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Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Approved
Learning Analytics General plugins (Local) Privacy-friendly Learning Analytics for Moodle Thomas Dondorf 23/07/2021 22:12
Learning Analytics Log Log storage Privacy-friendly logstore for the Learning Analytics plugin Thomas Dondorf 23/07/2021 22:12
PAY. Payment gateways PAY. provides a payment gateway implementation for the Dutch Payment Service Provides PAY. Rogier van Dongen 23/07/2021 21:12
Cohort based additional html settings. Admin tools Allows additionalhtml settings to be applied based on the users site-level cohorts Catalyst IT 23/07/2021 10:02
Contactlist General plugins (Local) The contactlist plugin allows students to decide if they want to share their contact information with their fellow students in accordance with the GDPR for each course they are registered in. e-Learning Team University of Vienna 20/07/2021 00:53
Repurpose resources Content type A content type plugin that imports Moodle resources for use in the content bank. It currently supports creating H5P from questions in the Moodle question bank. Daniel Thies 19/07/2021 06:18
Clear Backup Files Admin tools Course backups can be an expensive task at times. It could take loads of unnecessary space and memory on the server. Administrators can clear backup files on the server to free the server space. Shubhendra Doiphode 12/07/2021 07:53
Label Collapsed Activities Mod label collapsed - toggle label content. Phil Devine 10/07/2021 16:28
Good Habits Activity Activities The intention of this plugin is to help track habits over time. Within an e-learning context this may help cultivate behaviours that improve learning outcomes. Joe Cape 10/07/2021 11:20
Availability Block Game by level Availability conditions Restrict access to course content until students reach the required level in the Block Game. José Wilson da Costa 10/07/2021 04:55
Leeloo LXP Latest Blog Entry Blocks Highlight your Content Marketing Articles! Ludovic LEBLEU 9/07/2021 22:10
Trail format Course formats Trail format was developed based on the Grid format plugin. He distributes the grids on a trail. Some features were designed to meet some aspects of gamification, being able to change the background style and transparency for grids. In addition to having the responsibility for mobile equipment. José Wilson da Costa 9/07/2021 19:13
Drillbit plagiarism plugin Plagiarism DrillBit is a plagiarism detection & prevention software which is widely used in academics, This is a commercial software and must purchase a subscription to use this plugin. Please visit or write a mail to for more information. Drillbit Support 9/07/2021 16:26
Board Activities The Board module for Moodle is a plugin that enables a post-it board activity for students. This is a collaborative activity where the teachers sets out a number of columns with optional names and then students add contributions to a column. Students do not see who has posted what. Brickfield Education Labs 9/07/2021 16:06
Dictionary Blocks Adds a dictionary and thesaurus block to Moodle powered by the Merriam-Webster API. Tim Martinez 9/07/2021 03:24
Offline Grading methods This Advanced Grading plugin allows course administrators to submit rubrics they have created offline and have it automatically inserted into the system when uploaded to use for grading. Zafeer Mohammed 7/07/2021 22:59
Marks per section Quiz reports Quiz report plugin showing marks per section. Marie-Eve Lévesque 7/07/2021 22:56
telegram_forum Blocks This block allows teachers to automatically send all new forum topics to Telegram Channels. Marcelo Schmitt 6/07/2021 05:49
Atto Word Count Atto Add to ATTO editor "real time" words count Avi Levy 6/07/2021 05:21
Leeloo LXP FAQ Blocks Add an awesome responsive FAQ section to your home page, dashboard or static pages Manage all settings in a single page, right from your Leeloo LXP theme back end. Ludovic LEBLEU 5/07/2021 15:40
Courses links Activities Mod which allows to display links in your course to other courses (to facilitate navigation between courses for example). This mod is displayed in a label. Anthony Durif 3/07/2021 13:00
Swipe Activities Get feedback on text, images and videos in a fun interactive way Bas Brands 29/06/2021 22:48
Wordcloud Activities With the wordcloud activity, it is possible to collect terms together with your course participants in a brainstorming process and to display them graphically in order of frequency. This can be used, for example, to capture a picture of the mood or to create a basis for a discussion. e-Learning Team University of Vienna 29/06/2021 19:23
