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Radically different, beautifully executed, and intelligently designed. Rebel is a unique and modern Boost-based theme that isn't afraid to be simple.
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Radically different, beautifully executed, and intelligently designed.  Rebel is a unique and modern Boost-based theme that isn't afraid to be simple.  A re-imagined, straightforward approach to navigation is focused on teacher and student needs.  A streamlined navigation makes most important links obvious and easily discoverable on the pages they are needed. Everything from the page layout, color choices, and features of Rebel is carefully implemented to benefit learning.  Rebel is an uncomplicated theme that helps students go from login to learning effortlessly! 


  • Intuitive navigation that breaks free of hidden menus
  • Clean and consistent layout
  • Smart Edit is available anywhere on the course page and keeps you focused
  • Dynamic Icon Sidebar navigation never leaves your side
  • Custom page image
  • Custom login image
  • 5 Style Presets to instantly change the look.  Presets are simple enough to modify and change colors.
    • Rebel Preset
    • Shuffled Paper Preset
    • eLearn Preset
    • Grunge Preset
    • University Preset
  • Super easy setup and install for site admins
  • Super easy interface for users
  • Custom Login page enhancements

Sidebar Icon Links

My Courses Drop Down menu

My Courses

A student or teacher can click the user icon in the upper left of the page and a list of all their courses is displayed.  This simple improvement allows for quick and easy access to all courses and materials for the student.

Add a Course Button

The Add Course button allows anyone with the proper course creation permissions to quickly add a new course directly from the Dashboard.

Find More Courses...

Take users directly to the course listings.

Turn Editing On

Smart edit button stays on the screen with teachers and when they click the edit button it keeps them locked on their current location in the page.  This greatly reduces the amount of scrolling.

Course Administration

Always available and conveniently located so that when teachers need to manage their courses they can do so quickly and efficiently.  Most popular and most visited links are plainly visible in the header area of the page.  Things like gradebook, participants, badges and other items are plain to see in the header area at the top of each course.

Enhanced Collapsible Topics Format

The Rebel theme enhances the Collapsible Topics Course Format found here: .  Changes are minimal but highly effective in creating a clean, organized, and simple to follow course display.  Topic 0 is designed to display Class Announcements and utilizes larger icons for this topic area.  Other visual enhancements include better spacing and roll over effects to help learners.

Collapsible Topics Format


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