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Maintained by AL Rachels
MooTyper implements a typing practice/instruction functionality into Moodle.
Latest release:
1019 sites
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Current versions available: 6

BEFORE YOU UPGRADE NOTE! A previous version of MooTyper changed the lesson file layout! Depending on your version, after your upgrade, an admin may need to click on the Edit gear icon and select, Import lesson / KB layout. Depending on the speed of your server, this can take a while.

In the past, if you have created any lesson files of your own, you may need to modify them to be compatible with the new Lesson file format in this MooTyper version. Comparison with a file from this version will show you that each exercise is followed by the exercise name using the same sequence of keystrokes, /**/, as a delimiter.

MooTyper is an Activity module. A course admin, manager, or teacher creates the activity and prepares it for use by selecting the keyboard layout and lessons to use.  It can be set up to present a series of exercises from a lesson or to present one selected exercise from a lesson as a typing exam. Once set up, students can then start to type the current exercise. When a student finishes an exercise his achievement is saved into a database, so the teacher can then view grades.

The following keyboard layouts are available in this MooTyper release: Arabic, Armenian, Belgium(Dutch), Bulgarian, Croation, Czech, Danish, Dvorak(US), English (UK), English(US), EnglishWKeypad(USV6), Estonian, French, FrenchWKeypad(FRV6), German(Swiss), German, GermanWKeypad(V6), Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, numberKeypadOnly, Portuguese(Brazil), Portuguese(Portugal), PortugueseWKeypad(PortugalV6), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, SpanishWKeypad(V6), Swedish, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Uyghur, and Vietnamese.

You can visit the website URL listed down below, create an account, and try any of the listed layouts. If there is a layout not listed, that you would be interested in trying, please make a request in the comments below, or at the github Source control URL location.

For this MooTyper release, immediately after you upgrade, you may need to go to one of your MooTyper activities and in it's Administration block, click on, Import lesson / KB layout, so you will get versions of all the new keyboard layouts and lessons. Depending on how you do the upgrade, your old keyboard files may be erased. In that case you will get an error that can be cleared by going to Setup for each MooTyper, and select a keyboard layout to use. Old keyboard versions are not necessarily compatible with the styles.css file included in this version. In some cases, this version includes multiple layouts.

Recent New Features - note that the page was getting so long, I have removed previous version, New Features, lists.

  • Can use Whole grade for combined precision and WPM grade.
  • Can use Whole grade for just a precision grade.
  • Can use Whole grade for just a WPM grade.
  • Can use Rating average, count maximum, minimum, or sum for combined precision and WPM grade.
  • Can use Rating average, count maximum, minimum, or sum for just a precision grade.
  • Can use Rating average, count maximum, minimum, or sum for just WPM grade.
  • Added new grade column on both, View all grades, and on the, View own grades, pages.
  • When using Ratings, added new, Ratings information, section to the grades tables on both , View all grades, and on the, View own grades, pages.
  • Added date/time to the CSVexport file name.
  • Added new icon look feature for Moodle 4.0.
  • Added basic activity completion for Moodle 3.11 and higher.
  • Added capability to delete unused keyboard layouts.
  • Added links to, View all course mootypers, on the grade pages, the end of lesson page, and the end of exam page.
  • Fixed the bug where the cursor color was not being backed up or duplicated correctly.
  • Added plain text to the, Add new exercise to this lesson, button on the exercises page.
  • Added capability for an admin to remove database entries and physical files, for keyboard layouts that are not needed.
For other features and capabilities, visit the link below, More documentation on the plugin.

For any additional information please visit us on GitHub or post in MooTyper's forum topic.


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AL Rachels (Lead maintainer)
Jaka Luthar: Original author
Yerb Khan: Original concept
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  • Tue, Apr 13, 2021, 6:19 AM
    Getting set to release a new MooTyper v4.0.0. It is already on the demo site at for anyone interested. Main things that are new is the capability to give exercises a name, edit exercise names, and edit lesson names. Exercise names will now be part of a lesson file export and import which means I had to change the file format for lesson files. Still testing on older versions of Moodle, but should be release, soon.
  • Tue, Apr 13, 2021, 4:19 PM
    Thanks, AL Rachels,

    I manage to sort it out by deleting all the tables and re-installing the plugin.
  • Wed, Apr 14, 2021, 1:00 AM
    Thanks for posting your feedback.
  • Mon, May 24, 2021, 6:26 PM
    Good morning.
    We are using moodle 3.0 version
    The server environment is
    php 7.2,
    I use mysql.

    Students want to use the Safe Exam Browser to take exams.
    Korean cannot be entered in the single-stage test
    I am trying to use MooTyper keyboard layout.

