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Secure PDF Activities Share your PDF to students without letting them to download or save it. Yedidia Klein 9/04/2021 20:25
QuizExport Quiz reports This is a quiz report plugin to export quiz attempts as pdf Mallaury Gérard 7/04/2021 00:08
Microsoft Word file Import/Export (Lesson) General plugins (Local) Import the contents of a Word file in '.docx' format file into a Lesson, splitting it into pages based on the "Heading 1" style. Also supports exporting lessons to Word format, for round-trip editing. Eoin Campbell 6/04/2021 22:08
Notetaker Activities A simple notetaker activity that allows a student to create notes within a course. Joanna Beaver 2/04/2021 21:37
Leeloo LXP Activities and Resources Tracking General plugins (Local) Learning Activities and Resources | Real-Time Tracking Ludovic LEBLEU 2/04/2021 21:08
Leeloo LXP Synchronizer Block Blocks Sync Moodle LMS Courses and Activities/Resources with Leeloo LXP, quick and easy! Ludovic LEBLEU 2/04/2021 20:22
Leeloo LXP Synchronizer Admin tools This tool will synchronize data from Moodle LMS to Leeloo LXP. Ludovic LEBLEU 2/04/2021 20:03
Ad-hoc filter for UbiCast Atto plugin Filters Starting in the next release of atto_ubicast, an HTML tag will be injected instead. This tag's usage is unrestricted and is then turned into an iframe at the rendering stage by this plugin. Nicolas Dunand 2/04/2021 19:21
LinkedIn certificates Activity Activities This plugin allows you to create certificates that can be automatically linked to a linkedin account. Mallaury Gérard 30/03/2021 00:34
Custom fields for activity modules General plugins (Local) This plugin adds Custom Fields to all activity modules. Daniel Neis Araujo 24/03/2021 22:11
Single choice (ETH) Question types Teachers can have more than one (single) true/false question in same stem. this saves creating new questions for each stem. especially when it comes to an essay followed by many questions. ETH Zürich 24/03/2021 21:46
Category Duplicate General plugins (Local) Local Plugin for duplicating a category and all it sub categories and courses to a new empty category. Usefull for new year creation. Yedidia Klein 24/03/2021 21:03
Simple calculator Blocks Simple calculator block for moodle to do simple calculations. A K M SAFAT SHAHIN 24/03/2021 08:30
EvalCOMIX Blocks Block of integration of EvalCOMIX web service in Moodle 3.6 onwards. EvalCOMIX is a web service designed to create and deploy assessment tools Universidad de Cádiz - Grupo EVALfor SEJ509 - Ánsaner Desarrollos 20/03/2021 00:02
Leeloo LXP Attendance Blocks Boost engagement with the time tracking front end block! Ludovic LEBLEU 19/03/2021 23:16
Leeloo LXP Login and Attendance Tracking General plugins (Local) Login and Attendance | Real-Time Tracking Ludovic LEBLEU 19/03/2021 23:07
WIMS Course Activities Add a WIMS class as an activity. Olivier Bado-Faustin 19/03/2021 04:12
Learning Plan Auto-complete General plugins (Local) With this plugin installed, all learning plans will be marked as complete when all their competencies are completed by the user. Daniel Neis Araujo 17/03/2021 03:41
Custom registration form General plugins (Local) This plugin has been developed to allow administrators to add user fields to the registration form. Mallaury Gérard 16/03/2021 22:18
moofactory Notifications General plugins (Local) moofactory-Notifications is a plugin that allows to send customized and personalized e-mails for course registrations, reminders for calendar events or non-connection. LMS Factory 16/03/2021 21:57
Leeloo LXP SSO Authentication It acts as a Login and Identity provider for Leeloo LXP. Ludovic LEBLEU 11/03/2021 04:41
DBConcept Filters Plugin filter to create Merise schema from text ([Mocodo]( format). Erwan Gallenne 10/03/2021 22:09
Flask soffice Document converters This is a tool that enables Moodle to use a separat Linux server with LibreOffice for converting documents. For example, this is useful in assignment submissions. In combination with a Linux Ubuntu server with LibreOffice, submitted text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are automatically converted to PDF to simplify the grading workflow. Mirko Otto 10/03/2021 21:44
Restriction by Enrolment date Availability conditions This is an availability plugin to restrict the access of activity based on the user enrolment date Sooraj Singh 4/03/2021 17:24
Self cohort General plugins (Local) This plugins allow users to self register themselves as cohort members to a list of cohorts pre-selected by the site administrators. Daniel Neis Araujo 2/03/2021 02:48
Rewards Tally Blocks The Rewards Tally plugin provides a block to display the achievement points, or reward points, accumulated by the user and the user communities associated with the school or institution. 'User communities' could mean year groups, 'houses' or any other logical grouping used at the school. P Reid 20/02/2021 05:40
