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kuraCloud Blocks Connect Moodle with your kuraCloud instance. (Requires a paid kuraCloud subscription) This block allows a Moodle course to be mapped to a kuraCloud course. Student accounts are synchronised from Moodle to kuraCloud and grades are synchronised back from kuraCloud to Moodle. kuraCloud kuraCloud 22/09/2017 16:36
Course templates General plugins (Local) With this plugin you can easily create courses based on course templates. The plugin also can be used to easily duplicate courses Flotter Totte 21/09/2017 15:23
Get User Cohort General plugins (Local) This plugin can be used to retrieve the cohorts of a given user in Moodle by providing the USER ID Christos Savva 20/09/2017 15:36
Syntax Highlighter Filters This is a filter plugin that uses a 3rd party Javascript module called highlight.js to make your code look like something you'd see in an IDE. Mark Sharp 18/09/2017 17:35
Boost Campus Themes Moodle Boost child theme which is intended to meet the needs of university campuses and adds several features and improvements. Ulm University 18/09/2017 17:22
FilterCodes Filters The FilterCodes filter enables Moodle content creators to easily customize and personalize site and course content using plain text tags. Michael Milette 8/09/2017 18:54
Feedback viewer General plugins (Local) The Feedback Viewer report displays the responses from all Feedback modules in a given course, filtered by user. Charles Fulton 8/09/2017 17:15
Opcache management Admin tools Moodle plugin which adds a PHP Opcache management GUI to Moodle site administration. Ulm University 7/09/2017 16:50
Download instructor files General plugins (Local) This local module allows a teacher to download all files uploaded by teachers to a given course in Moodle. Charles Fulton 7/09/2017 05:01
My Courses Blocks This block provides an alternative user dashboard for learners. Mathew May 31/08/2017 15:08
Final countdown Blocks Countdown Moodle plugin / block Yevhen Matasar 30/08/2017 18:31
Notify site administrators about new Email Signups General plugins (Local) This plugin sends an email notification message to the 'Support email' address every time a new Moodle user account is created via the 'Email signup' authentication plugin. The notification message contains some essential details about the account just created (email address, full name and user account name). The email is sent when the user signs up, not when the user account is confirmed. So the plugin will notify even about accounts that may never be confirmed. Iñaki Arenaza 29/08/2017 15:30