodle to use Microsoft Azure Search as the search engine for Moodle's Global Search. Catalyst IT 9/03/2018 16:33