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Motrain is a motivational design and marketing engine for Moodle. Learners earn virtual coins for completions, as well as for actions on other platforms, like making a purchase on your e-commerce site. Learners spend their coins on real incentives populated by your organization (or your affiliates).
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Motrain is a loyalty and retention solution that helps engage customers and employees in their training. By creating a unique incentive system for each cohort of learners that can include real items and/or opportunities, Motrain strengthens a learner’s connection to their instruction and your organization.


  1. Recruitment - boost enrollments and registrations
  2. Loyalty - skyrocket course completion rates
  3. Advocacy - turn your learners into brand champions


  • Customized coin values for specific course completion and activity completion
  • Multi-tenancy - create an unlimited number of Teams (cohorts), with each Team having its own unique incentives
  • Learners can spend their coins on direct purchases, raffle draws, auctions, and fundraisers
  • Use Motrain's easy-to-use ordering systems to get the incentives into the hands of your learners
  • Levels - introduce milestones and a progress bar to the next level to keep learners engaged
  • Leaderboards - User vs. User and Team vs. Team (both can be anonymous and turned on/off) SSO to the dashboard from the block
  • Award coins for learner actions outside of your Moodle site. Either manually, or by using our open API or Zapier app
  • Use our plugin add-ons: Welcome Coins (awards coins for the first time someone enters your site); Refer a Friend (awards coins to learners for successful referrals to your site); Grade Rule (awards coins based on grade-ranges)
  • Leverage Motrain to take your marketing and customer experience to the next level!


Here's what happened after one of our clients introduced Motrain into their training program:

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Frédéric Massart ⭐ (Lead maintainer)
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