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Maintained by Ted Krahn, Maiga Chang
The Personalised Study Guide (PSG) plugin is an adaptive course format designed to replace the Topics format.
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The PSG plugin requires the Behaviour Analytics (BA) block ( to be installed and configured for proper use. The PSG rearranges the course learning objects within the course page based on the object's learning style (Felder and Silverman) relevance score. The activities can be rearranged within sections and the sections can be reorganized as well. The PSG and BA plugins work together to provide adaptive learning based on learning style. The BA plugin has the Index of Learning Style (ILS) questionnaire pre-made for students to take, which the PSG plugin can then use to determine the personalisation. The PSG plugin also offers the option to use common links, which requires a clustering analysis be made in BA, then selected for prediction. The personalisation comes from the common links among cluster members instead of the ILS. In addition the BA needing to be installed and configured, the PSG plugin's scheduled task needs to run in order to populate the database tables for correct functioning. The BA block provides a button to switch the personalisation on and off, logging when the student switches and displaying the data in the BA dashboard.


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Ted Krahn (Lead maintainer)
Maiga Chang: Project lead
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