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Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Approved
Alipay Payment gateways Alipay payment gateway for Moodle. Dan Marsden 17/05/2021 07:00
TinyMCE Html Components Plugin TinyMCE Moodle plugin which allows you to insert in the TinyMCE editor some html components. Anthony Durif 13/05/2021 16:17
Leeloo LXP Testimonials Spots Blocks Highlight what your students and customers say about you! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 19:12
Leeloo LXP Awesome Responsive Slider Blocks Add an awesome responsive slider to your home page, dashboard or static pages Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 19:11
Leeloo LXP Sliding Teachers Blocks Highlight your most important instructors! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 19:11
Leeloo LXP Sliding Highlights Blocks Highlight your most important value propositions! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 19:10
Leeloo LXP Sliding Clients Blocks Highlight your most important customers! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 18:59
Leeloo LXP Top Categories Blocks Highlight your most important course categories! Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 18:33
Leeloo LXP Sliding Benefits Spots Blocks Add an awesome responsive Sliding Benefits Spots section to your home page, dashboard or static pages. Manage all settings in a single page, right from your Leeloo LXP theme back end. Ludovic LEBLEU 5/05/2021 17:45
Lessonspace Beta Activities Teach live, one-on-one, or with a group, using the most versatile collaborative space for online lessons. Kent Hawkings 5/05/2021 01:29
Login using Moodle Users General plugins (Local) Login using Moodle Users is a local plugin where users can login to their external applications and Websites using their Moodle website credentials. Users will authenticate themselves via their Moodle credentials only once and they can access all the external applications. miniOrange INC 30/04/2021 18:51
Opencast Video Provider Activities This activity can be used to display and view Opencast episodes and series in Moodle. Users with respective privileges (in the following called teacher) can specify the ID of an existing Opencast episode/series to add it to their course. An embedded player allows students to watch the videos directly in Moodle. As with every activity, the teachers can restrict the access to the videos for students based on e.g. dates, grades or user profiles. Opencast Moodle 23/04/2021 23:05
Block Game Blocks Block Game - An option to apply gamification to the Moodle platform. The purpose of the plugin is to apply gamification techniques to the moodle platform in a simple and uncomplicated way. José Wilson da Costa 23/04/2021 22:13
Concordance of judgment Question types Question type subplugin for concordance of judgment questions, based on the main question type for concordance questions ( Marie-Eve Lévesque 23/04/2021 20:49
Offlinequiz Cronjob Reports The Offline Quiz Cron plugin adds an interface to the Offline Quiz activity (mod_offlinequiz) to inspect and change pending cronjobs for the Offline Quiz. AMC Academic Moodle Cooperation 22/04/2021 16:56
Assign Submission Download General plugins (Local) The Assign Submission Download plugin (local_assignsubmission_download) allows to rename file submissions on download and to export a submission overview in various formats. AMC Academic Moodle Cooperation 22/04/2021 03:46