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Assignment submissions ::: assignsubmission_snap
Maintained by Joan Guillén
Add to your Moodle assignments the ability to include Snap! projects
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  • Snap! submissions v2.2 embeds your online Snap! distros (Snap!, Snap4Arduino...) into your Moodle.
  • Everything runs in your Moodle server (users, projects...)
  • It is a Moodle assignment submission plugin, adding this feature to any of your assignment activities. Then, your Snap! activities have all the Moodle features: more submission elements (files, online text...), feedback, assessment, groupings, completion... and all the management of users, classes, courses, backups...
  • You can control the environment language and enable/disable Snap! cloud features to the embedded Snap!s
  • Student start point can be an empty project or you can use templates as project starting points.
  • Available with English, Spanish and Catalan translations.
More info and legacy plugins (for older Snap! distros) at SnapInMoodle


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Joan Guillén (Lead maintainer)
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