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Add an inventory of items to your course and let your students find items by exploring the activities. #game #gamification
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The stash block is a good way to encourage more interaction with activities and is invaluable for teachers looking to gamify their course.

This plugin introduces a block that shows students items that they have picked up through the course.

The teacher can create items and then place them in activities and resources for students to find.

Items can be set to be collected once and encourages exploration of the course material. It is also possible to set an item to have an unlimited supply from a set location. This could encourage  students to return to specific areas to collect more items. 

You can also check out this video:

Quick start

We've crafted a sample course for you to try, it is the best way to see what this plugin has to offer. Please accurately follow those steps:

1/ Get your hands on a Moodle installation
2/ Install the three following plugins (without exception)
3/ Enable conditional access, named enableavailability under "Site administration > Advanced features"
4/ Restore this backup file as a new course

5/ Enrol a student in the new course
Now, login as that student and try the course

Important note

In order to make this plugin easier to use and fully featured, please also install:

They are highly recommended.


This plugin is part of sets Stash, Gamification.


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Picture of Adrian Greeve
Adrian Greeve (Lead maintainer)
Picture of Frédéric Massart
Frédéric Massart: (The real lead maintainer)
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  • Picture of Carly Born
    Tue, 20 Mar 2018, 9:58 PM
    Yes, I see that now. My problem is that I need to award different points for different items acquired.
  • Picture of Carlos López Ardao
    Thu, 22 Mar 2018, 7:34 PM
    My experience using this plugin is being fantastic. For me, it is a mandatory plugin if you want to use gamification in Moodle. After using it, I have realized that it would be very interesting to have a report containing all the operations (item achievement and trade) searchable for date and user. This woud help a lot when an user claim not to have received an object.

    Another interesting feature (related to previous one) is the possibility off adding/deleting items manually to/from the stash of a particular user.

    Thanks a lot for your work
  • Picture of Pascal Kurosinski
    Tue, 3 Apr 2018, 11:11 PM
    Hi Fred,
    Thanks a lot for your answer (some weeks ago). I am only getting back to it now. Together with the despription on, I manage to get the Generate the javascript snippet. Like this:
    image challenge
    Pick up!=item-action">

    This works fine, as long as I use the full hash - not if I shorten it.

    Where I I stuck now, is calling d.pickup(). I tried calling it from a text link or with
    $( document ).ready(function(){
    without success.

    Can you help?
    Thanks again!
  • Picture of Pascal Kurosinski
    Wed, 4 Apr 2018, 7:11 PM
    Hi Fred,
    Just to drop a note that managed to get the item picked up automatically (with or with delay). So that's solved.
    I just see now that the editor filtered out the code I added to my comment yesterday. Not really useful like that...
  • Picture of Frédéric Massart
    Thu, 5 Apr 2018, 10:40 AM
    Hi Pascal. Sorry, I didn't have time to follow up prior to you finding the solution. I'm glad to hear that you made it work!
  • Picture of Mignon Smit
    Mon, 7 May 2018, 10:43 PM
    Good evening, I would like to try this plugin. I am sure I followed instructions as best I can. My STASH block does not appear ... where can I find it? It looks as if it is installed under blocks. (Manage Blocks - It is there and visible) No idea what is wrong.

    Any suggestions welcome pls!
  • Picture of Frédéric Massart
    Tue, 8 May 2018, 10:16 AM
    Hi Mignon, at the moment the block can only be added to courses, is that where you were trying to place it? Fred
  • Picture of Sam Mudle
    Tue, 3 Jul 2018, 4:17 AM
    Will you release a zip file of all of the images you use in the examples?
  • Picture of Adrian Greeve
    Tue, 3 Jul 2018, 9:48 AM
    Hello S Moodle,
    All of the images are available in the backup linked in the description under "Quick start" (Number 4). Here is the URL again
  • Picture of James Watt
    Sat, 1 Sep 2018, 9:53 AM
    Just started exploring how Stash might be used in the course I'm teaching, and loving it so far!

    I was wondering if it would possible to allow items from Stash to conditionally display/hide content (similar to what can be done with the shortcodes built into the Level Up! plugin).

    This would allow for some really interesting narrative possibilities - sequencing the order in which items must be collected, hiding content until they have a particular item (e.g. find the key), giving hints to students who do not yet have a particular item, etc.

    Thanks for the great plugin guys.
  • Picture of Frédéric Massart
    Sat, 1 Sep 2018, 11:18 AM
    Hi James,

    That's a good idea! We'll consider this for future versions.

    Meanwhile you can "hack" similar behaviours by using the sections as "content" and set them to be hidden until a certain item is acquired. You can also use the Trades to create a narrative whereby a user can only obtain a certain item by trading previously acquired ones. The shortcodes and/or additional options on the drops would be much though.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Picture of Reny Sanches
    Mon, 10 Sep 2018, 8:23 PM
    Como faço para ter um relatório do ranking de itens coletados por ordem numérica? Por quantidade de itens recolhidos e não por ordem alfabética? Urgent please?
    How can I do to give a report with number items order, not for name order?
  • Picture of Adrian Greeve
    Tue, 11 Sep 2018, 9:24 AM
    Hello Reny Sanches, I'm sorry but the report for stash is currently only very basic and can not be sorted by number of items collected. The current ordering is only on the name of the students.
  • Picture of Reny Sanches
    Mon, 17 Sep 2018, 10:44 PM
    Hi, I need another information. Our students needs to see the ranking of the itens everybody students. How can I do? Olá meus estudantes precisam ver o ranking de itens recolhidos por todos os estudantes do curso, como posso fazer isso?
  • Picture of Xavier Mas
    Mon, 25 Feb 2019, 7:48 PM
    Answering Carly Born "My problem is that I need to award different points for different items acquired. "
    What I tried to solve this issue is to make them collect the item different times, so for example if the student got an excellent grade collect 3 times a piece of gold, if only good collect 2 times...
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