Format Timeline Course formats A simple timeline to simulate a real social network course in moodle. Willian Mano Araújo 20/02/2021 04:54
Proctoring by Examus Availability conditions This plugin enables integration with Examus Proctoring System to provide supervision over test takers. Examus utilizes face and emotion recognition technology to analyze users' behavior during the test. Max Pomazuev 20/02/2021 04:32
Quick register General plugins (Local) This plugin provides a quick registration link with prefilled signup form data. Olivier Piton 17/02/2021 23:55
Campaigns General plugins (Local) This plugin is used to fill in a user profile field, named "Campaign", based on a "GET" parameter. This is used to find out which "Campaign" the user comes from. Olivier Piton 16/02/2021 18:05
Flexible menu General plugins (Local) Remove and add menu items easily, customize Moodle menu with just a few clicks. Trimenta Ltd. 10/02/2021 18:52
Rounded theme Themes Rounded theme advantages are simplicity and clarity. It provides you great freedom to change the look and feel of your Moodle site. It is part of a corporate user experience package which ensures that the Moodle portal can be provided with a much more user-friendly interface to meet enterprise expectations, and features that make the interface much more customizable for a company. Trimenta Ltd. 10/02/2021 18:05
Unique dashboard General plugins (Local) Create customized dashboard with multi columns or tiled look for all employees or different ones for each departments! Trimenta Ltd. 10/02/2021 17:47
Akamai Media Services tokenized stream protection Filters Filter plugin that enables viewing SMP protected HLS media stream delivered by Akamai Media Services Ruslan Kabalin 10/02/2021 04:00
Shared URL Activities Shared URL module allow users to access activity in another course with automatic (and specific) enrol. Mallaury Gérard 9/02/2021 16:18
Shared enrolments Enrolment The shared enrolments plugin allows users to be enrolled automatically through another course Mallaury Gérard 9/02/2021 16:17
APCu management Admin tools Moodle plugin which adds a PHP APCu management GUI to Moodle site administration. Ulm University 8/02/2021 21:10
Debate Activities Debate is a moodle activity which allows students to debate in a given topic inside moodle. A K M SAFAT SHAHIN 6/02/2021 20:01
Schoollege Themes Introducing a new theme for Moodle 3.9 and 3.10 that draws on some of the best user ehancements of the Fordson and Rebel Moodle themes! Schoollege is refined, elegant, and modern. Built using Boost, Schoollege adds custom header images, header textures, smart editing buttons, a full-screen Course Dashboard, a custom login page, and other features that enhance Moodle. Chris Kenniburg 6/02/2021 05:32
JSignature Database fields A field type for Moodle database activities that allows on-screen signatures (using jSignature) Andrei Băutu 6/02/2021 05:07
Learning Plans Progress Blocks This blocks shows the progress of learning plans in a vertical progress bar with "check" icons for each competency. By clicking in the competency name the user can see the list of linked courses and access the course by clicking on it's name. Daniel Neis Araujo 5/02/2021 22:30
iyzico Payment Enrolment Enroll users via iyzico payment gateway Özcan Oğuz 5/02/2021 20:26
Bulk Email Admin tools This is an admin tool plugin for Moodle 3.9+ which adds an action to bulk user actions allowing you to send emails to a list of users. Darby Costello 5/02/2021 18:54
Content translation manager Admin tools The Content translation filter provides a way to quickly translate the content of Moodle courses into different languages. Moodle HQ 5/02/2021 02:52
Content translation filter Filters The Content translation filter provides a way to quickly translate the content of Moodle courses into different languages. Moodle HQ 5/02/2021 02:52
Environment Ribbons Admin tools This plugin allows you to set ribbons in the 4 corners of your site, displaying either static text, or dynamic text driven from a script. Conn Warwicker 4/02/2021 20:35
Notify Cohorts General plugins (Local) Send custom notifications to members of selected cohorts Daniel Neis Araujo 2/02/2021 22:44
Course module competency report Reports Reports based on course module competencies to offer students and teachers a better user experience for competencies in activities ratings. Marie-Eve Lévesque 1/02/2021 23:14
Course module competency rating Admin tools The main goal of this plugin is to allow ratings in course module competency. Marie-Eve Lévesque 1/02/2021 23:14
Random activity Activities The "Random activity" activity type is a lightweight module that allows teachers to randomly split students among other activities within a course. Astor Bizard 29/01/2021 20:34