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Questionnaire 2.7.3 (Build - 2015102801)

Moodle 2.7
Released: Thursday, October 29, 2015, 5:05 AM
Release Notes
Version 2.7.3 (Build - 2015102801)
Remove hard-coded $CFG->prefix
CONTRIB-5736 - Fixed incorrect use of checking activity group mode.

Version 2.7.2 (Build - 2015031901)
CONTRIB-4838 - allow configuration of allowed fields for CSV download - security issue.
CONTRIB-5600 - Fixed filtering of 'Page Break' question when no questions present.
CONTRIB-5616 fix type qreg_quote

Version 2.7.1 (Build - 2015020601)
CONTRIB-5530 - Fixed code to correctly ignore '\!other=' when fixing value/display pairs in radio buttons.
CONTRIB-4891 - Changed use of empty string to db param based.
Merge pull request #23 from davosmith/patch-3
CONTRIB-4643 - replaced all db 'IN' usage with get_in_or_equal().
CONTRIB-5435 - Put back precision setting for text box questions.
CONTRIB-5403 fix errors from orphaned surveys.
CONTRIB-5351 fix preg usage
CONTRIB-5320 :: Wrong display of score for personality test questionnaires
CONTRIB-5319 :: Editing question throws log event error if editing is cancelled Plus : modified notice string in classes/event/question_created.php to add "modified".
CONTRIB-5263 :: The message body in non-respondents is inappropriately sized for certain text editors
CONTRIB-5311 :: Remove "submit" capability from manager role
CONTRIB-5304 :: Tabs Misaligned When Viewing Individual Responses + Added print popup to Preview page.
CONTRIB-5315 :: Do not allow page breaks in first position in a questionnaire.
CONTRIB-5298 :: Small bugs in new events system
CONTRIB-5288 :: Issue with zero in numeric question
CONTRIB-5284 :: order of subquestions in report of ranked question varies (using postgres)
2.7 MATURITY_STABLE for the moodle repository
CONTRIB-5199 :: Fixed upgrade problem from version 2.5 and updated build number.
Let the upgrade work from MOODLE_25 to MOODLE_27. Thanks to Didier Raboud [OdyX]
CONTRIB-5195 :: Replace deprecated textlib:: with core_text
Added the new loggin/report/event system.

Version 2.7.0 (Build - 2014070400) BETA (github only)
- Added the new loggin/report/event system for the following events:

Version 2.6.5 (Build - 2014041801) STABLE
- Fixed CONTRIB-5074 :: Questionnaire: divide by zero warning.
- Fixed CONTRIB-5078 :: Course Reset for Questionnaire does not work.
- Fixed CONTRIB-5050 :: Small bug with Oracle.
- Fixed CONTRIB-5034 Average rank (and average values) incorrect in N/A rate questions.
- Fixed CONTRIB-4967 Show nonrespondents list doesn't paginate properly.

Version 2.6.4 (Build - 2014033100) STABLE
- New capability to allow use of messaging on non-respondents screen, separate to moodle/course:bulkmessaging.
- fixed CONTRIB-4965 :: Another cast problem with Username
- fixed CONTRIB-4957 :: Feedback sections display skips a question
- fixed CONTRIB-4948 :: Inconsistent reports from personality test feature
- fixed CONTRIB-4943 :: Allow roles with preview capability to preview a questionnaire, even if it's a copy of a public one.
- fixed CONTRIB-4942 :: In Activities block, display names (and links to) public questionnaires original and copies
- fixed CONTRIB-4938 :: Recent activity block should display questionnaire activity
- fixed CONTRIB-4871 :: questionnaire_print_overview is broken
- fixed CONTRIB-4856 :: Session variable can be empty when accessed causing PHP warning
- fixed CONTRIB-4846 // Individual responses navbar linking to ALL students' individual responses

Version 2.6.3 (Build - 2014010300) BETA released to the Moodle plugins repository in replacement for 2.6.2.
- Fixed incorrect upgrade $oldversion date in previous version.
- Fixed RGraph bug with the Radar chart.

Version 2.6.3 (Build - 2013123100) BETA
- Added chart support for Personality Test feature.
- This uses the RGraph JS libraries under MIT license. See
- Questionnaire now has a "site settings" feature. Only used for switching the chart support ON/OFF
but will be used for a number of site-wide settings in future versions.

Version 2.6.2 (Build - 2013122200) BETA released to the Moodle Plugins directory
All recent bug fixes in version 2.5.x have been carried over to this 2.6.2 version.
Plus a number of bug fixes and improvements since version 2.6.1.
- Fixed CONTRIB-4800 :: Enable teachers to preview template or public questionnaires located in courses where they are not enrolled.
- Fixed CONTRIB-4789 :: Questions have required flag when they are not required

Version 2.6.1 (Build - 2013120200) (not released)
- Major new feature : "Personality Test".
- Compliant with Moodle Coding style recommendations
- Rate questions choices display a "not yet answered" radio button.
- Roles without the moodle/course:bulkmessaging capability can still view list of non-respondents,
but not select users for bulk messaging.
- Fixed CONTRIB-4764 :: When deleting a question, number of existing responses to that question is sometimes wrong.

Version 2.6.0 2013101300 (not released)
- Slightly modified call to fullname version to take into account new user naming convention in Moodle 2.6.
- Removed all calls to canusehtmleditor (deprecated). Pending solution, Essay questions are displayed
with the full HTML TinyMCE editor.

Version 2.5.6 - 2013100502 (to be released)
- If current questionnaire is based on a public one, do not include survey nor
questions in backup. See
- Non-editing teachers without the "accessallgroups" capability can only see students members of their own group (if questionnaire instance set to Separate Groups) in the Reports and Show non respondents pages.
- Issue relevant warnings for questionnaires dependent on Public questionnaire when Public "parent" has been deleted.

