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Maintained by Mark Nelson
Enables the creation of dynamically generated certificates with complete customisation via the web browser.
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This plugin allows the generation of dynamic PDF certificates with complete customisation via the web browser.

Currently supported versions: 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11.

Please do not ask support questions here. For support please post on the support forums.

GDPR Compliant.

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Mark Nelson (Lead maintainer)
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  • Tue, Dec 4, 2018, 5:13 AM
    Great module, thank you for your plugin. I has a questions. Is it possible that the teacher download all the certificates of a course?
  • Sudeep
    Tue, Dec 25, 2018, 6:29 PM
    The alignment issue can be fixed by changing the code a little.

    Moodle Version: 3.5
    File: \mod\customcert\classes\element_helper.php (Line: 107)
    Earlier: $pdf->writeHTMLCell($w, 0, $x, $y, $content, 0, 0, false, true);
    Modified: $pdf->writeHTMLCell($w, 0, $x, $y, $content, 0, 0, false, true, 'C');

    Note: The above code will apply center align for all the elements.
  • Wed, Jan 9, 2019, 1:29 PM
    Hi Mark,
    How to allow this plugin to support Arabic course names and student's Arabic name, currently they are displaying as question marks, it looks like an encoding issue. waiting your advise
  • Wed, Jan 9, 2019, 2:08 PM
    When I changed the font from the font list, I found that some of them are displaying the Arabic Correctly. So is there a way to add more fonts to the list?
  • Thu, Jan 10, 2019, 9:06 PM
    I am about to remove some courses that have generated certificates. Does the plugin still validate certificates after removing that course? In other words: is the information about course completion stored permanently?
  • Tue, Jan 15, 2019, 3:19 PM
    I have installed this plugin and it works fine. I am only stuck with one problem. Can the certificate be issued ONLY to those who secure the required grade in the quiz? I am unable to find this option. Any pointers would be helpful. Thank You. I am using Moodle 3.4.2
  • Tue, Feb 12, 2019, 1:23 AM
    Im so sorry, but the older version was so simple to use. I have to spend so much time designing templates for a simple certificate.
  • Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 7:54 PM
    Could the generated document be digitally signed with the digital certificate of the company?
  • Mon, Mar 4, 2019, 3:39 PM
    Hi Mark Nelson,
    is there a way that I can allow users to share their certificates to linked in or social media?
  • Tue, Mar 12, 2019, 3:33 AM
    Hi, I've run into an issue with Custom Certificate and I'm hoping you can help identify/resolve the issue.
    I updated the plugin to the latest version for moodle 3.4 and since I did that I as the administrator aalong with any other user are no longer able to view the certificates,
    They are still generating a completion and assigned a verification code (codes are working) however every time I go to download or view the certificate I get a HTTP 500 error.
    Any ideas on how to fix this would be hugely appreciated?
  • Fri, Mar 22, 2019, 1:36 AM
    I have an unusual issue with Custom Certificate. The plugin is updated to the latest version for Moodle 3.6.2. I've had a few instances where the date printed on the certificate is not the date they took the exam but actually the date we updated Moodle. When I look in the cpanel at the test date and the certificate date, the timestamp is correct. Where could this certificate be pulling this date from? It's only on a few students.
  • Sun, Mar 24, 2019, 7:07 AM
    Great module, thank you for your plugin. I has a questions. Is it possible that the teacher download all the certificates of a course?
  • Thu, Apr 4, 2019, 10:41 PM
    Hey Mark, great module! One quick question: how do you determine the address of the sender of the automated email? We would like to change it but cannot find it anywhere.
  • Fri, Apr 5, 2019, 6:49 AM
    I'm in the process of upgrading from 2.9 to 3.4 and having difficulties within the test environment when trying to install the mod_customcert file. I'm receiving the error _ Required Moodle versions (2018120300). I'm currently on a hosted platform but have been unsuccessful in finding a solution. Hoping for a solution.
  • Wed, Apr 10, 2019, 3:43 PM
    Hi, we have two languages on our moodle site. But no matter which language is set in the course, the email notification is always in english, although there is a german language pack for it. But when editing the certificate, the german language works just fine. How is that possible?
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