Adaptive adapted for coderunner

Question behaviour ::: qbehaviour_adaptive_adapted_for_coderunner
Maintained by Richard Lobb
A specialised version of the standard Moodle adaptive behaviour for use with the CodeRunner plugin (qtype_coderunner).
Latest release:
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Current versions available: 4

This question behaviour was created solely for use with the CodeRunner question type: It provides the caching of question test results needed to prevent re-testing a student's code every time the result page is viewed.

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Richard Lobb (Lead maintainer)
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  • Plugins bot
    pe, 20. tammik. 2017, 22.10
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-6702
  • Andreas Schenkel
    la, 18. tammik. 2020, 22.29
    This is only for moodle 3.6 but coderunner supports moodle 3.8. Do we need this Question behavior in moodle 3.8 is it not necessary?
  • Richard Lobb
    su, 19. tammik. 2020, 04.58
    Thanks for the heads up. The plug-in works fine with moodle 3.7 and 3.8. I've edited the info to include those version.
  • Michael Aherne
    ma, 1. kesäk. 2020, 19.04
    The latest version of qtype_coderunner (2020050400) in the plugin directory declares a dependency on version 2020021100 of this plugin but it's not available here. Can it be made available?
  • Richard Lobb
    ti, 2. kesäk. 2020, 06.12
    Thanks for letting me know. It was on github but I had neglected to add the right version tag. Done now, and added to moodle repository.
  • Michael Aherne
    ma, 8. kesäk. 2020, 19.47
    Thanks very much for adding it so quickly!
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