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Download essay submissions Quiz reports Moodle Quiz Report Plugin for downloading essay submissions. Kashmira Nagwekar 24/11/2017 16:01
Leganto reading list Activities The Leganto reading list module enables a teacher to include a selection of citations from associated Leganto reading lists directly within the content of their course. Please note that this integration plugin depends on a paid subscription to the ExLibris Leganto reading lists service (see for details). Tony Butler 24/11/2017 15:53
Discourse SSO General plugins (Local) This plugin enables your Moodle installation to act as a SSO provider for the Discourse discussion platform. John Azinheira 22/11/2017 17:21
PlagiarismSearch Plagiarism PlagiarismSearch is an advanced plagiarism detection service that operates since 2008. PlagiarismSeach is a commercial product owned by You may use this Moodle plugin after purchasing the subscription from PlagiarismSearch. Alex Crosby 21/11/2017 03:42
Unicheck (ex. Unplag) Plagiarism Checker Plugin Plagiarism Designed based on educators’ feedback, Unicheck is a plagiarism detection engine helping educators spot plagiarism. To start using the app, please register at or get in touch with the sales team at It takes a few minutes to set-up your account and get the ball rolling. This plugin integrates with assignment, forum and workshop activities in Moodle to check user-submitted content for plagiarism. Ben Larson 21/11/2017 03:12