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Get students from the homepage to learning in seconds using 6 digit enrollment codes or a QR Code. This plugin is part of a set. For best results please install Fordson version 1.4.4 or newer.
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The Easy Enrollment plugin generates a 6 digit code for every course and group in your Moodle site.  Once activated on your course you can visit the Easy Enrollment Settings page and see all of your enrollment codes.  This plugin will also generate QR codes which can be downloaded and printed to use with younger students or in print materials.  Upon activation of the Easy Enrollment plugin the Fordson Moodle Theme will display all the necessary forms on the homepage so that students can enter enrollment codes and instantly be taken to the corresponding course.  

The QR Code reader requires SSL/HTTPS in order to function.  If you do not have SSL then disable the QR code option from the Easy Enrollment settings page.

Dearborn Public Schools is a K-12 school district in Dearborn, Michigan.  We serve over 19,000 students in Wayne County and we are big fans of Moodle.  We believe our work with Moodle can be of value to the Moodle community and in the spirit of open source we are sharing some of our work.  There is no warrenty that this will work on every server with every theme or setup.  We use it.  It works well.  We are sharing it to help others.

NOTE: While this can be made to work with any theme the only theme we will officially support is Fordson.  Adding the enrollment form and other functionality needed for other themes would require hacking their code to make the form appear on the homepage.  There are many themes out there and they all do things a bit differently.  We only use one theme and that is Fordson.

New Sitewide Easy Activation for All Courses

We now have a script that will activate the Easy Enrollment plugin for each and every course in your Moodle site.  This is ideal for existing sites which want to use Easy Enroll and Fordson Theme.  Once you install Easy Enrollment and activate it as one of your enrollment methods you can use the script below to turn it on for each course.  Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the script:  https://github.com/dbnschools/moodle-enrol_easy/blob/master/activate.php
  2. Upload this file to the following folder /your moodle root/enrol/easy/
  3. Login to your moodle site as site admin.  Go to the following URL:  
  4. You will see a white screen but what you did was run the script.  The script is now turning on Easy Enrollment as an enrollment method for each and every course on your Moodle site. 
  5. Delete the activate.php file once complete.

Instructions Github

  • Download from Github and unzip
  • Rename folder to -  easy
  • FTP or place "easy" folder into moodleroot/enrol/
  • If you cannot ftp then zip the newly named easy folder and use the normal Moodle plugin installation upload
  • Once installed go to Site Administration > Plugins > Enrollments and activate "Easy Enrollments".  You can also adjust any of the settings.  If you do not have SSL please TURN OFF QR Code reader as it will not function.
  • With the plugin installed and activated you must add it to any pre-existing courses as an enrollment method at the course level.
  • In an individual course, on the course enrollment method page for easy enrollment you can click on Settings and it will display all enrollment codes.


This plugin is part of set Fordson theme.


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  • Picture of Matteo Ba
    Thu, 26 Apr 2018, 4:10 PM
    Hi, i need to know when user enroll to a corse to build certificate. Does plugin can tell me that?
  • Picture of Chris Kenniburg
    Fri, 27 Apr 2018, 8:40 PM
    This plugin will not alert you when someone enrolls into a course. You'd have to check the course participants list.
  • Picture of Matteo Ba
    Wed, 2 May 2018, 9:17 PM
    Thanks, i don't need an allert. I need plugin pass startdate at simplecertificate to print date student started course
  • Picture of Chris Kenniburg
    Wed, 2 May 2018, 9:35 PM
    Not quite sure how you would do that but it seems beyond the scope of this plugin.
  • Picture of Matteo Ba
    Thu, 3 May 2018, 5:24 PM

    I try to explain myself better. Up to now I have uploaded users by hand via csv. Using simplecertificate as a plugin for issuing the certificate I used the STARTDATE field to have the simplecertificate print out the starting date of the course which corresponded to the user's registration date, ie when I had uploaded it. In the same way I assume that this plugin writes somewhere the exact moment when the user signs up for the course, or at least I found it in the db, but I do not understand why simplecertificate does not encode it and therefore does not use it to print the attested startdate is not printed because the field is seen as empty
  • Picture of Chris Kenniburg
    Thu, 3 May 2018, 10:13 PM
    Sorry Matteo, I'm not quite sure about the inner workings of the Simplecertificate plugin. Seems to me that the course enroll date would be part of a table in the course.
  • Daniel
    Fri, 15 Jun 2018, 4:39 PM
    Good morning,
    Can the enrolment code form appear in the student dashboard and not on the home page?
    Indeed on many Moodle platforms, the student is redirected directly to his dashboard after his connection.
    Thank you!
  • Daniel
    Mon, 18 Jun 2018, 4:47 PM
    Hello, Chris,
    Thanks for Fordson.
    Here is the local translation file easy.php in English:
    For all intents and purposes.
  • Daniel
    Mon, 18 Jun 2018, 4:48 PM
    Heu... no ... in French !
  • Picture of Gina Wilson
    Wed, 8 Aug 2018, 8:30 AM
    This is a very useful feature. Would it be possible to enable a timeframe option for those keys to be valid? For example you can send out enrollment keys to the students but they need to login within 48 hrs or it will expire?
  • Picture of Chris Kenniburg
    Sat, 11 Aug 2018, 3:00 AM
    Gina, It can be turned off on the enrollment page so that no one else can use the codes. Just set a date and time.
  • Picture of Felipe Amaral
    Wed, 15 Aug 2018, 3:59 PM
    Can I add the form in the student dashboard instead of the home page? Please?
  • Picture of Chris Kenniburg
    Wed, 15 Aug 2018, 8:02 PM
    With Moodle you can pretty much do anything. What I can do is take a look and maybe build that into the Fordson theme so that you could click a checkbox and it would appear on the dashboard as well.
  • Picture of Felipe Amaral
    Thu, 16 Aug 2018, 12:41 PM
    Chris, I tried inserting the easy enrollment in the panel through an html box ... However, I am having problems with getting the "sesskey" ... Is it possible to insert really through a html box ??
  • Picture of Felipe Amaral
    Thu, 16 Aug 2018, 12:45 PM
    panel = student dashboard... sorry!
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