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Media player plugin that allows using JW Player for playing HTML5 and flash content, including RTMP/HLS/DASH steams.
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This a media player plugin that allows using JW Player 7 for playing HTML5 and Flash content in Moodle 3.2 and higher1. The plugin is designed to achieve consistency of the player appearance in all major browsers and mobile platforms. The player supports Flash fallback, which provides more devices and formats coverage than either HTML5 or Flash can handle alone. The player also supports RTMP as well as HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming2.

The plugin does not include JW Player libraries due license limitations. You are supposed to make sure that JW Player libraries are available in your system, either by copying them in specified directory in Moodle (self-hosted mode), or by configuring plugin to use the cloud version of JW Player hosted by JW Player CDN (more preferable option). In either case you need to register on JW Player website and accept terms of use.

Notice, that this plugin replaces JW Player filter, which you may use already in Moodle 3.2. It is advised to remove (or at least disable) JW Player filter plugin when installing and using this plugin.

To proceed with installation, please refer to plugin installation manual available here.

For more details on supported formats see reference page on JW Player website.

Please use plugin repository bug tracker for reporting issues.


1 See plugin release notes for the list of supported Moodle versions.

2 HLS and MPEG-DASH support requires paid license.

Potential privacy issues

JW Player is gathering player usage statistics, that will be available for you to view in your account page on JW Player website.


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