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Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Approved
Foundation Themes This is a basic Bootstrap version 4 theme that aims to provide a starting platform upon which to build themes and child themes. Gareth J Barnard 12/11/2018 16:38
Vulnerable Password Authentication This Moodle plugin attempts to check HIBP's list of exposed passwords. Enabling your learners to be informed if their password has ever been involved in a data breach. Josh Willcock 9/11/2018 18:01
Remaining Lesson Timer Blocks Block for displaying the elapsed and remaining time in a timed lesson Greg Smith 7/11/2018 05:13
Cloud Poodll for Atto Atto An audio and video recorder for Moodle. The recordings are stored in the cloud and can be automatically subtitled (English or Spanish). Administrators can choose from recorder skins, and use Moodle capabilities to control the display of icons. Cloud Poodll for Atto is not dependent on any other plugin. Justin Hunt 26/10/2018 05:00
GDPR delete userdata General plugins (Local) This local plugin allows calling the privacy api user data deletion via a web-service call. (delete_data_for_user) Dorel Manolescu 17/10/2018 14:28