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Enable users to upload files from their private storage directly into Moodle. Supports Nextcloud and ownCloud!
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Current versions available: 1
Now in core: We are proud to announce that, starting with Moodle 3.6, this plugin has become part of Moodle core.
Existing users can migrate easily using the latest version of this plugin. New users can use the new plugin immediately. See the repository documentation in the Moodle Docs for details.

Enable users to directly upload files from their private ownCloud/Nextcloud storage into Moodle.

ownCloud Nextcloud
 Prerequisites Moodle 3.3.2
ownCloud 10.0.1 (or newer)
OAuth 2 App from Marketplace
HTTPS-secured connection
Moodle 3.3.2
Nextcloud 14.0.4 (or newer)
HTTPS-secured connection

The repository is available anywhere where users deal with uploading files. Users can choose whether they want to UPLOAD a file or LINK to it:

  • UPLOAD works as usual, i.e. it uploads a copy, except that you don't need to download it first! Avoid the hassle of having to download files onto your computer first before you can re-upload them into Moodle – particularly useful on mobile devices, but also sweet on the desktop!
  • LINK let's you select a particular file, but doesn't create a copy. That means that, if you change the file in ownCloud/Nextcloud later, it will magically change in Moodle, too. In the background this feature automatically creates a public link in ownCloud/Nextcloud and uses that link in Moodle – no further manual interaction required.
  • ACCESS CONTROLLED LINKS means that the files reside at ownCloud/Nextcloud instead of being copied to Moodle. Nevertheless, you can be sure that, once uploaded, a file cannot be changed by students, i.e., even if they were the owner, their write permissions are revoked. Files are owned by a special ownCloud/Nextcloud account for Moodle that is responsible for granting correct access rights.

Your institution has multiple ownCloud and/or Nextcloud instances? As an administrator you can add as many instances as you require!

This plugin does not store any user's private passwords in order to authenticate against ownCloud/Nextcloud. Instead, it leverages the passwordless workflow of OAuth 2!


File linking: Nextcloud once had a technical limitation that prohibited creating shares automatically. The issue has been fixed in early 2018 and is part of Nextcloud 13.0.1.

Access controlled links: Prior to Nextcloud 14.0.1, whenever you authorised Moodle to access your Nextcloud, you logged out at the browser at the same time. This made using access controlled links a little tedious: To access an access controlled link file you first have to authorise Moodle, then re-login in to Nextcloud in the browser. This issue has been resolved in Nextcloud 14.0.1.

Additional issues were resolved in Nextcloud 14.0.4.

No support in the comments section on this page

Please note that we don't provide any support for this plugin in the comments section on this page anymore.

We appreciate your commendation and reviews for this plugin in the comments. For bug reports and support requests create a ticket in the bug tracker which is linked below.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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  • Plugins bot
    Sat, 24 June 2017, 8:00 PM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-6950
  • Nicolas Dunand
    Fri, 10 Nov 2017, 3:44 PM
    Thanks for sharing this plugin ! Could you provide detailed installation instructions? Are the ones for the previous release relevant?
  • Photo of Jan
    Fri, 10 Nov 2017, 4:21 PM
    Hi Nicolas, detailed installation instructions are available at https://github.com/learnweb/moodle-repository_owncloud/blob/master/README.md#installation. But I think they haven't changed since the previous releases.
  • Nicolas Dunand
    Fri, 10 Nov 2017, 8:43 PM
    Thanks Jan. Sorry, I don't know how I could have missed that.
  • Paul
    Wed, 7 Feb 2018, 5:37 PM
    If anyone is having trouble in getting Moodle and OwnCloud to link you may like to take a look at my comment on the OwnCloud Users's group feed: https://central.owncloud.org/t/moodle-owncloud-not-connecting/11743
  • Photo of Jan
    Wed, 7 Feb 2018, 8:07 PM
    Hi Paul, thanks for sharing your findings! I am glad you got it to work. For further connectivity troubles I started collecting troubleshooting info at https://docs.moodle.org/34/en/ownCloud_Repository#Troubleshooting , so if someone runs into problems it's worth looking there as well.
  • Paul
    Mon, 10 Sept 2018, 4:55 PM
    Hi, I'm having problems with the latest version of the OwnCloud plugin. I'm getting an error that says it cannot update the endpoint.
    The actual version is: v3.5-r2
  • Paul
    Sat, 15 Feb 2020, 5:29 PM
    Next Cloud is not a replacement for this plugin. Nextcloud does not allow for dynamic file updating like this plugin.
  • crémos MOUSLI
    Sat, 21 Mar 2020, 7:46 AM
    I am using the 3.7.4 version of Moodle with the plugin repository_owncloud v3.6-r1 version (2018112300).

    Here is what happens exactly:
    1 select our ownCloud instance in the Moodle file picker
    2 click on "Log in to your account"
    3 popup window opens and asks me to grant access to my account
    4 enter my username and password for owncloud
    5 get as a message: "Successfully authorized to connect to ownCloud."
    6 The popup window closes, Moodle tells me: "You are not in any groups, so you do not have access to any folders."

    Thank you in advance for your answers.
  • Photo of Jan
    Sun, 22 Mar 2020, 12:46 AM
    Please note that this plugin is discontinued, and that from Moodle 3.6 onward there is repository_nextcloud available in core. That means that you don't even need to install an additional plugin as support for a connection to ownCloud is already available.
    Please re-try your steps, but this time using repository_nextcloud instead. If it doesn't work, feel free to post in the Repositories forum on moodle.org. Thanks!
  • Paul
    Tue, 19 May 2020, 3:10 PM
    As I see it, the OwnCloud plugin as developed by Münster University has only been discontinued on the understanding that the NextCloud variant was supposed to be a direct replacement, which it seems it is not.

    I have now written pretty widely on this issue since it is in my opinion a serious bug. Can we make it a priority for Moodle 4?

    If we are not going to fix the plugin, can we at least stop Moodle from prompting people to migrate from the OwnCloud variant to the NextCloud offering that is built into Moodle?

    Just to say overall, if Moodle cannot replicate the functionality of this plugin, could Münster not revitalize their commitment to maintaining it, and if not perhaps someone else would like to take on the role: I would even consider doing so.

    A plugin is only redundant as and when a replacement is found, which the Moodle NextCloud plugin clearly isn't.
  • Paul
    Tue, 19 May 2020, 3:13 PM
    Just for the record: I have tested the plugin in Moodle 3.9 (Beta) and it works perfectly fine. Moodle have not so far volenteered to fix the issues in Moodle 3.9, so I have asked them if they would do so for Moodle 4.0. As of yet, I have not had an answer nor commitment. I have also, for the record, put this to the MUA as I believe that the project needed to fix the issue would not be a major one.
  • sadafe
    Mon, 28 Dec 2020, 12:37 AM
    Hi Paul
    What is your problem with Nextcloud in moodle? i'm a developer and want to use Nextcloud. You only say nextcloud have some bugs but can you describe exactly what is your mind?
    maybe i can solve that.
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