Version 2.5.6 - 2013100501
- Fixed wrong change from = to :: separator in Rate questions with named degree during upgrade.

Version 2.5.6 - 2013100500
- Added autonumbering option for questions and pages in questionnaire settings. This may be especially
useful for "conditional branching" questionnaires, in order to avoid confusing the student with
non-sequential questions or pages numbering!
- Changed Description field label from Summary to Description in Edit settings form (after Quiz).
- Added display of Description/Intro text on View page.
- Minor changes to CSS and report display for better display in bootstrap-based themes. This may need
further refining in future version 2.6.
- Added "return to course" button to advanced settings form.
- Modified (simplified) the viewallresponses capability setting.

Version 2.5.5 - 2013093001
- All navigation links in the tabs area have been duplicated in the Questionnaire administration block,
so that complete removal of the tabs navigation system will be possible in further versions (2.6?).
- When groups (separate or visible) are enabled for a questionnaire instance, it is possible to select
which group to view responses from, in a simplified interface.
The choose_group_form.php script is no longer needed and has been removed from the questionnaire files.
The groups selection system has been made compliant with other moodle core modules, and the "members of all groups"
and the "members of no group" options are no longer available.

Version 2.5.5 - 2013080901
- CONTRIB 3525 Added "conditional branching" feature to Questionnaire.
- Modified the Preview display page to make it display/hide child questions of Conditional
branching questionnaires.
- Slightly modified method of displaying graph bars on statistics page for compliance
with Bootstrap based themes such as Clean theme, etc.
- Significant changes to the "Manage questions" page ergonomy, including a button for
switching from Required to Not required response and question deletion confirmation.
- Modified/simplified Course reset display, to make it similar to Quiz, Lesson, etc.
- Removed all underscores in variable names, in compliance with Moodle Coding style.
- Moved all Javascript scripts to questionnaire/module.js
- In Radio buttons and Rate questions, the separator between "short label" and "options text"
has been replaced from the equal sign (=) to two consecutive colons (:smile.
An automatic replacement for existing questions has been added to the upgrade.php script.

Version 2.5.4 Build - 2013062401
- CONTRIB-823 Add confirmation for deleting a question.
- When a question is deleted, if it had already been answered, all responses are deleted too.
- When the last question in a questionnaire is deleted, all that questionnaire's attempts and responses are deleted.
- Changed all confirmation dialogues from Continue/Cancel to Yes/No.
- CONTRIB-4075 Images in Question text are now displayed on the Questions editing page. As well as any other media.

Version 2.5.4 Build - 2013062302
- CONTRIB-4274 Changed Completion conditions from Viewed and Graded to Submitted.
- Implies adding new "completionsubmit" field in "questionnaire" table.

Version 2.5.4 Build - 2013062301
- CONTRIB-926 Course reset now includes questionnaire instances. If graded, grades and feedback comments are deleted too.
- This version also includes major work on making grades work properly for graded questionnaires,
including a new grade.php file.
- When creating a new questionnaire, the list of "Copy existing" questionnaires now displays the questionnaire names
instead of the survey names, which used to be confusing.
- ALL requires now include complete path to dirroot, e.g. require_once($CFG->dirroot.'/mod/questionnaire/...')

Version 2.5.3 Build - 2013062208
CONTRIB-3167 Removed potential SCALES from list of grades to avoid potential problems.
CONTRIB-4420 Added new "preview" questionnaire capability (e.g. for tutors etc).

Version 2.5.3 Build - 2013062207
CONTRIB-4343 Remove call to print_textarea() function in Essay question.

Version 2.5.3 Build - 2013062206
- CONTRIB-4418 Make questionnaire more compliant with Moodle Coding style recommendations
- Lots of changes in almost all files to make them compliant with the Coding style.
Success 100% on using Code checker.

Version 2.5.3 Build - 2013062205
- CONTRIB-4058 Show non-respondents

Version 2.5.2 Build - 2013062204
- CONTRIB-3528 Change navigate by numbers to navigate by names in the "View by Response tab"
- Improve the display of Answer the questions page to make it look more like Quiz questions.
- Generally improve the display of questions to make it similar in all pages: Answer questions, Preview, Print, Reports.
- Generally tidy up the stylesheet.
- Started work on making code more Moodle-compliant.

Version 2.5.1 Build - 2013062203
- CONTRIB-4038 Display respondents' names in front of their answers in the Essay Box question type.

Version 2.5.1 Build - 2013062202
- CONTRIB-3163 Display number of responses to rate questions
- plus various minor changes to the display of responses

Version 2.5.1 Build - 2013062201
- CONTRIB-4281 Improve navigation in Questionnaire

Version 2.5.0
- removed many no longer used items: css folder; lots of unused images in images folder;, resultslib.php
- CONTRIB-4304 removed from locallib.php all unused functions: questionnaire_response_key_cmp, questionnaire_preview,
questionnaire_get_active_surveys_menu, questionnaire_get_surveys_menu, questionnaire_survey_has_questions,
- removed all references to cross analysis from all files

Version 2.4.1 - Release date 20130519

- In accordance with current Moodle languages policy, all language folders other than English have been removed
from the lang folder. All translations are now available from AMOS.

Version 2.3.2 - Release date 20120820

- CONTRIB-3696 added addinstance string to lang/en/questionnaire.php and lang/fr/questionnaire.php
- CONTRIB-3797 : fixed typo
- CONTRIB-3704 (one more compliance with Strict Standards fix !)
- one more missing new stdClass() for strict compliance
- CONTRIB-3864 - Added savepoints to all upgrade steps.

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