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Poodll Solo Activities Poodll Solo is speaking assignment with 3 stages, prepare, record and transcribe. At the end of the activity students can see detailed information on their speaking clarity, sentences, words, grammar and spelling. Justin Hunt 22/01/2021 06:52
Mini Lesson Activities Poodll MiniLesson combines several language learning activities into a simple, self-guided online lesson. It is designed to be a simple, interactive lesson for students, and easy for teachers to create and deliver. Justin Hunt 22/01/2021 06:37
MEDIAL Filter Filters Converts MEDIAL links into embedded videos where content has been added using the Atto button in any activity where iframes are normally filtered out for security reasons. By default this is configured for student submissions via forums or workshops. However, it is possible to configure this for any activity where similar security restrictions apply. MEDIAL Streaming 20/01/2021 02:20
Question search by question type General plugins (Local) This is a moodle local plugin to put a question type filter on "adding question from question bank" screen. Chandra Kishor 15/01/2021 23:35