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Enable users to upload files from their private storage directly into Moodle. Supports Nextcloud and ownCloud!
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Enable users to directly upload files from their private ownCloud/Nextcloud storage into Moodle.

ownCloud Nextcloud
 Prerequisites Moodle 3.3.2
ownCloud 10.0.1 (or newer)
OAuth 2 App from Marketplace
HTTPS-secured connection
Moodle 3.3.2
Nextcloud 12.0.2 (or newer)
HTTPS-secured connection
Support level Full support Partial support

✓ Connect to multiple ownClouds
✓ File upload
✓ File linking
✓ Connect to multiple Nextclouds
✓ File upload
✓ File linking (since Nextcloud 13.0.1)

The repository is available anywhere where users deal with uploading files. Users can choose whether they want to UPLOAD a file or LINK to it:

  • UPLOAD works as usual, i.e. it uploads a copy, except that you don't need to download it first! Avoid the hassle of having to download files onto your computer first before you can re-upload them into Moodle – particularly useful on mobile devices, but also sweet on the desktop!
  • LINK let's you select a particular file, but doesn't create a copy. That means that, if you change the file in ownCloud/Nextcloud later, it will magically change in Moodle, too. In the background this feature automatically creates a public link in ownCloud/Nextcloud and uses that link in Moodle – no further manual interaction required.

Your institution has multiple ownCloud and/or Nextcloud instances? As an administrator you can add as many instances as you require!

This plugin does not store any user's private passwords in order to authenticate against ownCloud/Nextcloud. Instead, it leverages the passwordless workflow of OAuth 2!


File linking: Nextcloud once had a technical limitation that prohibited creating shares automatically. The issue has been fixed in early 2018 and is part of Nextcloud 13.0.1.


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