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Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Approved
Image optimiser Filters Resize images to a configurable maximum size. Delay the loading of images until visible in the viewport. Guy Thomas 24/04/2017 06:04
Content security policy General plugins (Local) This plugin allows an admin to create a Custom Security Policy (CSP) in both reporting mode and enforcing mode. A simple use case is to detect and cleanup issues with non secure content after a migration from http to https, through to advanced policies to mitigate from XSS attacks. Catalyst IT 14/04/2017 10:35
MoodleBox Admin tools A Moodle administration plugin providing a GUI to some settings and management of a MoodleBox, a Moodle server installed on a Raspberry Pi with some sort of Linux version installed (Raspbian preferred). Nicolas Martignoni 12/04/2017 05:26
Problem section General plugins (Local) Adds to the course a section where the teacher can submit a problem to groups of students and give them various collaboration tools to work together on a solution. Brice Errandonea 10/04/2017 23:29
Elastic Search engines This plugin allows Moodle to use Elasticsearch as the search engine for Moodle's Global Search. The following features are provided by this plugin: * Multiple versions of Elasticsearch * File indexing * Request signing, compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Matt Porritt 7/04/2017 05:46