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DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Moodle theme not showing on theme selector page 2 Kritika Sood
adding user profile field problem 0 Denis Vasiluk
Customize boost theme 1 kiran kumar
Automatically add user to a group based on another group 3 J C
Using the Access API within a Local Plugin 5 Ryan Carpenter
Recommend a Training 2 Nadirshah Ferozepurwalla
My moodle site has stopped connecting external servers. 0 Eric Terkpertey
Questions concerning development of a local plugin for taking a 'snapshot' site backup 9 Ken Task
Should we introduce a wrapper around the time() function to support testing 1 Tim Hunt
Recycle Bin Migration Files 4 Raad Al-Rawi
run tests that involve Javascript 2 Marcus Green
Docker images for Moodle development 19 Matteo Scaramuccia
Worskpace for Moodle using Docker Compose 9 Dashamir Hoxha
insert_records only inserting 50 records 4 Darko Miletić
let the sender email-address the replyto-address, 0 Fabienne Neveu
core_auth_confirm_user requires secret 1 Lou Wolford
LTR div in RTL site 1 meir ifrach
capabilities in auth plugin 1 Olumuyiwa Taiwo
user images 2 AL Rachels
Blocks & Navigation 0 Marcel Behrmann
Moodle - register user from landing page 0 Ariel Zusman
Announcements based on category 0 Sheeraz Gul
Duplicating Activity leads to unwanted course module completion 0 Kaba Leuner
Mobile app based on other module. 2 Takeshi Matsuzaki
Quiz Redesign 2 Davo Smith
mform not picking up variable in editor element 1 Nikki Macfarlane
Warning calling $DB->get_records 3 Pedro Remedios
Activity link visibility 0 Pedro Remedios
Converted plugins 0 Kashmira Nagwekar
Structuring the Moodle Courses Drop-down Menu 0 Francois Evans
Local plugin handlers not working at all 1 Davo Smith
Simple Plugin that Loads AMD JavaScript 2 Ryan Carpenter
Use disabledif and required rule on a form element? 2 Russell England
Multiple cronjobs 2 Damyon Wiese
Implementing JQuery UI datepicker feature into a form using the Formlib 2 Rex Lorenzo
AMD Modals and Custom Events 1 Rex Lorenzo
ajax request not work in moodle 5 sara rabie
Check if external database exists $DB->get_records_sql_menu 3 Andrew C
Disable default selection on 'autocomplete' mform element? 2 Stan Montgomery
Recommend Course Functionality 1 Malaiarasan jayaraj
HEADS UP: Moodle 3.3.2 and other minor versions coming next week (September 11th) 0 Marina Glancy
Moodle Installation not working with local server 5 Malaiarasan jayaraj
Set session time 0 René Paniagua
Large Scale Moodle server and apps for technical practicals 7 Melchoir Philip
disable block_settings in theme 1 Alain Bolli
I have to a write web services.I will get data in a JSON format and using POST method.I have to insert these data insert in Moodle DB. 0 Baiju Sharma
Backing up a table not linked to any other 0 Marcus Green
assign role for one month 1 Malaiarasan jayaraj
Multiple Markers Plugin for 3.2 0 Suraj Bhanu
MoodleMoot AU 2017 Hackfest topics 0 Damyon Wiese
Reg:progress bar 0 jaya lakshmi
Plugin translations are not updated 2 Benoît M
Calling core_enrol_get_enrolled_users Using REST API 1 Michael Spall
Get number of accesses and other data in Configurable Reports with SQL 0 Jonathan Bailon Segura
Stripped down Atto editor 4 Peter Spicer
Configure MemCached on Moodle 2 Fred Woolard
Moodle with Maria DB 3 Marcus Green
Block lib.php & Navigation API 1 Deepak Gour
Overriding a mod renderer in a Boost child theme 2 Jorge Mariano Paz Flores
Problems with locallib.php file 1 Karen Holland
Error in installing OAuth plugin 1 Rahul Rai
Implementing pluggable video/audio players in Moodle 24 Innocent Sizwe
moodle plugin installed properly but not active 3 Joel Smith
go to next page using ajax in lesson activity 2 Mohammad Eftekhari
Output iFrame tag in view.php 0 Pedro Remedios
Header and menu in custom plugin 0 André Camacho
PHP MySQL Select query not returning records 3 Mike Churchward
Add linkedin (and others) to profile fields (15th anniversary brush up) 0 Francois PAR
Regarding overriding 2 Ravi kumar
How to pass parameters in url in Moodle Form Action ? 0 Amrata Ramchandani
Mobile API to get quiz data ? 5 Tim Hunt
Authentication token expiration 1 Derek Chirnside
Missing unittest from disk 0 Tom Church
$USER in prescsscallback function 5 Alain Bolli
Join tables without raw SQL query 2 Bahriddin Abdiev
how make one login from wordpress and moodle without use plugin single login 0 sara rabie
How to purge moodle cache without going to Site Admin->Developers->purge all cache 2 Amrata Ramchandani
How to replace zip file uploaded in moodle plugin directory ? 4 Amrata Ramchandani
How to add link to another page using form elements 2 Amrata Ramchandani
Interactive touch screens or Moodle 2 Neil Lennon
Adding scripts onto the head 5 Jerry Zhao
Does this query run on Oracle and MSSQL? 4 Neill Magill
What would be the best approach to extend core calendar? 0 Joao Almeida
Facebook Groups Integration with Moodle Forums? 0 Crossfields Institute
Help, moodle 3.3 NOT DELETING FROM THE DATABASE 1 Tim Hunt
Assisting with documenting all moodle core table descriptions 6 Tim Hunt
Adding a new field on the New Account page and make it necessary 1 Dave Balch
Help with access to custom file by logged in user 1 Gary Lynch
simple moodle plugin development html form 3 Majid Noori
Assignment submission plugins 0 Pedro Remedios
Custom block installation Error 1 Rahul Rai
How do you modify the contents of $OUTPUT->main_content(); 0 Kai Miller
How to insert data in database tables using csv file ? 0 Amrata Ramchandani
For Essay type question need to disable Editor after submiting the question in moodle quiz 3 Tim Hunt
can't upload file. error 'can't display content' 0 JH LEE
Adaptable Theme - Back-to-top button 1 Bob O'Donnell
Using Javascript on a single page 2 AL Rachels
Adding coustom field in moodle course 2 Tomasz Muras
Dynamically change theme 2 Virgil Ashruf