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Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Approved
Data privacy Admin tools Provides the workflow for users to submit subject access requests and for site administrators and privacy officers to process these requests. Moodle HQ 20/03/2018 00:24
Degrade Theme Themes Degrade theme brings a series of pre-programmed colors for you to choose the best Eduardo Kraus 19/03/2018 16:58
CitizenCam Record Activities CitizenCam Record enables you to insert a CitizenCam video recording directly into your course thanks to a multi-view player. CitizenCam Dev 14/03/2018 20:45
HTML (on cohorts) Blocks This HTML block provides the possibility to selectively display the block to members of specific cohorts. Ulm University 14/03/2018 18:55
Azure Search Search engines This plugin allows Moodle to use Microsoft Azure Search as the search engine for Moodle's Global Search. Catalyst IT 9/03/2018 16:33
Course completed enrolment Enrolment Enrol users upon completion of a course. Renaat Debleu 3/02/2018 06:56
Course Status Blocks A block to clearly display and control visibility of a course from the course page (show / hide). Manoj Solanki 25/01/2018 07:37
SafeAssign plagiarism plugin Plagiarism SafeAssign is a plagiarism plugin which uses a service to compare submitted assignments against a set of sources to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works. David Castro 18/01/2018 06:32
UNEDTrivial (spaced quizzes) Activities UNEDTrivial is an activity module that allows the teacher to create tests based on learning concepts like testing effect and spaced education. In addition, UNEDTrivial uses resources related to gamification to increase student engagement. Juan David Castellón Fuentes 16/01/2018 04:39
Object storage file system Admin tools A remote object storage file system for Moodle. Intended to provide a plug-in that can be installed and configured to work with any supported remote object storage solution. Catalyst IT 8/01/2018 23:00
360° feedback Activities A simple 360° feedback activity plugin for Moodle. Jun Pataleta 8/01/2018 20:27
Course completion overview Reports The course completion overview report is a simple reporting tool based on the existing course completion report. This plugin allows the Moodle Admin and system level Managers to view course completion tracking information from a centralised location rather than having to access each course individually. Jim H 2/01/2018 20:58