Concordance of judgment

Question types ::: qtype_tcsjudgment
Maintained by Marie-Eve Lévesque, Issam Taboubi
Question type subplugin for concordance of judgment questions, based on the main question type for concordance questions (
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Concordance of judgment is a question type that makes it possible to create directly concordance of judgment questions, without having to modify each value offered by the Concordance of reasoning plugin.

Although it is possible to use the main qtype_tcs (Concordance of reasoning) plugin to create judgment questions, it is easier for the users (usually teachers) to have the possibility to add distinctly the two types of questions.

Judgment questions can be read in 3 steps : a situation (1), an option (2) and a decision based on a scale (3).

Example of what students see in Concordance of judgment questions.

The default scale for judgments questions has 4 options, but it can be configured for each question.

Both Concordance of judgment and Concordance of reasoning questions can be used in Learning by concordance activities.


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Marie-Eve Lévesque (Lead maintainer)
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