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Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Approved
Trax Logs Log storage This plugin transforms Moodle logs into xAPI statements, and sends then to your LRS. Sébastien FRAYSSE 20/09/2018 03:40
Enrol signing Pagseguro Enrolment Plugin that enables student enrollment by monthly subscription payment by PagSeguro. Eduardo Kraus 18/09/2018 15:58
Pixabay Media Repositories A repository for popular free image site - Yedidia Klein 18/09/2018 05:50
Classic Themes Theme classic is a simple theme based on the Boost theme. It uses the 3 column grid and the navigation block and settings block. Bas Brands 14/09/2018 15:25
Annotate PDF advanced Assignment feedbacks This plugin is a fork of assignfeedback_editpdf, and is developed and maintained by RISET/University of Lausanne. It allows to use several types of customizable tools: simple annotation, comment, stamp, highlighting, margin annotation, chained annotations. Marion Chardon 7/09/2018 00:56
QUESTOURnament Activities Activity for engaging the students into a game of questions (named as challenges). The students can be authors of challenges. A competitive scoring scheme is used to foster motivation. Juan Pablo de Castro 7/09/2018 00:36
Opencast API Admin tools This tool provides API functions as well as general settings for the different opencast tools (e.g. block_opencast, filter_opencast, repository_opencast) and is required by them. The tool stores the relation between courses and series ids and offers webservice endpoints for the opencast role provider. Learnweb – University of Münster 28/08/2018 17:10
Opencast Videos Blocks This block can be used to link moodle courses to opencast series. Users with respective priviledges (in the following called teacher) can use this block to upload videos to moodle. These videos are transmitted to the opencast system by the cronjob and create a event for the respective series there. The block can be automatically set the access privileges of moodle user enrolled in the course. Learnweb – University of Münster 28/08/2018 17:09
Local Pages General plugins (Local) This plugin is to enable Custom pages and forms in Moodle. It provides a quick way to create custom contact forms and custom page content. The pages created can be publicly accessed or available to certain users based on settings you choose for the page. This allows you to create pages such as: "terms and conditions", marketing material and more. Kevin Dibble 27/08/2018 20:13
Simple lesson Activities A simplified approach to a lesson module. Allows multiple pages, addition of questions by picking from the question bank, simplified reporting for teachers and students and implements GDPR requirements. Designed for Moodle 3.5. Richard Jones 27/08/2018 15:14