Stripe Payment gateways Connect Moodle with Stripe to collect payments through various providers. E.g. credit cards, Alipay, Sofort. Requires a Stripe account. Alex Morris 21/06/2021 08:24
Restriction by credit Availability conditions Pay with credits for course contents Stefan Scholz 18/06/2021 22:57
Question Usage Statistics Reports That is a report plugin that helps the admin to known how the Moodle question types are being used by users (e.g. as essay, true/false, etc). Paulo Júnior 18/06/2021 18:39
Restriction by other section completion Availability conditions Moodle availability plugin which lets teachers restrict resources, activities and sections based on other sections being completed Stefan Scholz 18/06/2021 17:38
H5P button plugin for TinyMCE editor TinyMCE Plugin creates a new H5P button in TinyMCE editor toolbar allowing to add and edit H5P blocks inside the editor. Kateryna Degtyariova 11/06/2021 07:26
XML data format Data formats Data format plugin for exporting as XML. Paul Holden 10/06/2021 22:46
Token generator Admin tools An admin tool provides a web service for generating Moodle web service tokens. It conceptually works the same way as /login/token.php, but via web services. Dmitrii Metelkin 10/06/2021 22:41
Quiz Wifi Resilience Mode Quiz access rules The Wifiresilience accessrule is designed to allow students to continue work on deferred-feedback quiz attempts even if the network connection goes down. For this purpose Wifiresilience makes use of localstorage. Stored answers can be accessed, synced to server and also be downloaded manually in case connection does not come back. ETH Zürich 10/06/2021 22:29
Power BI Blocks This plugins integrates PowerBI Embedded dashboards. Daniel Neis Araujo 10/06/2021 21:16
Media Poster Activities Activity module that displays a page with several blocks that can have different types of content. Among which there can be our File block. Can fetch its metadata from ResourceSpace. Dependencies: ResourceSpace website (optional, to fetch metadata) ResourceSpace repository plugin (optional) Docuementation and Download: Roberto Becerra 4/06/2021 13:43
'ōhie format Question formats This plugin will be used to import questions (multichoice, multichoiceset, shortanswer, essay, truefalse and numerical) from a CSV(Comma separated value) file into the question bank. 'ōhie: means easy to do in tahitian Ronan Appriou 4/06/2021 03:20
WeChat Payment gateways WeChat payment gateway for Moodle. Dan Marsden 19/05/2021 09:05
Alipay Payment gateways Alipay payment gateway for Moodle. Dan Marsden 17/05/2021 07:00
TinyMCE Html Components Plugin TinyMCE Moodle plugin which allows you to insert in the TinyMCE editor some html components. Anthony Durif 13/05/2021 16:17
Leeloo LXP Testimonials Spots Blocks Highlight what your students and customers say about you! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 19:12
Leeloo LXP Awesome Responsive Slider Blocks Add an awesome responsive slider to your home page, dashboard or static pages Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 19:11
Leeloo LXP Sliding Teachers Blocks Highlight your most important instructors! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 19:11
Leeloo LXP Sliding Highlights Blocks Highlight your most important value propositions! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 19:10
Leeloo LXP Sliding Clients Blocks Highlight your most important customers! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 18:59
Leeloo LXP Top Categories Blocks Highlight your most important course categories! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 18:33
Leeloo LXP Sliding Benefits Spots Blocks Add an awesome responsive Sliding Benefits Spots section to your home page, dashboard or static pages. Manage all settings in a single page, right from your Leeloo LXP theme back end. Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 17:45
Lessonspace Activities Teach live, one-on-one, or with a group, using the most versatile collaborative space for online lessons. Kent Hawkings 5/05/2021 01:29
Login using Moodle Users General plugins (Local) Login using Moodle Users is a local plugin where users can login to their external applications and Websites using their Moodle website credentials. Users will authenticate themselves via their Moodle credentials only once and they can access all the external applications. miniOrange INC 30/04/2021 18:51