    Is there a way to use it with Korean MooTyper?


    * My email :
  • Tue, May 25, 2021, 4:22 AM
    Sorry, no MooTyper Korean keyboard layout available at this time. MooTyper uses Unicode Character set, with one character per character position in a word. Korean words have multiple characters in one character space which breaks MooTyper.
  • Mon, Aug 16, 2021, 10:20 AM
    Hi AL Rachels,

    I'm having a problem here. I've made a typing test activity. When I click on the activity, the page automatically scrolls down to the paragraph, skipping over the information above. This only occurs on specific devices. When I try it on a desktop, it does not automatically scroll down, but it does on a laptop. Do you have any suggestions for this problem?
  • Tue, Aug 17, 2021, 8:54 AM
    What kind of laptop? What operating system? What version of Moodle? What version of MooTyper? Truthfully, I only have two old laptops and four tablets left from my teaching days, and cannot get any of them to do what you describe.
    On one of the problem laptops, right click on MooTyper and select, Inspect, then click on the, Console, tab and see if it gives you any helpful information.
  • Tue, Jan 18, 2022, 2:08 AM
    Thanks to Robert Schrenk, MooTyper no longer uses absolute paths to the layout filenames.
    As always, if anyone finds a problem with this release, or needs something changed or added to the plugin, please let me know.
  • Fri, Jul 22, 2022, 1:34 PM
    Hello Rachels,

    After Installing Mootyper and configuring the test, When I am clicking setup it raises the error like below

    Debug info: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
    SELECT * FROM mdlae_mootyper_exercises WHERE lesson=
    [array (
    Error code: dmlreadexception
    Stack trace:

    line 486 of /lib/dml/moodle_database.php: dml_read_exception thrown
    line 1273 of /lib/dml/mysqli_native_moodle_database.php: call to moodle_database->query_end()
    line 175 of /mod/mootyper/classes/local/lessons.php: call to mysqli_native_moodle_database->get_records_sql()
    line 383 of /mod/mootyper/mod_setup.php: call to mod_mootyper\local\lessons::get_exercises_by_lesson()

    I am having Moodle 4.0 and the latest mootyper plugin.
    database : mariadb (5.5.5-10.3.35-MariaDB)
    php: 7.3

    Kindly help me to sort out please,without sleep I had spent two days around this issue but not able fix it.
  • Fri, Sep 16, 2022, 3:40 PM
    Hi Al!
    Thank you for the great plugin! I am currently having it tested and the faster typers among the students experience lags / freezes when typing over 110 keys/minute. I am currently trying to figure out, what could be the cause for this behavious on our side, testing different browsers, etc. Are there any server requirements you recommend?
  • Fri, Sep 16, 2022, 8:44 PM
    Hi Richard,
    Sorry to see that your students are experiencing lags/freezes. While MooTyper does try to update the statistics bar once every 4 seconds, it has been my experience that lags and freezes have always been due to the users computer and operating system, as that is where all the "work and calculations" are being done. I regularly see results from the MooTyper activities available on the publicly accessible, Website URL, listed above, that go well up into the 300+ hits per minute. My personal best that I can remember seeing was 480. Did not realize how good that was until I had already hit, Delete. I would be interested to see/hear what type of computers and what operating system your students are using.
  • Thu, Sep 22, 2022, 4:07 PM
    Thank you, Al, for getting back to me. We have been testing for a week or so now, under Windows 10 (Edu). MS Edge has proven to lag heavily, so we switched to Chrome, which works way better. We are still experiencing issues with some exercises, where students are typing and suddenly are redirected to the finish screen (without having finished). There is no time limit set ("0"), so I don't really know where that comes from. Current working theory is that the text length has sth to do with it. Therefore I eliminated longer texts for the moment to observe if the rest works. I'll keep you posted!
  • Thu, Sep 22, 2022, 9:22 PM
    HI Richard,

    Thank you for the feedback. On a personal note, in my development work, my OS is also Windows 10 and my main browser is usually Firefox, followed by Opera, Chrome, and last, Edge. Truthfully, I have not noticed MooTyper problems while using any of them.

    When you say you are using the latest MooTyper, I presume that's v4.2.0. Did you have any other version installed before that?
  • Mon, Dec 5, 2022, 3:48 AM
    I'm trying to use the demo. My user is your Moodle website is fannyga. Can you give me access? Thank you
  • Mon, Dec 5, 2022, 6:18 AM
    Send me a message using the email in my Moodle profile. You need to do like it says on the web site and create an account, and include your details in the message. Then I can upgrade your access in a course to, student or teacher.
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