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Turn course materials (slides, textbook, video, YouTube, Vimeo etc.) to content that allows your learners to reach their full potential: note-taking, highlighting, class survey, learning analytics, oral comments, peer support, and much more...
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Enhance Learning Experience With the First Note-Taking App Designed for Education

Elevate course materials into Empowering Educational Tools with Interactive Note-Taking, Highlighting, Class Surveys, Learning Analytics, Peer Support
Across multiple formats like PDFs, Slides, Textbooks, Videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and More...

Note-taking experience embedded in Moodle

Loved ❤️ by learners with over 2 000 000+ notes taken with Amanote

What learners say about Amanote

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How does it work?

Step 1 : Installation

Install the Amanote plugin on your LMS. In most cases, it only requires a few clicks, and we are always available at if you have any question.

Step 2 : Learners take notes

Amanote is a quick-win solution: All compatible course materials (PDF, PowerPoint, ePub, video, ect.) on your LMS become automatically annotable by learners. The impact on the learning experience is immediate.



During the note-taking, the learner can:

  • Write enriched text next to the each page of the document;
  • Add annotations to the document;
  • Insert images, formulas, drawings into its notes;
  • Highlight text in the document;
  • Export its notes along with the document in several formats (PDF, DOCX);
  • Mark a page as understood or not understood.
  • And much more.
It doesn't require any interaction from the part of the teachers. You can thus have an impact on your learners' learning experience just by installing the plugin.

Step 3: Save or export

Learners can save and view all their notes in Amanote or export them.

How to install

In order for the module to work properly, please check that the following requirements are met on your Moodle site:

  • Amanote filter is enabled (Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters)
  • Web services are enabled (Site administration > Advanced feature)
  • Moodle mobile web service is enabled (Site administration > Plugins > Web services > External services).
  • REST protocol is activated (Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Manage protocols)
  • Capability webservice/rest:use is allowed for authenticated users (Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define Roles > Authenticated Users > Manage roles)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


Get your licence

You can test it for free during 30 days. Contact us if you would like to request an extended trial.


Potential privacy issues

Course materials (PDFs) do not pass through our servers, they stay on Moodle. When a user opens a resource in Amanote for the first time, Amanote asks him/her to access his/her First Name, Last Name and Email. These data are essential for the proper functioning of Amanote. If you don't want this behaviour, you can enable the anonymous mode and no data will be sent to our server. However, you will lose all collaborative features. The access token and its expiration are also passed to the app to authenticate the user and to communicate with the Moodle's web services. This allows the app to act on the user's behalf.


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Adrien Fery (Lead maintainer)
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    Fri, Feb 7, 2020, 12:00 AM
    Approval issue created: CONTRIB-7978
  • Anibal Lopez
    Tue, Mar 17, 2020, 1:01 PM
    "⚠️ This plugin is 100% free during coronavirus outbreak."

    Excellent attitude. Thank you very much for your contribution.
  • cat brooks
    Fri, Dec 23, 2022, 2:30 PM
  • Melissa Newman
    Wed, Sep 6, 2023, 7:11 PM
    How do I setup allowing the user to take notes from a video. PDF file show the icon next to them, but with a YouTube video -- nothing.
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