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This plugin imports various H5P content types into the Moodle question types
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This plugin imports various h5p content types into the Moodle question bank.

Certain H5P content types are able to be translated into questions using standard Moodle question types. Not all H5P content types will be supported since they do not all have analogous Moode question types with similar functionality. There will be some unavoidable differences in behaviour.

To install copy this directory to question/format/h5p in Moodle directory structure. Login as admin to complete plugin installation. Then select this format during question bank import or export.

To import H5P content load a Quiz (Question Set) .h5p file or a Column content type file which contains some of the supported question content types as the import file and import. Individual questions will be extract from the Quiz.

Current support includes support for import of following H5P content types

  • Column - extracts supported subcontent
  • Quiz (Question Set) - extracts supported subcontent
  • Single Choice Set - extracts into individual multichoice questions
  • Dialog Cards - creates a short answer question from each card
  • Multichoice Question
  • True/False Question
  • Drag and Drop
  • Fill in the Blank Question
  • Drag the Text Question
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  • Picture of Plugins bot
    Fri, May 8, 2020, 12:01 AM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-8085
  • Picture of Meindert Jorna
    Wed, Jul 1, 2020, 3:20 PM
    Hi there, just tried out the H5P content plugins import option - using the latest version release 1.0 Beta 2 - Get the following errors after trying to import a .h5p file with multiple choice questions embedded in an interactive video:

    Stack trace:

    line 494 of /lib/setuplib.php: moodle_exception thrown
    line 124 of /question/import.php: call to print_error()
    Kind regards, looking forward to a solution.
  • Picture of Daniel Thies
    Wed, Jul 1, 2020, 9:29 PM
    Hello Meindert,
    I did not have interactive video on the list of supported content types, but it was simple to add it. Let me know again if it does not work as you expect.
  • Picture of Meindert Jorna
    Thu, Jul 2, 2020, 5:09 AM
    Thanks a lot @Daniel Thies - It seems to work regarding the multiple choice questions. This is a big step and will help in using the interactive video's as part of a formative ánd summative course. Are there options to make the drag and drop questions or "fill in the blanks" questions work also? If not: still a big THANK YOU!
  • Picture of Daniel Thies
    Thu, Jul 2, 2020, 5:29 AM
    It works well fine on Fill in the blanks, True/False, and Drag the Words. Drag and Drop still needs some work sometimes to correct placement and grading. There are some inconsistencies in the way the questions features.
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