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Maintained by Frode Petterson, Thomas Marstrander, Pål Jørgensen, Svein-Tore Griff With
Part of set Gamification.
Create and add rich content inside your LMS for free. Some examples of what you get with H5P are Interactive Video, Quizzes, Collage and Timeline.
Latest release:
26490 sites
552 fans
Current versions available: 1

One of the great benefits with using H5P is that it gives you access to lots of different interactive content types.

Another great benefit with H5P is that it allows you to easily share and reuse content. To reuse content, you just download the H5P you would like to edit and make your changes – e.g. translate to a new language or adjust it to a new situation.

H5P is:

  • Open Source
  • Free to Use
  • HTML5
  • Responsive

Note that it is currently possible for people with programming skills to cheat in H5P interactions and obtain the full score without knowing the correct answers. H5Ps must not be used for exams or similar.

The H5P community is actively contributing to improve H5P. Updates and new features are continuously made available on the community portal

View our setup for Moodle to get information on how to get started with H5P.

GDPR Compliance

Information useful to help you achieve GDPR compliance while using this plugin can be found at's GDPR Compliance page.

Potential privacy issues

The plugin is set up to automatically download content types and provide anonymous usage data which can be disabled through settings.


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Frode Petterson (Lead maintainer)
Thomas Marstrander: Developer
Pål Jørgensen: Developer
Svein-Tore Griff With: Developer
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  • Jesus D. Rodriguez
    Sun, Feb 5, 2023, 12:32 PM
    Interactive videos. I am looking into integrating a voice recognition exercise such as speak the words activity. I cannot find any information online regarding this. Is this even possible?
  • Susan Hanisch
    Fri, Feb 17, 2023, 5:12 PM
    I have an issue since upgrading to Moodle 4.1 with embedding H5P content in any html, the iframe gets resized automatically and the activity gets cut off. I have posted it on the Moodle forum here and on the H5P forum here I guess I should also post this issue on github? I use embedding of H5P a lot and now it's become unusable ...
  • Mohammad Ali Saberi
    Fri, Mar 24, 2023, 6:42 PM
    When I Installed interactive content and tryed to get and install video content, unfortunately not installed. What 's problem?
  • Clement Muhirwa
    Wed, Mar 29, 2023, 7:54 AM
    When I change the theme I get the following error:
    The course you passed to $PAGE->set_cm does not correspond to the $cm.
    I tried to find the solution online but it looks like this error is unfixable. is there another alternative to h5p or is there anyone who got the fix?
  • Susan Hanisch
    Sun, Aug 13, 2023, 1:59 PM
    The issue I reported before and elsewhere (here and on the H5P forum here ) still exists with this new release - the embedding of H5P content is being messed up. Could this please be fixed?
  • Flemming Bornemann
    Tue, Aug 22, 2023, 9:44 PM
    We have upgraded from Moodle 3.9 to 4.1. Everything is running smoothly except our h5p activities. The "Header" for the activity is shown three times above det interactive element. Any advise?
    I took some screen shots but can't add them here.

    Best regards
  • Pete Jerome
    Mon, Oct 9, 2023, 6:30 AM
    Hi, Will this plugin allow me to generate subtitles from my video that google translate can read and translate. Poodll doesn't work for me as I would like. It creates subtitles by google can't read them. Please advise.
  • Matthias Giger
    Sat, Dec 23, 2023, 10:38 PM
    After installing version 1.26 all H5P contents are limited to a width of 640px and the console is showing the following error: "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()" for all CSS files.
  • Svein-Tore Griff With
    Mon, Dec 25, 2023, 6:27 PM
    Hopefully 1.26.1 will solve this problem.
  • Matthias Giger
    Tue, Dec 26, 2023, 3:05 AM
    Version 1.26.1 solves the issue reported on 23rd December 2023. Thanks a lot for the release of a fix during the holidays.
    Wed, Dec 27, 2023, 4:19 PM
    hello i am getting this error on version 1.26.1: Exception - Call to undefined method mod_hvp_mod_form::get_suffix()

    More information about this error

    Debug info:
    Error code: generalexceptionmessage×Dismiss this notification
    Stack trace:
    line 445 of /mod/hvp/mod_form.php: Error thrown
    line 843 of /course/moodleform_mod.php: call to mod_hvp_mod_form->add_completion_rules()
    line 118 of /mod/hvp/mod_form.php: call to moodleform_mod->standard_coursemodule_elements()
    line 214 of /lib/formslib.php: call to mod_hvp_mod_form->definition()
    line 131 of /course/moodleform_mod.php: call to moodleform->__construct()
    line 154 of /course/modedit.php: call to moodleform_mod->__construct()
  • Burukutu Gagaranga
    Thu, Dec 28, 2023, 2:49 AM
  • Akhmad Ni'am
    Thu, Jan 18, 2024, 2:25 PM
    Hello, i try to use interactive content with google drive as a source, i use this link "{googledriveID}&type=.mp4" but why always showing "Video Format not supported". Any advice?
  • P H
    Sat, Feb 24, 2024, 12:51 AM
    I have a question.
    Do I need to install this plugin while I already have the core Moodle H5p?
    What are the differences, advantages, disadvantages?
  • Bas Harkink
    Fri, Mar 1, 2024, 8:13 PM
    Last week I added a issue "Missing Site UUID or Hub Secret. Please check your Hub registration." after disabling "Use H5P Hub mod_hvp | hub_is_enabled" #541 in the GitHub repo. Has anyone at H5P been able to see what is going?
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