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This plugin allows Teachers / Lecturers to give video or audio feedback to assignments that have been submitted using the MEDIAL Video Assignment Plugin
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If you face the challenge of your users uploading large video files to Moodle on a regular basis then the MEDIAL Moodle video streaming plugin is for you!

MEDIAL is a software application that you can host on our own network/hardware. A Windows Server is required. The application can also be Cloud Hosted if required.

For a full demo of how MEDIAL works with Moodle please visit: or watch the videos below:

This plugin allows Teachers / Lecturers to upload video or audio files to MEDIAL using a specific MEDIAL Video Activity which then creates a link to the video or audio file on the course page

Users can upload video and audio within Moodle with the content being hosted on MEDIAL and not Moodle. MEDIAL then does all of the hard work in terms of transcoding media for different devices types. It also ensures that the transcoded content is then streamed back to any device that tries to play it back

The plugin is built using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) so users are able to manage their media content once uploaded as well

Also available is the MEDIAL Assignment Activity Plugin which allows Teachers to set Video Assignments that Students can reply to with video responses

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