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Creates a button visible to teachers that inserts a text link, question number and display mode into Moodle editable text with delimiter tags which will be picked up by moodle_filter_simplequestion.
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This plugin adds an editor button to the ATTO editor toolbar.  The button can be used to enter a code for the Moodle Simple Question plugin, this button is not available to students.

The button activates a dialog requiring the link text for the question, the question number and the display mode (embed or popup). 

You can find the question number by looking at the questions in your question bank.  Click the preview question link and look in the URL, the first id is the question's id number.

Question number xxx is replaced by a simple encryption technique such that the original id number is not displayed to the user in the popup URL.

The button requires filter_simplequestion to be installed.

Potential privacy issues

None known.


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